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Jonathan Keung Prior to covid 19 outbreak Citi giving rosy picture
24/03/2020 4:57 PM
Huatexpert after foreign fund selling a lot of bank shares till so low price. it is time for citi to make report so that they can accumulate bank shares at cheap price again.?
24/03/2020 9:31 PM
Huatexpert 东方不败 is a new account created today.. this is first article.
24/03/2020 9:33 PM
ckngu1 Banks have to shoulder the burden of reviving the economy because govt is out of bullet. Citibank is right
24/03/2020 10:35 PM
Tan Kim Tiam Bank Negara Malaysia (the Bank) today announces a number of regulatory and supervisory measures in support of efforts by banking institutions to assist individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations to manage the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. These measures allow banking institutions to remain focused on supporting the economy during these exceptional and unprecedented circumstances, by providing flexibilities for banking institutions to respond swiftly to the needs of their customers. Banking institutions are well-positioned to do so, given the large financial buffers that have been built up over the years.

Deferment and Restructuring of Loans/Financing Facilities

Loans/financing to individuals and SMEs

To ease the cash flow of individuals and SMEs that are likely to be the most affected by Covid-19, banking institutions will offer a deferment of all loan/financing repayments for a period of 6 months, with effect from 1 April 2020. This offer is applicable to performing loans, denominated in Malaysian Ringgit, that have not been in arrears for more than 90 days as at 1 April 2020. For credit card facilities, banking institutions will offer to convert the outstanding balances into a 3-year term loan with reduced interest rates to help borrowers better manage their debt.

It is important to note that the interest/profit will continue to accrue on loan/financing repayments that are deferred and borrowers will need to honour the deferred repayments in the future. Borrowers should therefore ensure that they understand and discuss with their banking institutions on the options available to resume their scheduled repayments after the deferment period.

Individuals and SMEs that do not wish or need to avail of these flexibilities can continue with their current repayment structures.

Loans/financing to corporations

Banking institutions will also facilitate requests by corporations to defer or restructure their loans/financing repayments in a way that will enable viable corporations to preserve jobs and swiftly resume economic activities when conditions improve. Corporations should approach their banking institutions to discuss their repayment plans and the restructuring of credit facilities.

The Bank has provided appropriate time-bound flexibilities for banking institutions to report deferred/restructured facilities in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS), taking into account the temporary nature of disruptions faced by borrowers/customers.
25/03/2020 12:00 PM
Unfair Why cannot lower OPR(interest rate) more if govn want to help people true?
25/03/2020 12:26 PM
Unfair US interest rate 0-0.25% M'sia OPR 2.5% got fair?
25/03/2020 12:29 PM
cn21 US can print money without limit; If Malaysia print money like what US did...then 1US = RM10....or worst.....

Even EU or China cannot follow US to print money without limit....
25/03/2020 12:58 PM
hollandking you think there's no consequence printing trillions?
25/03/2020 1:03 PM
cn21 U may see after 2 trillion stimulus package, US dollar will remain strong. Rating agency also will NOT downgrade US currency. Japan and Saudi will continue to buy US Bonds...US dollar will remain as SDR for foreign reserve....US is too BIG to FAIL...
25/03/2020 8:11 PM
cn21 So far I dont see any consequence....After QE 1,2 & 3....Dow Jones hit 29000...US dollar remain as the strongest currency....US inflation rate remain low.. US dollars remain as "Super Dollars".....
25/03/2020 8:15 PM
cn21 I know it is unfair to others countries in the world...China, Korean and Germany need to work hard to earn foreign reserve to strengthen their currency and economy... US just need to print money...Honestly, I hope this time Covid 19 will able to screw US hard enough, until the whole world will NOT be manipulated by US anymore.
25/03/2020 8:19 PM
i3lurker cn21

US Fed very smart

our new Bank Negara "Force Policy" will easily make more than 2 million Malaysians bankrupt.

Under the new "force" credit card policy
people like Grab car drivers who normally pay 350.00 on their credit cards are now "forced" by Bank Negara to pay RM850.00 per month

no Grab customers, sure die

so cannot compare US and Malaysia at all

Bank Negara new forcing policy is to be blamed.
Why are they making Grab car drivers bankrupt? You must ask them.....
25/03/2020 8:24 PM
i3lurker will be USD1.00 to RM5.00 very soon

that means inflation and costs of living will go up.

Even in early 2019 there were many car branches not making even 1 new car sale in a month.....for many months

Can see rows and rows of "for sale" houses which were not there in 2017 at all....

80% of SMEs already making losses in 2019. These were genuine losses..

New shock of Bank Negara making 2,000,000 Malaysian bankrupts in 2020 does not help the banking industry at all.

No one can understand why Bank Negara wants to make Grab car drivers and everybody bankrupt
25/03/2020 9:05 PM
i3lurker another extremely weird thing is that banks currently charge 10% interest and 42 months repayment on failed Grab car drivers.

it boggles the mind that Bank Negara,
rather than helping Grab car drivers wants to force Grab car drivers to pay more instead.

Banks 10% 42 months

Bank Negara 13% 36 months (36 months is forced by Bank Negara)

walau eh,
the extra 6 months time compression and higher interest rates are designed to "force" people to go bankrupt faster....
26/03/2020 5:58 AM
i3lurker maths and science in English, quick napkin calculation

Grab car driver RM20,000.00 credit card

Scheme A 1.5% per month
he pays RM350.00

Scheme B Banks currently now charging
he pays RM642.86

Bank Negara's "Forced Bankruptcy Scheme"
he pays RM772.22
26/03/2020 6:25 AM
i3lurker 2019 was a very bad year

so a few million Malaysian SME and sole proprietors had used credit cards for business financing

RM300,000 was an average balance for SME and Sole proprietors

Scheme A 1.5% per month
he pays RM5,250.00

Scheme B Banks currently now charging
he pays RM9,642.90

Bank Negara's "Forced Bankruptcy Scheme"
he pays RM11,583.30

the difference of RM2,000.00 is immediately noticeable and stands out under Bank Negara's new forced bankruptcy scheme
26/03/2020 6:38 AM
moneypedia not malaysia only...it will happen to most countries in da world...1 percent of richest mybe now 0.5 percent will benefit from it.it the world flobal elite agenda....
26/03/2020 7:05 AM
i3lurker its understood all countries suffer

US no problem, Feds dun have new forced bankruptcy policy
UK no problem, Bank of England dun have new forced bankruptcy policy

Bank Negara now just make it worse by making 2,000,000 Malaysians bankrupts
26/03/2020 7:10 AM
i3lurker this is a direct result of sending people to US and UK to study.

conventional Central Bank methods as taught by US and UK is that during times of financial crises, Central Bank's role is to make people bankrupt...

the idea is that by making 2,000,000 Malaysians bankrupt, economic renewal can be faster after crises is over.

These silly people gets brainwashed
and come back and implement forced bankruptcies at every opportunity they get.

funny thing is that, do you see US and UK making people bankrupt?
they just tell you to make people bankrupt.
but their own people is precious, too precious to make bankrupt.
instead they get USD3,000 per month or GBP2,500 per month

what do we have?

we get nothing
but instead get forced bankruptcy from Bank Negara
26/03/2020 7:22 AM

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