【Covid19 Healthcare EMS】Good Year for EG Industries Berhad

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【MEDICAL DEVICES & MASK】 EG Industries Berhad (8907)- Gem that You Haven’t Notice

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Mask has become a new norm and the hot money has been pumping gloves stocks, medical devices and pandemic related stock. Once again, no one realize the supply of machine of producing mask. In fact, the company also involved a lot especially in producung mask. By the way, the company is producing PCB part which is the competitor of PNEPCB.  

Look at the competitors PE as below:




PRLEXUS (8966)



PNEPCB (6637)



EG (8907)




Given that EG is discovered by public where the company is manufacturing and selling mask machine and medical devices, the prospect will be exploded and given with a PE of 20, the price will be 0.66 at least.

Limit up soon?



  1. Mask Machine



  1. High Filtration Face Mask



  1. PCB products and EMS electronic parts.


  1. 5G player as well.

5. Medical devices

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All the information is available online and I compile for readers reference, this is not a buy call or sell call. 



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Hosei88 Thank you for your tips Cheryl. Despite I just join your Telegram channel last month, your tips is amazing. Thank you.
05/06/2020 6:30 PM
PJ8811010417 Thanks Cheryl....amazing tips
05/06/2020 6:38 PM
mni75 Thanks Cheryl.. good info..this info should be spread to other
05/06/2020 7:15 PM
edwin8910 This is real hidden gem of covid 19 stocks.
05/06/2020 7:35 PM
JTSJTS thank you for sharing... Lets make money
05/06/2020 8:53 PM
t_nike2002 Hie Cheryl, just have a couple of questions with regards to this company, hence just wondering whether you may have the answer to the following queries? Greatly appreciate it..

1) Just wondering how many % of its sales/ business are accounted by the face mask equipments?

2) Understand they are OEM for products in the following industry i.e. consumer electronics, ICT, medical, automotive and telecommunications. Any breakdown on the % of its products by industry?

3) In view of MCO in several countries world wide, believe their consumer electronics, automotive and telecommunications products are definitely being affected with the decline in demands. How would this affect their sales and profit?

4) Who are their top 4 customers?

5) Do they sign long term contract with their customers or its without contract but on order basis?

6) What's the outlook of their upcoming financial results (sales & profit)? Improvement or deterioration? :)

7) How would they view the outlook of the company's performance in the 2nd half of the year and also for 2021?

05/06/2020 9:06 PM
aminyunus Thanks cheryl for the tips and finding possible hidden gem. In the latest available qr- 31 dec 2019, it mentioned the company increase its production space by 80% by acquiring new fully automated manufacturing facility which started operation on 31 Oct 2019. It would good to know what the planned production mix of the new automated manufacturing facility and expected contribution to the future company's profit. Cheers.
06/06/2020 3:43 AM
VenFx Wondering what is the;

A.progress from its newly set up join-co with quanta storage(Taiwan)?
i. What is their hhd:ssd ratio segment ? And the outlook, with the recent recovery for storage drive .
ii. Could eg venture into robotic arm ?

B. How eG find their peers such jcy dufu & notion in this storage biz segment ?

Thank you !
06/06/2020 9:01 AM
astigate hi VenFx, mind sharing the source of the news of newly set up join-co with quanta storage(Taiwan)? Thank you
06/06/2020 3:49 PM
sensonic Caely to make face masks and PPE for NIHSIN. NIHSIN ALSO SELL MASKS
06/06/2020 10:43 PM
ThemePlay Hello all, thank you for your questions. Nike 2020, Q1. Not available (NA). Q2 NA Q3 have to refer to company management. Q4 privacy of info - seldom n hardly company will reveal. Q5 also fr Mgmt.Q6 non tech/ health shld be positive but tech maybe lower contribution. Q220 better & Q221 improvement. Full Production.
Suggest u to join the telegram for further update. I will pass my report n news to Warriors.
07/06/2020 12:05 AM
ThemePlay Sensonic, EG selling face mask machine should be only one in Bursa. Those who need to produce mask they will look for machines first so u think u who will make money first? Caely n nihsin late comers, already publish the report to premium member. Select a company already doing it, not a company just want to start. U get what I mean? Example, obtaining approval from authorities will take time. Hope this helps.
07/06/2020 12:15 AM
najminajwa Hi, how to become Premium student of warrior trader?
07/06/2020 4:08 AM
birkincollector economy open facemask demand will go up
07/06/2020 5:00 PM
stncws buy from china cheaper
07/06/2020 5:21 PM
ThemePlay Our slot at this moment already full. We focus to grow existing student first.
Does China mask meet the quality of FDA requirements? If not EG already meet it.
We share the info in our telegram.
08/06/2020 9:51 AM
drkewsc Hello Cheryl I wish to join your premium member . How do I go about it ? Can u let me know when it is available ?
09/06/2020 5:56 PM
ThemePlay Will groom the existing student until further notice.
09/06/2020 7:01 PM
drkewsc Please contact me once u have available slot, My contact is 0125186658 and emails is drkewsc@yahoo.com . Thanks Cheryl.
09/06/2020 8:10 PM
ThemePlay Hi drkeswc please remove your contact number n leave your email will do. This is your privacy. We do really appreciate your interest into our premium group. We afraid ppl will misuse your contact.
09/06/2020 11:17 PM
pvd_investor The results have been pretty bad. Will the above recommendation be still holding good ?
19/06/2020 11:31 PM

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