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Canadian TV shows secret camera footage from Top Glove factory

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I am not sure the vaccine is useful or not. CEO have better answer.

Do you have to wear GLOVES to give a vaccine shot?

I am holding my GLOVES. I will only sell when ASP come down but not stock price come down.

I buy vaccine logistic by using the GLOVEs profit as hedging to vaccine news.


I am reproducing FMT article to my blog.

This post don't have any value added content.

Compile here for my own record.

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Canadian TV shows secret camera footage from Top Glove factory

A photo posted by CBC News taken from secret camera footage of cramped production lines, deplorable living conditions and crowded Covid-19 testing areas. (CBC photo)

PETALING JAYA: Hidden camera footage from an undercover check inside a Top Glove factory has been screened on a Canadian television report which said that it showed unsafe working and poor living conditions of employees, which could be described as “appalling”.

CBC said its Marketplace programme had smuggled a camera into the factory with the help of a Top Glove employee.

The footage supports the employee’s claims of unsafe working conditions and hot, cramped living conditions. In the hostels, up to 25 people slept in one room, often on the floors. They shared a bathroom that was used for everything from bathing to cleaning vegetables, the TV station said.

It also showed that the production line, comprising mainly migrant workers, was cramped and failed to comply with Covid-19 prevention rules.

There were also videos of workers doing electrical repairs or handling chemical substances without any safety equipment on.

Soon after the videos came to light, the glove company was forced to shut down its production following a Covid-19 outbreak that resulted in more than 6,000 cases, CBC said.

The report said a video provided to CBC showed workers crowding together to get tested with little physical distancing. Workers in dormitories could be seen taking a shower next to piles of garbage.

CBC also interviewed 23 current and former migrant workers who told various stories of alleged exploitation such as situations of debt bondage, deceptive recruiting practices, passport retention, excessive overtime, abusive workplaces and deplorable living conditions.

“The company does not care (about its employees). If we complain to a higher authority, then the company will be forced to take care of us,” an employee said.

Some employees said they couldn’t leave their jobs despite the health risks. They say they have significant debt — often borrowed at the hands of unscrupulous lenders — having paid recruitment agencies massive fees to line them up for their jobs.

“I don’t have any choice, I have to work (to pay off my debt),” another worker from Bangladesh told the Marketplace programme.


Further Reading: Top Glove says Canadian TV report is ‘thoroughly misleading’

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michaeso Good luck everyone
18/01/2021 7:17 PM
LaoTzeAhSir Canadian TV collaborating with the evil shortists you mean? bunch of shameful hypocrites and retards
18/01/2021 11:01 PM
goldenluck16 Top Glove says Canadian TV report is ‘thoroughly misleading’

18/01/2021 11:02 PM
ks5S the canadian tv report one sided. Also unethical also... smuggled camera into people property to get news... can sue them kaw-kaw this lanjio reporter.
18/01/2021 11:19 PM
gemfinder https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/gloveharicut/2021-01-18-story-h1539385309-Canadian_TV_shows_secret_camera_footage_from_Top_Glove_factory.jsp
18/01/2021 11:31 PM
ks5S gemfinder is the bangla in the news crying papa mama claim top glove bully him
18/01/2021 11:40 PM
ks5S papa mama top glove never give me milk to drink.... bangla gembaby crying
18/01/2021 11:43 PM
ks5S this bangla must kena slap kaw kaw by the famous dato and his gang.
18/01/2021 11:46 PM
ks5S the famous dato should be hired by top glove to teach all this bangla so that they duduk diam diam diam
18/01/2021 11:56 PM
issac99289928 New Zealand,UK,US and CANADA are members of the Five Eyes . they are probably trying to punish TOPGLOVE and SIME palm oil for political reasons. probably nothing to do with labour issues.
19/01/2021 4:12 PM
leeruzi7 almost every month got new attack top gloves.. tan sri kasi sue them damaging your company reputation
19/01/2021 5:48 PM

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