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Why China is excluded in G7 summit? Koon Yew Yin

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China has warned the G7 leaders that the days when a "small" group of countries decided the fate of the world were long gone.


The G7 leaders must read this brief lesson in history. They should be ashamed of themselves.

1. Which country was once the colony master of Malaya & India? Britain.
2. Which countries invaded and occupied Indonesia? Netherlands for 350 years and Japan for 3.5 years.
3. Which countries invaded and occupied Vietnam? France 1857-1940 & 1946-1954, Japan 1940-1945 and USA (in Southern Vietnam) 1955-1975.
4. Which countries were responsible for colonisation of the African continent? Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy.
5.  Which 8 countries were responsible for the occupation of China in early 20th century? Britain, US, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy & Austria-Hungary.
6. Which countries are responsible for colonising and almost annihilating the Red Indians in northern America? France & Britain.
7. Which country colonised and almost annihilated Aborigines in Australia and New Zealand? Britain.
8. Which are the member countries of G7?
 United Kingdom/Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & USA.



And now the million-dollar question...????


9. Why are the G7 members see China as a threat even though China is the only major nation on earth that has never invaded or occupied another country?


Ego or fear of retribution?

The comments, by a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London, come as the leaders, who are meeting in England, seek a unified position over China.

They adopted a spending plan in response to a massive Chinese scheme. US President Joe Biden is determined that Western powers need to act now to counter a resurgent China. Joe Biden is promising more financial support for developing countries hit by the climate crisis, and funds for infrastructure projects in the developing world, an alternative to a Chinese programme.


President Biden said he wanted the US-backed Build Back Better World (B3W) plan to be a higher-quality alternative to Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The scheme has helped finance trains, roads, and ports in many countries, but has been criticised for saddling some with debt.


Joe Biden is like telling a joke because US does not even have 1 high speed rail.


China High-Speed Rail

High-speed rail (HSR) in China is the world's longest high speed railway network and most extensively used -- with a total length of 37,900 km by the end of 2020. The HSR network encompasses newly built rail lines with a design speed of 200–350 km/h (120–220 mph). China's HSR accounts for two-thirds of the world's total high-speed railway networks. Almost all HSR trains, track and service are owned and operated by the China Railway Corporation under the brand China Railway High-speed (CRH).

High-speed rail developed rapidly in China over the past 15 years. CRH was introduced in April 2007 and the Beijing-Tianjin intercity rail, which opened in August 2008, was the first passenger dedicated HSR line. Currently, HSR extends to all provincial-level administrative divisions except Macau and Tibet. The HSR network reached just under 38,000 km (24,000 mi) in total length by the end of 2020. The HSR building boom continues with the HSR network set to reach 70,000 km (43,000 mi) in 2035.

The advent of high-speed rail in China has greatly reduced travel time and has transformed Chinese society and economy. A World Bank study found "a broad range of travellers of different income levels choose HSR for its comfort, convenience, safety and punctuality."

Notable HSR lines in China include the Beijing–Guangzhou high-speed railway which at 2,298 km (1,428 mi) is the world's longest HSR line in operation, and the Beijing–Shanghai high-speed railway with the world's fastest operating conventional train services. The Shanghai Maglev is the world's first high-speed commercial magnetic levitation ("maglev") line, whose trains run on non-conventional track and reach a top speed of 430 km/h (267 mph). In 2020, China started testing a maglev prototype train that runs at 600 km/h and aims to put a 500-km-long high-speed maglev line into commercial use by 2025.

US should follow China

Implementing high-speed rail (HSR) will provide the Americans with more transportation choices. It will also make sure that the people remain an economic engine, and meets the environmental and energy challenges of this century.

Investing in high-speed rail:

  • Creates Jobs:
    Building high-speed rail will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Every $1 billion in investment creates 24,000 jobs. These are highly skilled jobs that will revitalize the domestic rail industries supplying transportation products and services. Many additional jobs are created through the commerce fostered through the economic activity and development which they spark.
  • Increases Economic Activity:
    Every $1 invested creates $4 in economic benefits. Upgrading passenger operations on newly revitalized tracks, bridges and rights of way is spurring business productivity along corridors.  The rail services will connect Americans’ economically vital mega-regions and help keep them mobile, productive, efficient and internationally competitive.
  • Reduces Congestion and Boosts Productivity:
    Congestion on our nation’s roads costs $140 billion in lost time and productivity.  The U.S. population is projected to grow by another 100 million people in the next 40 years. The population growth is creating mega-regions that will not prosper unless they can be freed from the stranglehold of highway and airport congestion. At the same time, the United States cannot build enough highway capacity or airport runways to meet demand.
  • Reduces the Nation’s Dependence on Foreign Oil: 
    Implementing high-speed rail will keep billions of dollars in the U.S. economy by decreasing the amount of oil that the U.S. consumes.    According to the International Association of Railways (UIC), high-speed rail is eight times more energy efficient than airplanes and four times more efficient than automobile use. It will also decrease greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.
  • Expands Travel Choices and Improves Mobility:
    High-speed rail can deliver people from one downtown to another as fast as or faster than air travel.  The addition of HSR as an integrated part of America’s transportation system will help airports work better and highways work better. It will also expand options for citizens in rural and small urban communities with increased transfer points and feeder services that connect with new HSR corridors.


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paperplane US dont need high speed rail. They all sleeping at home watching Netflix with government provided subsidies and free money.
18/06/2021 8:32 AM
enning22 high speed rails, don't be silly , china incured massive losses in this sector, mostly already grounded.
18/06/2021 9:15 AM
winterwolf China government prepared to lose money for building roads and rails base on a simple mantra, to get rich, and prosperous, one has to have good connectivities in roads and rails. This is one main way to eradicate poverty.

The rural areas has highways that are toll free, extended to even remote areas that currently has few inhabitants.

Only fools will repeat the blatant lies that most high speed rails are grounded due to loses.
18/06/2021 9:30 AM
drchangkc While the US was pouring money into Afghanistan, in this futile war, the Chinese were developing first-world infrastructure… and I’m in New York, and I’m watching [my] car bumping around.

Pakistan’s prime minister served up some bitter truths during an interview with MSNBC, 26/9/2019.
18/06/2021 9:37 AM
Starship2 PRC should have been in a very good position now. Unfortunately its credibility is extremely low at the moment due to the manner it dealth with its covid epidemic. The other problem is it does want to abide by the rules based international order whenever it does not suit her. Examples: refusing to abide by UNCLOS; the ICJ decision in its dispute with the Philipines; and, not keeping with the sprite of its treaty with UK on HK. It has put the international community in a difficult place ..litting the whole world on fire with covid and causing countries to go on an arms buying spree to protect themselves against a possible invasion...
18/06/2021 9:50 AM
qqq3333 china intends to double the high speed line again in next few years
18/06/2021 10:08 AM
qqq3333 starship by international community u mean the former colony masters
18/06/2021 10:14 AM
qqq3333 china is a giant country with a few clearly defined redlines such as scs, HK, Taiwan.... other than that, China is a responsible member of the international community
18/06/2021 10:25 AM
qqq3333 clashes with old colony masters is inevitable... anyway they g7, are becoming irrelevant, they don't know it only
18/06/2021 10:30 AM
stockraider China should start forming G100 loh!
18/06/2021 10:32 AM
Sslee Haha US not even a member of UNCLOS because US is above the law and will stop and search ships in any water they like.
18/06/2021 10:35 AM
Sslee US only eksport to Latin America is arms so many Latin America countries are a failed state because many warlords are king of the hill drug carter.

Did US help Latin Amerika build any infrastructure?

Luckily US is not our neighbor nor friend.
By the way with friends like US, who needs enemies?
18/06/2021 10:48 AM
qqq3333 Asean countries also got to wake up to the new reality and talk to China collectively on a win win treaty with China over South China sea which prohibits warships from thousands of miles away from entering the sea
18/06/2021 10:50 AM
Anthonyloh Mr. Koon, did you check the China High Speed's financial report?
18/06/2021 10:51 AM
mamatede People talking about how China does not abide with probably a few instances of international dispute. Then again, who flagrantly bypass most of it... The Americans.
18/06/2021 11:04 AM
qqq3333 China got so much trade surplus they invest in hsr infrastructure it's their choice.... who are we to question their financial report
18/06/2021 11:09 AM
drchangkc PRC is catching up with US in science & technology, but is very much lagging behind in propaganda war as the MSM is mainly west leaning. What we know about PRC & the west today is what the west leaning MSM wanted us to believe. When the MSM keep repeating the same lie everyday, eventually the readers would believe the lie as fact.

Rule based international order at the moment means the west set the rules for others to abide by. Developing world had little chance for input in setting the so called international rules.

US refused International Criminal Court investigation of war crime committed in Afghan, but insisted to investigate Xinjiang China for genocide. While asking China to abide by UNCLOS, but US itself does not join UNCLOS. While UK accuse China of breaking promise in treaty of return of Hong Kong, UK is ready to break international law with regards to Brexit. While encouraging HK people to demonstrate against government & protest police brutality, UK Parliament now is debating law to disapprove public protest with the slightest excuse, and give legal immunity to police for carrying out duty , including murder & rape ....
18/06/2021 11:09 AM
qqq3333 drchangkc..... great stuff
18/06/2021 11:33 AM
qqq3333 how China handles HK is impressive.... now HK people HK police handles their rioters. they didn't even need to involve mainland soldiers
18/06/2021 11:36 AM
qqq3333 now surprised how western media and politicians frame China... merely surprised got Malaysians don't see China point of view.
18/06/2021 11:49 AM
qqq3333 eventually China point of view will win because it makes sense, differences do frame the world, learn to accept differences and make peace surely better than war
18/06/2021 11:53 AM
qqq3333 I mean Malaysians do travel to China and see the progress there and see that it is not that dark evil empire, unlike Americans voters who. generally don't even have a passport
18/06/2021 12:00 PM
qqq3333 western media trying to protect what they already have, ..surely it clashes with new kid on the block
18/06/2021 12:03 PM
scenery drchangkc U right most are media reports from US that twist the true around with lies.

just like in Lambo, earlier, I was busy n didnt posts while that rascal Ular/dragonslayer, only SPM, everyday twist n turn my facts with lies.

Even high educated Sslee n i3lurker fall trap on her lies; when I eventually reciprocated, they didnt bother to read my posts but help her to attack me.
18/06/2021 12:04 PM
Starship2 The most prolific sources of fake media is from...... Most of them are of very low quality and can be easily noticed by the average person.. In my view, most of this country's problems arise from its desire "to catch up with the west and overtake the west"... If you see this as a chess game, you would have notices the series of diplomatic mistakes made...and it does seem like ending...no worries on that score
18/06/2021 3:17 PM
kihkihkih drchangkc, good input many won't easily get to acknowkedge.
China has its humanistic nature thus never thinj how to cheat or tell lies, not the western media. For that reason China's media are behind
western in telling lies or create fake news.
18/06/2021 3:50 PM
Sslee Mr. Deng is the better communicator able to tell the simple true quote– "Black cat or white cat, if it can catch mice, it's a good cat." And sell his idea of socialisme + capitalist + market economy as socialism with Chinese characteristics to China people.

He give interview to western media and met/talk direct to western leaders what China intend to accomplish (The return of HK and Macau. One China two system policy)

Mr Xi told officials on Monday it was important for China to tell its story in a positive way.

"It is necessary to make friends, unite and win over the majority, and constantly expand the circle of friends [when it comes to] international public opinion," he was quoted by Xinhua as saying.

He said the country should be "open and confident, but also modest and humble" in its communication with the world.

Mr Xi also said the party's propaganda organisations must make it clear that Beijing wanted "nothing but the Chinese people's happiness and good fortune".
18/06/2021 4:32 PM
supersaiyan3 KYY is again full of SHXT.

China declared war against 11 nations, then 8 nations came to fight China. At that time China was giving 50 ounces of silver for killing one whiteman and 30 ounces for killing one white boy.

Few years ago, the defence minister of China said they would like to fight 80 countries. Now only 10 countries mah.

Now every free country in the world already agree that as long as China stop abusing international laws, they will only suppress China in a few key areas. That's by god's grace already.

A very wise man Mr. Tan(譚嗣同)said in China 100 years ago, "if China's soldier is mighty, then the world will suffer. Be it white people, red people, black people may all face extinction like Qing dynasty did to the Junggar people. It's by god' grace the world suppress China so that the tragedy won't happen to all of us. "
18/06/2021 4:42 PM
supersaiyan3 Now, in some way, Russia is supporting international effort to stop China from further spreading any disease.

Hallelujah!!!! For world peace.
18/06/2021 4:44 PM
supersaiyan3 Hyperloop kills HSR easily. This time C not allow to cheat loh. Lol
18/06/2021 4:50 PM
qqq3333 Malaysia also good supersaiyan3 not just cowboys and Texans... never mind... china will still win in the end
18/06/2021 5:09 PM
Sslee Haha,
By one look already know who are actually full of SHXT and bs.
18/06/2021 5:15 PM
Bgt 9963 Good luck...!
18/06/2021 5:16 PM
COVID18NOT19 I strongly suspected supersaiyan3 is a HONGKONGER .read too much fake Hong Kong's Chinese History Curriculum
19/06/2021 10:24 AM
OrlandoOilSemiconIoT No la faker is fr tat one tat refuse China vaccines rather let its citizens die
19/06/2021 10:46 AM
Nam Uni old ppl diverting attention by posting alot of non recommendation articles. the fact is tomei and all the steel counters recommended gg
19/06/2021 11:52 AM
stockfreak Friends and family now so hate USA until they hope China nuke USA.
19/06/2021 11:54 AM
stockfreak Everyday they read postings about how evil USA is and how good China is.
19/06/2021 11:57 AM
stockfreak I remember one family member shared in family whatsapps group showing how crazy Taiwanese rushes to vaccine centers. The scene was horrible.

The shops around the scenes are written in simplified chinese. And there is a text hard printed to the video said "In Taiwan".

The video tried to show how low quality Taiwanese are. Taiwanese must be bad at making decision about things.
19/06/2021 12:07 PM

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