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How to Know Market Crash Before It Happens

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Getting stuck in a losing stocks is suffering, with those fear of losing more gives you sleepless night, hoping the bear will go back to the forest when you wake up.


To help more traders and investors in the market, we want to share this technique so that you can avoid getting stuck in a bear market.


The first thing you need to know is how these big boys attract buyers? It's the same as how marketing is done. Ask yourself, in what kind of circumstances would you jump into a stock? Technical Entry, Huge buyers, huge buying interest & sometimes because of good news.


As you can see, the above reasons that trigger you to enter into stocks are by creating greed in you. It makes you feel that “A stock that you can’t miss!” and this is how many traders got attracted to distribution stocks.


So here are a few ways that it shows the sign that triggers your greed to buy the stocks.


Buy Sell Queue


Sometimes you might see a huge buy queue at a certain price in a stock. Many will assume that is the “Support” because they think there are many buyers. In fact, the figure in the buy-sell queue doesn’t represent buyer or seller, because those are just orders and are not transacted, they can be withdrawn at any time. The big boys will queue there to let you think there are many buyers so you will enter that stock thinking there is the support and you are safe, WHICH is NOT!


High Volume + Price Increase

If you look into technical analysis or Volume Price Analysis when you see a white/ green candle (Up candle) with a high volume you will think the stock is bullish. But why are they still stuck in such stocks?
The reason is very simple, big boys created that big volume and price to attract you in, they play with your greed.
That's why we will never just look at the daily chart. To find out whether the big boys are attracting you to come into the stocks, look into the 5 minutes chart and you will find many funny price and volume movements that are indicating they want to sell the shares the next day.

Just like stocks below:


Daily Chart

In the daily charts, you might see the Redbox area with high volume in, thinking there are more buyers going in. But from what we see in the 5 mins chart, it is showing many selling pressures with high volume at 1 price level but not able to push higher. Then they sell their shares down to those who queue to buy and distribute, because traders like to queue at lower prices to buy shares which they always have, thinking that they want to buy shares cheaply. Always remember, cheap things comes with a price too.

5 Minutes Chart

Fear of going into stocks that move up a lot in a day
Another scenario is many traders in the market are afraid of moving into stocks that move up a lot in a day. They always have this mindset, “price goes up 10% already, can still go up?”, “Price is too high, dangerous.”.
Obviously from the above statement, you can see this group of traders are judging the stock based on THEIR OWN expectation instead of listening to the market. Stock market is a great place to prove that anything is possible. When you think price is too high, it goes up higher, if you think price is too low to drop more, it goes down further. I believe many of you have experienced this before.
But we can’t blame those traders or investors who have this kind of mindset, because they do not know how and where to listen to the market. The available education in the market is mainly based on hope but not listening to the market.
One of the common examples is profit target, many strategies set profit targets based on the previous price hike or their expectation. But often when the price is halfway to the profit target it turns south, which many traders have no idea what to do but just HOPE that the price doesn't hit the cut loss point and HOPE the price to continue to go up to the profit target. All they can do is pray, the worst thing is the price hit cut loss and bounce back to your profit target. Then traders are stuck in the losing trades again and having sleepless nights again.
Here is what true traders need to do, understand the big boys' language and react to it. When you start to see they have no intention to push the price higher, take profit. Just like how we did at the stock below. For education purposes, we will hide the stock name and replace it with Stock “ABCD”.
Stock “ABCD” was already up for 14.15% at the time we entered, 0.075 cents up! You might say we are crazy, but we still move in because of 1 reason, the price & volume shows that they still have the intention to push higher. At the end of the day, ABCD closed at 25.47% up, 0.135 cents up.

The next day we took profit at 0.79 cents, with a 30.58% gain with a 1-day holding period only! The reason we take profit is because it matches our take profit rules that the big boys show us in 5 mins chart that they have no intention to push higher.

Well, some might say we are just lucky. If it is only luck, we have loads of luck in trading, we still have many examples to show you if you want to know more. Most importantly, our members are able to catch this too!


What happens when all stocks show signs of big boys offloading?


Daily Chart

Now you have seen the brief explanation of how the big boys plan on their distribution in 5 mins chart movement. When you see a few stocks have the same price movement is considered normal, but if you see the whole market are having the same movement, then it is telling us that the market is going down soon.

5 Mins Chart


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If we have missed out on any important information, feel free to let us know and feel free to share this information out but it will be much appreciated if you can put us as the reference for our effort and respect, thank you in advance!


Find out more about how we track big boys effectively in our Facebook and YouTube Channel :

This blog is for sharing our point of view about the market movement and stocks only. It is not advice or recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Viewers and readers are responsible for your own trading decision. The author of this blog is not liable for any losses incurred from any investment or trading.


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LLB2021 Beside fb and YouTube pls create telegram group also tq
21/06/2021 6:24 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning.....!
21/06/2021 8:37 AM
roundnsurge Good morning LLB2021 & Bgt 9963!

Hi LLB2021, you may click on this link https://registration.mplusonline.com/?ref-id=R311 to open a trading account with Kelvin, and as his trading client, you will then be exclusively invited for his weekly webinar as well as his telegram group. Thank you!
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ahbah Please let us know before the mkt crashes. Thanks.
21/06/2021 12:29 PM
Bursawise1984 ya..please let us know when is the next crash...
21/06/2021 2:59 PM
roundnsurge ahbah, Bursawise1984, sure! hopefully no one will say we creating fear in the market like what we did in 2017 & 2018. XD
21/06/2021 4:07 PM
Bursawise have been through 1997, 2008 ..and now..
21/06/2021 4:49 PM
acbiz88 do you not know the big boys are behind the main online system like n2n and eforce ? they could be part owners of these systems.
22/06/2021 12:17 AM
roundnsurge @acbiz88 Thank you for sharing =) We don't know who are the big boys, maybe the people you mentioned or the institutions, maybe retailer like Gamestop case in US market. But it doesn't matter who are they, most importantly is to understand them and protect ourselves in the stock market.
22/06/2021 1:55 PM

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