Rubber Glove companies till year 2023

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Glove Industries Performance (before Covid19)

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According to World Bank, global healthcare expenditure increased from US$6,772.1 billion (y 2015) to US$7,503.4 billion (y 2019) and is expected to US$8,641 billion in 2025.


1. Global disposable glove market is US$6.6billion in 2015 and US$8.7billion in 2019.


2. Global disposable glove market is expected to be around US$24.9billion in 2025


3. 385.9 billion pieces of gloves in year 2015 and 529 billion pieces of gloves in year 2019


4. 1,285 billion pieces of gloves is expected in year 2025


5. In year 2019, nitrile glove was the largest market share (45.7%) followed by vinyl gloves (27%) and latex gloves (24.7%).


6. Nitrile gloves sales was US$2.6 billion (year 2015), US$4 billion (year 2019) and expected US$14 billion (year 2025)



7. More existing glove companies or new players are encouraged to apply technologies to make their production more, faster, efficient and less costly. By doing so, they will be more competitive with tradtional glove companies.


8. Other than the info that i have provided, we also have to keep in mind that these pandemic may most likely be endemic which means our "current vaccines" may not be good enough to stop it. 




9. It will be something that we will have to learn how to live with and try our very best to avoid it at all cost until a more mature vaccines been created for this disease. That means still a high demand of gloves for the next few years.



10. Keep in mind, Malaysia is also competing with China, Thailand and Indonesia.





In my opinion, our local glove sectors will continue to perform well and better for the next number of years including new players. It may take some times for new players to establish, adjust and familiarize themselves in the glove world before making profit from it. Good and strong result are expected for glove counters.












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