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turtleking Boring eh
12/04/2021 2:32 PM
emsvsi Singapore port readies for Suez Canal backlog

Singapore, the world’s largest container transhipment port, is readying itself for a backlog of ships and cargoes from the closure of the Suez Canal in late March.

Marcus Hand | Apr 12, 2021

While ships bound from Asia to Europe stranded by the blockage of the Suez Canal from 23 – 29 March started to reach container ports in the Med last week, the longer distance to Asia means that vessels bound from Europe and US stuck on the North side of the canal are yet to reach Asian ports.

“More recently the Suez Canal blockage cast the spotlight on the critical role shipping plays in keeping the global supply chain in motion,” Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore chief executive Quah Ley Hoon told a media briefing on Monday morning.

A surge in traffic is expected at Singapore’s port as the ships held up at the canal arrive from Europe and the US.

“So, the Port of Singapore is readying ourselves as a catch-up port to handle anticipated shipping backlog, our terminal operators are preparing more berths, equipment and operators to increase the handling capacity,” Quah said.

In particular terminal operator PSA is working with shipping lines on the backlog and the schedules of their vessels.

“PSA have for example made available their digital platform Calista to try and allow ships to have a better sense of the services and berth availability in Singapore,” she explained.

At present the vessels that were stuck at the canal are still sailing to Singapore and how long it will take to clear the backlog will depend on schedules.

Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved. Seatrade, a trading name of Informa Markets (UK) Limited.

12/04/2021 3:15 PM
bobochacha malaysia just need the spillover effect from singapore port. too many ship cannot handle, then abit go to PTP la
13/04/2021 1:18 AM
petnch2020 MRT3 tender expected in August. Refer link.


As mentioned previously, MMC-Gamuda has been the main contractor for MRT1 and MRT2. MRT3 will need a lot of tunneling works which bode well for MMC-Gamuda given that the company has a total of 12 boring machines that it had deployed in the MRT1 and MRT2 projects. They can easily redeploy the same machine for the MRT3.

Some analysts has already assume MRT3 project in Gamuda valuation report. Surprise that they did not do the same for MMC. This company is really receiving anak angkat treatment from analysts.
13/04/2021 12:45 PM
JoshuaMS7 run!! mmc seems crash soon!
13/04/2021 4:08 PM
ykyew11 I wonder what is the reason for MMC to be down today
13/04/2021 4:20 PM
momo33 Putrajaya extends CMCO in five states and KL as it warns of possible fourth infection wave
13/04/2021 4:23 PM
Pinky Bursa 200+ up
600+ down

Apa lagi u orang mau
13/04/2021 4:32 PM
pingdan Overall market sentiment is bad... break down to 1600 again...
13/04/2021 4:36 PM
Inv3st0r69 Lol ppl telling to run from mmc.. fundamentally speaking, this is one of the best bet if market crash.. fundamental very strong
13/04/2021 9:47 PM
JoshuaMS7 haha no one wants to goreng then also no use...
14/04/2021 9:20 AM
petnch2020 Joshua,

I don't think MMC falls under the "goreng" stock. Most that bought into this company will probably falls under the "value investors" category more than momentum investors.

If you look at the recent top 30 investors list in FY20 Annual report, you will see that there are now a lot of foreign funds that have been buying shares of MMC. They did not have any position in MMC previously. Below are some of the new foreign funds. Most of them normally uses value/ growth investing strategy rather than momentum trading. You can check their website to see the explanation

JP Morgan
Eastpring Investment
State Street Corporation
California State Teacher Retirement System
Mackenzie Emerging Market
Universal Investment Gesellschaft
Florida Retirement System
14/04/2021 9:44 AM
emsvsi BIMCO: Containership Orders Reach High with Focus on ULCS

BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE | 7 April 2021 08:04:38

Construction orders for new containerships are at a high, setting new records in March and highlighting the confidence of the shipping industry. The industry trade group BIMCO is highlighting the order book as its “number of the week.”

BIMCO reports that in March, orders for 45 Ultra-large containerships (15,000 and above TEU capacity) were placed, breaking a record. In addition, they report that an additional 27 orders for smaller sized ships were placed in the same month, bringing the total to 866,060 TEU on order worldwide. BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand believes this indicates a turnaround for the container shipping sector.

The turnaround for the container shipping sector offers a glimpse of the level of confidence currently seen in the business on behalf of owners as well as investors says BIMCO. For all of 2020, a total of 995,000 TEU of container shipping capacity was ordered. Capacity ordered in the first quarter of 2021 has already reached 1,398,000 TEU, a six-year-high compared to previous full years.

“The industry is keen on benefitting from the economies of scale that ultra-large containerships have to offer if you carry payloads close to its cargo carrying capacity,” says Sand.

Full article: https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/bimco-containership-orders-reach-high-with-focus-on-ulcs

More ships (or cars or planes) = more traffic for ports (or petrol stations or airports)

The orders confirms the increase and upcycle in global trade
14/04/2021 10:31 AM
petnch2020 An article relating to the announced potential tender of MRT3.


The analyst mentioned that Gamuda will be the obvious beneficiary of the project. Even mentioned other companies like Kimlun, IJM and MRCB. The analyst just seem to forget that Gamuda exposure to MRT3 will be via MMC-Gamuda ventures. MMC owns 50% of the venture which is the same as Gamuda's.

In term of % value increment to companies, MMC actually has a higher % exposure to MRT3 vs Gamuda given that the market cap of MMC is only RM3.2bil vs Gamuda's RM9.0bil (mainly due to MMC forward PE of only 6x vs Gamuda fwd PE of 17x)
14/04/2021 10:34 AM
flippiwippi Buy and hold for the dividend.
14/04/2021 10:37 AM
tatwaiwong 大基建重启新合约出闸 建筑股有望逐步走高
14/04/2021 10:27 PM
jgb349000 Write in english or malay la.this is malaysia.
15/04/2021 1:02 PM
aliyusof Petn2029...well explained
15/04/2021 1:12 PM
traderA it good! let us slowly collect
15/04/2021 11:05 PM
petnch2020 Yeah agree. Have to be patient a bit with MMC. A lot of people still have yet to see the value and growth potential for the company. Most are looking elsewhere for recovery play investment which has push some of the share price at ridiculous valuation.

MMC being the leading port operator in Malaysia (and top 10 globally) will actually benefit directly from the rebound of major economies which itself will see better trading activities. Ports being the gate for import and export trade are one of the first to feel the effects of any pick up in economic activities.

We actually already seen it in 4Q20. Expect to continue through out FY21. Hopefully by then market would put a fairer valuation to MMC rather than a mere 6x fwd PE.

Suria Capital, which is the smallest listed port operator in Bursa and is the operator of Kota Kinabalu port already command a fwd PE of more than 10x (premium of 60% vs MMC). Westport the 2nd largest port operator in Malaysia commands a forward PE multiple of more than 20x (230% premium vs MMC).

Lets wait for 1Q21 result. It should show significant growth improvement vs last year result.
16/04/2021 9:22 AM
DepecheM Ex date in June... collect with correction
16/04/2021 12:39 PM
t_nike2002 Looks like heavy sell volume coming...
16/04/2021 3:30 PM
Pinky Topped up a bit at 1.03 today. Nice!
16/04/2021 4:53 PM
traderA me too top up on 1.03.. chance for us..
16/04/2021 5:06 PM
BilisMrJ39 Join this counter at 1.03 with my glove profits. Hopefully it will surprise me next week
16/04/2021 5:29 PM
Pinky This counter will reward those who are patient and have holding power.

But if you're looking for extraordinary fast gains, you will be disappointed.
16/04/2021 5:30 PM
BilisMrJ39 Not looking for extraordinary fast gain, but finding those undiscovered gem with good fundamental and potential.

This counter looks super underrated, lets see how it perform.
16/04/2021 5:37 PM
pingdan Mmc win litigation case.. free 52mil into pocket
16/04/2021 5:48 PM
aliyusof Pingdan ...yes rm52m awarded to MMC subsidiary in arbitration. https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3148793
16/04/2021 8:16 PM
DepecheM MMC share price is just waiting to explode... a couple of good news of potential LU already ... accumulate with weakness.
17/04/2021 5:07 AM
JoshuaMS7 Us market very stable and broke historical highest, foreign fund might bk to buy klci undervalued and fundamental strong stks soon! Plus dividend given June this counter will be best option for foreign fund when they found klci is still lagging and very far away from historical highest!!
17/04/2021 8:47 AM
WINDX1221 port asset gonna ipo soon
17/04/2021 4:16 PM

Major Chinese container ports volume up 10.8% in late March [2021]

Container volume at eight major Chinese ports increased 10.8% year-on-year in late March.
Katherine Si | Apr 08, 2021

According to the statistics released by China Ports and Harbors Association, export container volume increased 8.7% while the domestic volume increased 18% in late March. Among which, the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan and Shenzhen posted a growth rate of over 30%.

Full article: https://www.seatrade-maritime.com/ports-logistics/major-chinese-container-ports-volume-108-late-march

The global economy, and therefore international trade and shipping are on an uptrend
17/04/2021 5:19 PM
keown83 but i think next week this counter will still sideway due to people rushed into gloves stock..cases in malaysia & wordlwide increasing in a worrying state

but then, the longer the sideway the stronger the up trend coming afterwards
18/04/2021 12:19 AM
coffeesheep qr release on end of May, dividend ex date 2nd June, I think price probably will start moving up at 3rd week of May, TP 1.3?
18/04/2021 2:37 PM
probability https://www.thestar.com.my/aseanplus/aseanplus-news/2021/04/18/demand-from-china-spurs-surge-in-singapore-exports
18/04/2021 8:08 PM
petnch2020 Apart from the better industry outlook (both in their port and construction businesses) which will lead to better financial performance in fy21, another catalyst that investor need to take seriously is the monetisation of MMC's port business most probably via IPO.

Analysts are expecting a busy pipeline in the ipo market as highlighted in the satar most recent article: https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2021/04/19/stronger-pipeline-to-boost-deal-flow

MMC initially wanted to list the port business back in 2018. Prior to the IPO management had decided to bulk up its portfolio exercise with a slew of ports acquisition. 3 acquisitions were completed in 2017: NCB Holding Berhad (operator of Northport), Penang Port and Port Tanjung Bruas. They even wanted to acquire Sabah Port Sdn Bhd the operator of 5 ports in Sabah which is owned by Suria Capital but that deal did not materialised due to a higher valuation wanted by Suria Capital. Prior to all these acquisition MMC was actually only operating 2 ports PTP and Johor Port.

All this was to give access to investors for a pure play leading port operator in Malaysia with a bulk of the earnings coming from PTP. Growth in earnings will still come mainly from PTP but will be complemented by the improved in financials of the newly acquired ports.

However the ipo was canceled due to various issues primarily the trade war started in 2018 by president trump which had affected the performance of its ports but also the deterioration of investors demand for bursa listed companies after the surprising outcome of GE14. Investors confidence especially foreign investors was at a low point back then which means any port listing will not gives MMC the valuation that it was seeking.

Now with improved port activities (as shown in 4q20 result) and high market demand for ipos, it make sense for MMC to try to list it ports this year hence why there were rumours that the company is looking to list it by end of this year with expected capital to be raised at around rm4 bil valuing the port business at around rm10 bil ( assuming a 40% stake sale as mmc will still want to have controlling interest in the business).

This means that the port business alone would be valued at rm3.30 per share.
19/04/2021 8:34 AM
JoshuaMS7 Walao! Buy for future!
19/04/2021 8:47 AM
petnch2020 Yeah. MMC should at least trade at price above RM2. Prior to the Trumps announcement of a trade war with China back in end 2017, MMC was actually trading at between RM2.30 and 2.70 and this is with lower profit level than what it is expected to achieved in FY21.

So yes, MMC is really undervalue at the moment which it shouldn't be given all the positive catalyst lining up for them in FY21 and FY22.
19/04/2021 10:35 AM

Seaport segment poised to grow further in 2021 as global trade recovery gains momentum, says AmInvestment
Syafiqah Salim | theedgemarkets.com
April 19, 2021 10:09 am +08

KUALA LUMPUR (April 19): AmInvestment Bank Research maintained its "overweight" stance on the transportation and logistics sector as the research firm believes the seaport segment is poised to grow further in 2021 as global trade recovery gains further momentum, backed by the reopening of economies, businesses and borders, as well as the roll-out of huge stimulus packages that will continue to support consumption and investment.

However, the research firm said in a note today that seaport operators will face challenges or benefit from port congestion worldwide over the immediate term.

It advocated for investors to stay invested in the seaport segment via Westports Holdings Bhd with a "buy" call and fair value (FV) of RM5.07 as well as MMC Corp Bhd ("buy"; FV RM1.68).


As for MMC Corp, AmInvestment raised its FY21 net profit forecast by 7% for the company as the research firm assumes its throughput to grow at 6% versus 3% previously.

“The transhipment seaports under MMC Corp’s stable, i.e. the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) and Northport, are largely secondary in the geographical area they serve and hence less congested, [and] stand to gain from the diversion of port calls by shipping lines from busier primary ports amid a prolonged congestion, resulting in increase volumes and market share gains,” said the research firm.

On a separate note, the research firm believes Westports and PTP are poised to gain market share from the Port of Singapore (PSA) following the PSA’s plans to raise its port charges in two phases from Jan 1, 2022, which will widen further gaps in port charges between ports in Malaysia and Singapore.

“While we maintain our assumptions for FY23, we believe there could be upside to both Westports and PTP due to this latest development.

“Looking beyond FY21, we believe the port sector in the region (Malaysia included) will remain to be well positioned to benefit from shifting sourcing patterns accelerated by the pandemic, arising from relocations of manufacturing bases by multinational companies out of China to the region,” it added.

Full link - https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/seaport-segment-poised-grow-further-2021-global-trade-recovery-gains-momentum-says
19/04/2021 10:49 AM
emsvsi Being secondary port in both Port Klang and Singapore, means that MMC has higher available capacity to handle the increased ships and cargo compared to those ports already running at full utilisation (similar to the glove industry - Supermax vs Hartalega)
19/04/2021 10:52 AM
petnch2020 Thanks emsvisi. Totally agree. We actually have seen that in 4Q20 when volume of Northport increases due to ships deciding to go to Northport instead of both Singapore and Westport which were both congested.

The current situation of congestions still remains i believe. We will see in 1Q21 result if Northport benefited again from this congestion.
19/04/2021 10:56 AM
BULLBULL_BULL We need more people and analysts like petnch2020, DLLKT and emsvsi
19/04/2021 1:03 PM
RAYDALIO_MALAYSIA @Pinky equally good in buy call at MMC , Pinky made a right call as well , i will follow Pinky to invest at MMC for dividend collection
19/04/2021 1:03 PM
probability So Aminvest upgrade TP from 1.51 to 1.68 then... good!
19/04/2021 1:56 PM
probability Gas tariff risen, PTP Port tariff risen with further upward pressure from PSA tariff rise by 6% end of the year, Strengthening its Northport with BCC acquisition, Port having high utilization rate due to transhipments and TEUs demand to rise 9% annually organically, Senai land slowly reflecting its value.....

Boost from MRT3 project directly (via MMC gamuda) and indirectly by giving all of its ports strategic advantage...

Inflation from excess money in the market....

MMC CORP appears a no brainer...just give it time
19/04/2021 2:20 PM
bobochacha must be the sleeping beauty in bursa. waiting for the prince to kiss her . then she awaken.

when will the prince come oh
19/04/2021 3:37 PM
BeginnerLearner The financial results to be released in May will be prince charming
19/04/2021 4:24 PM
Hglee92 https://amp.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2462729.html
20/04/2021 8:36 AM
Hglee92 "Mixed fortunes for transport sector | The Star" https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2021/04/20/mixed-fortunes-for-transport-sector
20/04/2021 8:36 AM

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VTrade Divident pay esok. Congrats all. Let go bazzar
15/04/2021 11:15 PM
Alfonso JOm buy sup daging, mubarak, kuih, mee goreng, ayam penget, nasi lemak in bazzar~ but bazzar so crowded, pls take care ya.
16/04/2021 8:16 AM
newkidonblock Good Morning. Anyone received the dividend already? Nothing in my account..
16/04/2021 8:25 AM
davidcopper will check again at 9.30 am
16/04/2021 9:11 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
16/04/2021 9:15 AM
DarenWai how come tenaga everyday is all about selling after devidend day?
16/04/2021 9:33 AM
TreeTopView Darren, you just need to look at the overall market, sentiment is low and can't decide on direction.
This fallacy that keeps getting pushed about everyone getting the vaccine will bring everything back to normal is not rational, IMO. We will/are recovering slightly but I can't see us getting back to "normal", meaning pre Covid times, until late 2022. Add Malaysian politics into the mix and it's easy to see why there is no real commitment in the overall market, IMO.

I disagree with a few IB's calls of Rm12.50 for Tenaga this year because those figures assume a full recovery and economy sitting at pre Covid times. However, I do think with a partial recovery this year I'd expect Tenaga to be at least Rm11.20 sometime this year. The question is though, where will it go to before that happens?

Just my opinion, others will possibly disagree.
16/04/2021 9:49 AM
DarenWai TreeTopView: Very good explaination. Thanks
Perhaps one more round below 10 then only reach your tp.
From the annoucement, i can see 30day ago kwsp and epf keep selling from 9.50 10.
Seems like they already know nothing much beyond 10.
What do you think?
16/04/2021 9:55 AM
LossAversion @ Posted by DarenWai > Apr 16, 2021 9:33 AM | Report Abuse
DarenWai, you cant expect Tenaga to go up much after all the SUBSIDIES given out during MCO. It is lucky that we got those recent dividends. Personally, my strategy is to collect it if it falls below RM10, and to sell if it ever hit RM11 before May. For May/Jun, expecting the overall market down, then collect at low again.
16/04/2021 10:01 AM
TreeTopView Darren, you said they were selling at 9.50-10 only 30 days ago? I think you are probably mistaken. I was buying below 10.00 but that was back in January.
16/04/2021 10:05 AM
DarenWai Last selling from kwsp date 26march 116000 disposed.
16/04/2021 10:23 AM
TreeTopView Darren, on that day the price low was 10.38 and the day high was 10.44.
I'm not sure where you got the 9.50 to 10.00.
Also, I wouldn't read too much into the major instos like EPF or KWSP regarding their buying and selling. Their reasons and motivation are totally different to the regular retailer.
16/04/2021 10:30 AM
honestkejam Darren, 116000 disposed, is NOTHING for TNB... this amount is way too small to affect anything, not even a single cents, or just a single cents, wake up please
16/04/2021 10:50 AM
LossAversion Received dividends today. Happy
16/04/2021 11:52 AM
GL8888 I bought at too high price RM10.76. Hold on or sell?
16/04/2021 11:52 AM
tanfooxuan @GL8888, average down
16/04/2021 12:08 PM
BilisMrJ39 Received dividends this morning. Did you buy before div ex-date?

Posted by newkidonblock > Apr 16, 2021 8:25 AM | Report Abuse

Good Morning. Anyone received the dividend already? Nothing in my account..
16/04/2021 12:13 PM
newkidonblock Hi BilisMrJ39, thanks for your response. I received it in the late morning. (thought it will be in the account at 6am... :) new to share market..
16/04/2021 1:00 PM
HuatAh8809 Avoid it..

Need to give discount to the users again
16/04/2021 1:22 PM
Titan How come my div belum dapat???.....sigh.......
If give discount....good.....i pay less electricity bill. If no give...also good for me.....i get more div.....LOL....
16/04/2021 2:05 PM
Keyman188 CEO of world’s largest money manager: ‘I am incredibly bullish’ on the stock market


~ BlackRock CEO Larry Fink noted that a host of factors are likely to propel markets higher in the near term, even as the S&P 500 and the Dow hover near record levels.

~ “I believe because of monetary stimulus, fiscal stimulus, the cash on the sidelines, earnings, the markets are OK. Markets are going to continue to be stronger,” he predicted.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said Thursday he’s optimistic about financial markets as the economy attempts to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am incredibly bullish on the markets,” Fink said in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” He noted that a host of factors are likely to propel markets higher in the near term, even as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average hover near record levels.

“I believe because of monetary stimulus, fiscal stimulus, the cash on the sidelines, earnings, the markets are OK. Markets are going to continue to be stronger,” said the co-founder and chairman of the world’s largest asset manager.

“A big reason why there’s so much cash sitting on the sidelines during Covid and during remote working our behaviors have changed dramatically,” Fink explained, noting the amount of money many commuters are saving by not going into work.

“Whether the money is coming from a stimulus check or is coming from savings or behavior changes for savings, I think it’s fantastic that we’re seeing more people either investing for the long term or even trading,” he added.

Fink also commented on BlackRock’s institutional client base, which includes pensions funds, saying climate change and inflation risk are bigger concerns to them than cryptocurrencies.

Fink on Covid vaccines, budget deficits

The BlackRock CEO cautioned near-term risks to the stock market do exist. Fink said the arrival of coronavirus variants that dramatically reduce the effectiveness of Covid vaccines is the biggest one.

Long term, Fink said, the government deficit — which has grown as the U.S. Congress passed trillions of dollars worth of pandemic stimulus to support the economy— poses a more of a threat.

“Deficits right now are not a big issue, and that’s what the markets are saying,” Fink contended. “They’re not a big issue because the amount of money that’s on the sideline, the amount of capital that is trying to be put to work.”

However, Fink said the strength of the economy in the years ahead could change his outlook.

“If we don’t have economic growth that is sustainable over the next 10 years — and I’m saying economic growth that is above 3% — our deficits are going to matter, and they are going to elevate interest rates at some time,” he said.

Fink’s comments came after BlackRock reported first-quarter results that beat Wall Street expectations. The company’s assets under management also increased to just over $9 trillion, up 39% from $6.47 trillion in the same quarter a year ago.

## https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/15/blackrock-ceo-larry-fink-says-hes-incredibly-bullish-on-stock-market.html
16/04/2021 2:19 PM
Keyman188 Since market so depression...Keyman188 spread more great great boost news...

16/04/2021 2:20 PM
aliyusof Dividend in in mornlng.....
16/04/2021 2:41 PM
mokluhanj21 1. Dividend: if u use brokers like rakuten, dont expect today because it is a nominees accounts broker not direct broker. it will come but later a bit la... (pay cheap broking have to wait...)
2. Lets wait below 10 slow2 we sapu wallop la. Tenaga what.. Anak dara tua but OK la... sexy anak dara all gone US ady (Grab dont want listing Msia or Asia...hot stuff want lao ye gwailo...)
16/04/2021 2:55 PM
limkokthye ccb still not received yet, wtf
16/04/2021 11:25 PM
Alfonso Tenaga batin no more tenaga edi, soft life tofu cant pancut at the moment, covid or not covid people still need to use electric, u pls wake up abit la bro. up to 15 enuf already.
17/04/2021 8:26 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
17/04/2021 8:51 AM
Alfonso slowly like turtle climbing back to 9
17/04/2021 1:28 PM
Doer Awaiting for it to go below 10.00...
18/04/2021 12:12 AM
williamtkb Rm7 coming soon. MCO 3.0?
18/04/2021 8:20 AM
Titan I park gtd 10k unit at RM 9.50. u think in a month ada chance kena ah??? Lol....Mari Mari....drop more.
18/04/2021 11:24 AM
LATO' SELI Dividen sudah masuk last week maaa
18/04/2021 4:22 PM
yingzhe17 Yang cakap 70 sen tu Otak udang.
9.50 ada chance.
10.20 below is buy range.
10.50 sell till next dividend
19/04/2021 8:55 AM
LossAversion My most favorite stock to buy or top-up!!!!
19/04/2021 8:56 AM
Alfonso Tenaga batin very steady, however move too slow edi
19/04/2021 8:57 AM
goreng_kaki RUBBISH
19/04/2021 9:13 AM
Pinky hahahaha luckily I sold a few days before ex date

Really hopeless stock
19/04/2021 9:23 AM
Pinky Will only buy when drop below 10.00
19/04/2021 9:23 AM
Nepo Another 2 shots, RM10 fort collapses..
19/04/2021 11:08 AM
zhendehenre Can top up again
19/04/2021 12:09 PM
philip31 Just top up. Good news coming soon.
19/04/2021 1:09 PM
Alfonso gogogo tenaga lemah batin is going to challenge below 10, all the best tenaga batin
19/04/2021 1:46 PM
thye82 will this tenaga possible drop below 10?
19/04/2021 1:54 PM
Whoisthis 100%
19/04/2021 3:24 PM
Consultant i hope it will drop to 9
19/04/2021 4:19 PM
aliyusof Look like trending down to below 10 very soon.
19/04/2021 5:07 PM
Runnerup Tomorrow break 10 ..... Congratulations changes ticket entering 9
19/04/2021 7:58 PM
yingzhe17 9.99 fire sale
19/04/2021 10:03 PM
Hafid 9.00 to 8.90 the best
19/04/2021 10:05 PM
Newbaby1412 Open will 9.99
20/04/2021 8:35 AM

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Ifahjais Malaysia’s ARB Berhad, an IT and IoT solutions and services company, is the top company in the region...


THE 2020 Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 index was released today by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), with Southeast Asia being represented by eight companies on the index.

Malaysia’s ARB Berhad, an IT and IoT solutions and services company, is the top company in the region at 72nd place, and Indonesia ranks on the list for the first time in recent years, with e-commerce tech company PT Tokopedia coming in at 94th place.

Eight SEA companies made Deloitte's APAC Technology Fast 500 index
By Digital News Asia April 13, 2021
13/04/2021 1:17 PM
Rvalueinvesting By performance, ARB is really healthy business . On the last spike took some profit, I guess I am going to average up later. So far I am very satisfice with ARBB is going. Time to time IOT business will go stronger and bigger. Try imagine a big co-op with another listed co will lead them to another level again.
13/04/2021 1:40 PM
mananghunter I agree that ARBB is on uptrend sign. ARBB always [work hard in silent, success make the noise].

Even there are so many different noise outside there, still ARBB improve silently, From previous quarter until current quarter.
13/04/2021 1:43 PM
Conversion of Irredeemable Convertible Preference Shares to Ordinary Shares
No. of shares issued under this corporate proposal 410,000
Issue price per share ($$) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.2000
Listing Date 14 Apr 2021

I suppose it will be hard for the share price to go up until all these conversions are done.
14/04/2021 5:46 AM
OOMMGG Ifahjais, trader not look at ICPS, long term or value investor as well as those ICPS already been price in their investment decision.
When the price decline it is good time to accumulate. Someone always dumping big share at the last 10 mins of trading. To get cheap stock q as early as possible at buy q in order to match it at last 10 minutes of trading due to manipulated dumping action by someone. Let see today if having the similar chance as last few days.
14/04/2021 8:05 AM
OOMMGG Dividing our fund for cheap collection if price succumb further to 33 cent and next 30 cent. Let see if some can attack the price to this level.
14/04/2021 8:09 AM
OOMMGG There are 3.8 millions buy q at .34 cents at the point of writing. If you q early there is chance to match at last 10 minutes of trading.
14/04/2021 8:12 AM
OOMMGG Think positively on dumping action at last 10 minutes of trading. Dumping action served manipulator purpose while it facilitate us to collect more at lower price. Both can co exist with no conflict. As long as we knew what we invested and didn’t sell the previous collected shares manipulated dumping action caused no disadvantage to us.
14/04/2021 8:30 AM
NoEmo The market maker is aiming at huge chunk of shares at ummediate strong support level where all the cl shares r parked.
14/04/2021 8:35 AM
NoEmo Another round of bear trap set up onby sending shivers into the spines of weak holders and cl practi
14/04/2021 8:38 AM
OOMMGG I noticed Arbb few weeks ago. After study, it is a potential growth stock which currently is pretty undervalued. It’s value will take time to be fully valued and appreciated by market. Buy at cheap and keep for long position. It is a waste to sell at current cheap price instead we should accumulate more when price decline further. Once should study by his own course to reach investment decision.
14/04/2021 8:39 AM
OOMMGG Is really doesn’t matter how much price decline caused by someone and benefited from price decline. It’s really about us as investor understanding, confident and knew what we buy. To survive under current price of consistent decline and attack we need to have ask ourselves about whether do we attain the above quality as investor.
14/04/2021 9:06 AM
OOMMGG Embrace the foreseeable setback and high price fluctuation along the journey to see its value fully appreciated by market. It may take months, years. We can’t control let market to the job.
14/04/2021 9:11 AM
hoot9eonly Another testing line, coming to 0.40 ?
14/04/2021 11:11 PM
mf 13-Apr-2021 Additional Listing Conversion of Preference Shares - 410,000 shares at 0.200.
14/04/2021 11:12 PM
OOMMGG More and more conversion of ICPS showing confident in Arbb.

Upon full conversion the share base become 1075 million which EPS will arrive at about 4 based on last 4 quarter result. At today price of .35cent, PE is about 8.8 which is very cheap compare to other tech stocks which in range of 20 to 100.
15/04/2021 1:37 PM
stampid54 I prefer mother share.
15/04/2021 1:52 PM
stampid54 The most quality share that I ever bought for long term.
15/04/2021 1:53 PM
stampid54 Recently Tech trend slow a bit, Next wave will pulll ARB up again !
15/04/2021 1:54 PM
bosskufanboy more and more ppl are more confident in ARBB
15/04/2021 1:59 PM
skyong hope they can get back money from trade receivable in this quarter report。
15/04/2021 2:03 PM
OOMMGG Just buy at low, hopefully can get below 34.5 cent and hold for long term. Really cheap stock with growth potential.
15/04/2021 5:27 PM
OOMMGG Continuous growth for past 10 quarter, hard to find similar stock with such cheap valuation plus decent growth.
15/04/2021 5:31 PM
OOMMGG Remaining ICPS as per today is 481 millions. If all 481 million converted, it’ll add another RM 91.38 millions to its cash balance.
15/04/2021 5:36 PM
OOMMGG Don’t know why some worry about the share dilution due to ICPS conversion.

At full ICPS conversion, share base enlarged to 1075 million.

Based on enlarged share number of 1075 millions, EPS is 4 based on last 4 quarter result( total net profit close to 43 millions), PE is only 8.8 if Arbb priced at 35 cents. Still cheap even in the worst share base scenario with full ICPS conversion.
15/04/2021 5:54 PM

Has the dust settled for local technology sector? I believe so. For the past 2 months, tech-investors had suffered badly from the retracement of the whole technology sector. Some had rebounded and broken new highs, but most have not recovered to their previous high yet.

For tech-lovers, we all have one question in mind. Can we invest into technology stocks now? Well, it depends, really. Chart wise however, is showing a consolidation pattern now.
16/04/2021 2:51 PM
kangedd A quick study on 90 listed technology companies in Bursa Malaysia, it was depressing to find out that more than half – a total of 46 out of 90 of these companies are not making any profits. Sadly, investors are often chasing around flashy turnaround stories, but most of them does not materialize. And as a result, investors often lose their hard-earned money.

In my humble opinion and experience as an investor; we should focus on great companies with great earnings and asset light. That is especially true when you are targeting the high growth technology sector. So, how do we identify these companies? For this, I had created a list of technology companies with the highest market capitalization, which I believe their share price do speak volume when we are talking on a big cap level.
16/04/2021 2:51 PM
kangedd The rationale behind picking these 10 companies is coming from their scale, market acceptance as well as proven earnings capabilities. Without a doubt, these are great companies. But how about the valuation?

These 10 companies resulted in an industrial average PE of 52.109 times. Which of course, is acceptable for me given the growth they demonstrated. But the upside for these companies is limited – as the share price had on average doubled since the pandemic. What about smaller cap companies?
16/04/2021 2:52 PM
kangedd I would say approximately 20% of the valuation are coming from their market proposition – for example INARI, MPI and D&O being the market leader of each respective sub-sector of semiconductor, and another 30% for the stunning growth opportunity. Hence, on average, a decent technology company should be only priced at half of the valuation these companies enjoy – which is around 26.0545 or ≈ 26 times PE.

Next question – WHICH is a company that we need to choose? Definitely not from those loss-making “tech” counters. A counter however, stumbled across my watchlist when I was going through several press.
16/04/2021 2:52 PM
kangedd Knowing how cheeky Deloitte was in choosing companies to fit into their award list, it amazes me when ARB Berhad (Formally known as Aturmaju Resources Berhad), or stock code 7181 was in their list! What is so special about this ARB Berhad (also known as “ARBB”)?

For the past 5 financial year, ARBB’s revenue had grown from a moderate 35.036 million to 219.454 million. More interestingly – their turned around from a 15.593 million loss to a 42.870 million profit!

Upon studying deeper on the company, it was then I know this is a undervalued gem that I had been looking for. Unlike the hardware players positioned in Asia’s Silicon Valley – Penang, this company was based in Kuala Lumpur and was software orientated. I was attracted by their unique business model of partnering up with Small & Medium Enterprises to provide them customized ERP software.
16/04/2021 2:52 PM
kangedd https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/afsskylimit/2021-04-15-story-h1563333459-A_NOD_FROM_DELOITTE_ANOTHER_INCOMING_HIGH_GROWTH_COUNTER.jsp
16/04/2021 2:53 PM
Cooldrkx When is next QR??
16/04/2021 3:32 PM
Puremind Yes, this is a great news and ARBB will sky-rocketing soon. Accumulate if you have the bullets . No chance to get current price once the engines start.
16/04/2021 8:16 PM
alibaba13131 waiting the prefer share clear off then only can up.....
16/04/2021 9:37 PM
OOMMGG Anyone registered Vote2u for next week virtual AGM? I registered but still don’t see any event in Vote2U, is this normal?
17/04/2021 9:35 AM
reloyee Anyone attending the AGM, kindly help to ask these question to benefit everyone here. Thanks.

1. What are the receivables in Non Current Assets made up of? There are a total of RM120 million receivables, is there any risk of not being able to collect back?

2. When are C&M Energy starting operation? Previously the chairman mentioned that the solar business will generate RM5-11 million cashflow, is that still relevant today?

3. The top 4 customers made up majority of the company revenue? Who are them and which segment are they from?
17/04/2021 2:30 PM
OOMMGG I’m planning to attend but still unsure whether my registration is completed without issue.
17/04/2021 3:15 PM
OOMMGG I’m also eager to know what is the status of Caravan capital management holding as they are no longer in the list of 30 major shareholder as per 2020 annual report.
17/04/2021 3:19 PM
jinxstock20 https://www.malaysiastock.biz/Blog/BlogArticle.aspx?tid=24425
19/04/2021 12:05 PM
jinxstock20 來自DELOITTE的肯定-另一个高增长的公司!
科技行业已经尘埃落定了吗? 我相信在过去的两个月中,科技行业的投资者因整个科技行业的回撤而遭受了沉重打击。 一些公司已经开始反弹并打破了新的最高点,但是还是有大多数的公司还没恢复到之前的价位。

对于科技爱好者来说们来说, 我们在心里都有想着一个问题, 现在还可以投资科技股吗? 要看看目前的情况吧。 从图表的角度来看,科技股现在显示出一种横盘模式。

通过对马来西亚证券交易所上市的90家科技公司的研究, 我发现90家中有46家没有任何盈利。 令人遗憾的是, 投资者经常跟风或追随着夸大的周转故事,其结果都不解人意。 结果,投资者都损失了血汗钱。

以我的作为投资者的经验, 我们应该专注于收入丰厚,资产轻盈的优秀公司。 尤其是你打算投资高增长与潜质的科技领域时。 那么,我们该如何识别这些好公司? 我在这里分享一个市值最高的科技公司列表, 我相信这些公司都以股价证明了它们的地位。

选择这10家公司的原因是其规模,市场接受度和成熟的盈利能力。 毫无疑问,这些都是优秀的公司。 但是公司的真正估值又如何呢?

这10家公司的行业平均市盈率为52.109倍。 鉴于公司们所展示的成长与盈利,这结果对我来说是可以接受的。 但是这些公司的上涨空间非常有限, 因为自疫情以来,公司们的股价平均增长了一倍。 那么小资本的科技公司的表现呢?
19/04/2021 12:06 PM
jinxstock20 大约有20%的估值来自于公司们的市场主张-例如,INAI,MPI和D&O是半导体各个子行业的市场领导者, 另外30%则是令人震撼的增长机会。 因此,平均而言,一家体面的科技公司的估值应仅为公司目前估值的一半, 约为26.0545或市盈率的26倍。

下一个问题–我们应该选择哪个公司? 绝对不是那些所谓亏损的“科技公司”。 但是,在我阅读了不少新闻文章后, 有一家公司吸引了我的注意。

大家都知道要入选在Deloitte的获奖名单是件多么困难的事, 当我发现ARB Berhad (前称为Aturmaju Resources Berhad)出现在名单时,我感到非常惊讶! 该公司到底有何特别之处?

在过去的五个财政年度中, ARBB的收入从适3千503万增长到了2.19亿。 更有趣的是,他们从1559.3万的亏损转为4288.7万的盈利利!
19/04/2021 12:06 PM
jinxstock20 在深入研究公司之后,我才知道这是我一直在寻找的被低估的公司。
ARBB和位于槟城的硬件公司们不同, 这家位于吉隆坡的公司主要以软件为主营业务。 该公司与中小企业合作,为中小企业们提供定制化ERP软件的独特商业模式吸引了我的主意。

众所周知,中小型企业很难拨出更多的营运资金来扩展他们的业务, 更不用说花费大量资金来投资ERP软件以简化其运营系统了。 通过这种合作方式,ARBB不仅可以将这些中小企业的资本支出降至最低,而且还可以利用这个优势提高中小企业的增长。

此外,ARBB还证明了自己的商业模式是可行的。 还有一个问题是,尽管该公司的利润达到了428.7百万的新高,但为什么每股收益却从11.46下降到9.55?

这时我注意到ARBB曾发行过不可赎回可转换优先股(ICPS)来筹集资金。 乍看之下,稀释效应使我几乎退缩了。 但是,到底是什么原因使得我继续研究这家公司?
19/04/2021 12:06 PM
jinxstock20 ARBB的收入增长潜力使我留下来了。

该公司ICPS的发行量非常大, 在2018年12月19日,每持有1股ARBB的股东,将有权以每股ICPS 0.010的价格认购最多15股ICPS,实际上这笔现金被证明可以推动公司的成长。但是ICPS后的稀释作用又带来什么结果呢?

在发行ICPS之前,该公司的流通股总数为67,210,000,其中不包括认股权证的未来转换。 而ICPS的总数为15倍,总计1,008,150,000。

根据2021年4月14日为此,该公司目前的流通股总数为587,521,127。 换句话说,总共有520,311,127已从ICPS转换为ARBB的母股。 这意味着50%以上的ICPS已被转换, 因此股价稀释的作用已经减少了一半!

有些人可能会提出到,由于稀释作用,ARBB的市盈率现在已经很高了。 事实并非如此, 现在以每股0.355的价格,ARBB的市盈率仅为4.800倍!
19/04/2021 12:06 PM
jinxstock20 以该公司的4287万为基准,假设ICPS已经完全转换成母股, ARBB的发行股票最大数量将为时1,075,360,000。 然后我们将其转换为每股收益, 约为每股0.03987。 那么新的市盈率是多少?

根据我的计算,应该是8.90倍。 还记得我之前所讨论过“正常”科技公司的估值吗? 我们假设下一个财政年度ARBB没有增长, 并且由于缺乏市场的认可而减少了20%的估值。 市盈率的26倍的估值应该使ARBB的股价至少达到1.030, 这意味着从当前的股价,ARBB增长了200%!


在我看来, 由于投资者们缺乏ICPS所带来稀释作用的知识。 另一个原因可能时ARBB的背后缺乏了使其股价上涨的炒股玩家。 因此,ARBB很难获取市场的认可。

但是, 对于那些通过我的文章并偶然发现这家公司的投资者们, 我希望这能、解打开你对ARBB的疑问。 是的,在编写本文章之前,我已经投资了该公司。 不过,我不希望以40、50甚至60仙的价格出售。我的目标价位是至少80仙,相当于ARBB稀释后的80%估值。

从技术分析的角度来看,该公司的股价目前在较低的斐波那契区间内盘整着。 同时,我们最近发现到有人正在积极的把ICPS积极转换为母股。 也许,也许吧。

19/04/2021 12:07 PM
k3nthiew When i look at their cash flow and receivable, 我发现更有趣!!
19/04/2021 4:42 PM
Richard123456 KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 24): ARB Bhd has teamed up with China’s state-owned China United Network Communications Group Co Ltd (China Unicom) to undertake smart building projects and other ancillary businesses in Malaysia.

The partnership agreement was signed today by their respective subsidiaries, Arbiot Sdn Bhd and China Unicom Operation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, ARB said in a filing with Bursa Malaysia.

China Unicom is the world’s fourth-largest mobile service provider by subscriber base, and is listed on the stock exchanges in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

For FY19, China Unicom registered a profit after tax and minority interests of 11.3 billion yuan (RM7.1 billion), on the back of a revenue of 264.4 billion yuan (RM164.9 billion), said ARB.

Under the agreement, both parties agreed to collaborate in artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and smart buildings platforms and applications in Malaysia.  

The initial term of agreement is three years and will automatically renew on an annual basis.

In a press statement, ARB executive director Datuk Larry Liew Kok Leong said the knowledge-transfer from China Unicom will enhance the group’s IT offering solutions and services to its clients.

“We understand that China Unicom is going big in the area of 5G, with the construction of telecommunication towers and buildings. Our collaboration is timely, as Arbiot will contribute via its IT offering solutions to the projects. We have strong confidence that this augurs well for the prospects of the group,” said Liew.

He added: "The partnership strategically aligns both companies for the long term by combining the strength of both entities with dedicated focus and expertise as a leading smart IoT player globally."
19/04/2021 7:44 PM
Richard123456 I dig out this for everyone
19/04/2021 7:44 PM
alibaba13131 i believe this is the private dealing previously is this china company,
19/04/2021 9:24 PM
influenza19 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nst.com.my/amp/news/nation/2021/04/683519/microsoft-corp-supportive-malaysias-digital-first-ambition

"It will enable Malaysian businesses to leverage cloud services, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), edge solutions, data, machine learning, and more to empower employees, engage customers, transform products and optimize operations… all through connected experiences.

This week will be IT and IoT Theme.
19/04/2021 10:03 PM
Ifahjais Really too much... why didn't the Malaysian government appoint a local company Instead of giving the Business to Microsoft???

Microsoft was previously appointed by the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) to provide cloud services to the Malaysian public sector agencies through 2023.

Everybody go make lots of noise and ask them to appoint local companies like ARBB. Since Microsoft is appointed till. 2023 when the noise is very loud, they might give the Business to local Malaysian companies after 2023.
20/04/2021 8:33 AM

  6 people like this.
EVO118 You need 80 Million + turnover to get it below 0.02. The only guys who got that no of shares are the institutions or the sharks. They are the only ones who can decide if it is possible to make a decent profit after consolidation on the RI..
13/04/2021 11:19 AM
CUTLOST Anybody above 10cts?
13/04/2021 3:43 PM
dumbinvestor before buying this stock .. take a look at sanichi .. after consolidate .. sinking down
13/04/2021 5:36 PM
freddiehero thanks for nice sharing..
13/04/2021 5:53 PM
freddiehero this is mtouch, I hope the company got it own direction for moving forward..
13/04/2021 5:54 PM
messi Can raise more fund by share consolidation followed by share consolidation and rights issue. Directors all laughing all the way to the bank while shareholders stuck with lapsap for years
14/04/2021 12:39 AM
Henryz79 Freddiehero.... Own direction..... More like enjoying investor free money headless chicken
14/04/2021 2:28 AM
Henryz79 Anyone own this share would consider taking up Right Issue?

Do take note
1) If you not taking right issue, basically you are not average it up.....; this more difficult to recover

2) Historical info.... Penny stock after consolidate and right issue sink futher; infact this Mtouche having such scenario at year 2017

3) Another possibility, shark pushing down the price as cheap as possible to force seller give up and sell cheap price to them; then push up few day before due date....; this unlike to happen as the right Issue propose 0.10 cents....; i would guess the ex date consolidate would price at 0.20 cents

Take up also high risk, no take up also dead...

Mampus....; If i would take up, i need to invest another 36k into it..... I dont feel like confident to add in..... Since we know covid test kit is a jokes (No license to sell); pfizer distributor is another jokes......; all the news circulation nothing materialize..... Sound like fake news infact it is

What your decision?
14/04/2021 2:42 AM
freddiehero find a suitable way for urself.. ur own investment, u are ready to loss or profit.
14/04/2021 7:30 AM
EVO118 freddiehero : I presume you are going to stay all the way past RI? Just like to know your take on this, since you have been here for awhile. I do my own analysis but I also do value your opinion. Thanks.
14/04/2021 8:35 AM
MoSalah I plan to go along with the ride and see what happens. As it is already paper loss so much. So who knows after consolidation? May go down, up or continue sideways. How long - 1 week, 1 month, 1 year? Que sera sera...
14/04/2021 8:51 AM
Scylla it will become sanichi counter
14/04/2021 11:18 AM
onionchong do not enter before consolidation... after consolidation will sink further
14/04/2021 11:32 AM
iopa46 where is the promoter and marketer that bash fakesifu before? hahaha.
14/04/2021 1:55 PM
Citadel9999 bye bye Holland
14/04/2021 1:58 PM
ravz How you know right is issued at 10sen
15/04/2021 11:26 AM
FakeSifu hi everyone.

just drop by to see how u guys doing...

sorry for those didnt listen to my advise...

hope u guys rotted in here forever because of your stubborness...

15/04/2021 11:35 AM
messi Better to cut loss than to undergo share consolidation and pay extra cash for rights issue to unethical directors
16/04/2021 12:18 AM
messi Look at sanichi. Seem like many original holders are selling down and not paying to take up the rights issue.
16/04/2021 12:19 AM
Henryz79 Here it come the mark of 2 cents
16/04/2021 10:44 AM
whistlebower99 For specially NEWBIES



16/04/2021 10:56 AM
CUTLOST 1cts and delist
16/04/2021 3:48 PM
amerul94 will shut up very soon, fasten ur seatbelt
17/04/2021 6:00 PM
freddiehero haha cooldown..
17/04/2021 6:18 PM
Leonardo12 No more covid test kit?
18/04/2021 9:15 AM
freddiehero second half.. hope can launching..
18/04/2021 9:25 AM
Citadel9999 shoot to Holland got la hahaha
18/04/2021 10:29 AM
stockraider Why cannot touch konman company leh ??

U can see the cash but cannot touch or smell it loh!!

Eventually all these cash will be siphon out mah...!!

Listen to warren buffet & charlie munger avoid company with integrity & corp governance problem for your own good & financial health loh!!
18/04/2021 10:53 AM
blockofstone wah, i see ppl circulating this list i created already...
I've added a few[the one's in caps]




Please stay away from these stocks if you like your money. And if you don't, give it to me:)
AT Systematization
fintech global
green ocean
m3 technologies
metronic global
oversea enterprise
18/04/2021 11:40 AM
CUTLOST Come on 1cts
19/04/2021 9:08 AM
freddiehero hahaha.. bravo to u
19/04/2021 9:10 AM
Citadel9999 googgo go Holland ?!!!
19/04/2021 9:19 AM
Citadel9999 see sanichi this stock soon below 0.015!!! hahahh
19/04/2021 9:25 AM
freddiehero haha so bad..
19/04/2021 9:26 AM
freddiehero can not go 0.005 ka?
19/04/2021 9:26 AM
whistlebower99 Specially for NEWBIES

Visit Facebook page

Goreng Tipu Bursa Klse

for more scam activities
19/04/2021 9:55 AM
whistlebower99 Another sanichi in the making ??? Trade at your own risk
19/04/2021 9:57 AM
EVO118 This is it. 0.20 after consolidation. Can't see how it is going to attract investors to the RI at that price. Ticket for an opportunity to loose more money in the future instead of making more money.
19/04/2021 3:03 PM
Henryz79 On paper yes, look like after consolidate price will be 0.20 cents...... But looking from history.... Many consolidate counter going worst..... For example Mlab before consolidate is 0.07 cents (10:1) suppose 70 cent.... But drop to 0.04 cent today; loss 90% of the value...; it seem like kind of write off
19/04/2021 4:25 PM
EVO118 So we should sell at anything slightly over 0.20 after consolidation and hope to buy back @ 0.10. ? It will be a while before they work out on the RI, likely to be heavily discounted from 0.20.
19/04/2021 4:38 PM
Henryz79 I also dont know... Jual mati tak jual pun mati.....

But mtouche want raise 10 million from RI, the question is 10 million is not a big amount for a bhd company;

For 0.02 cent raise to 0.10 cent more easy than 0.20 raise to 1.00......

Consolidation is a bad idea for me... Haizzzz
19/04/2021 4:44 PM
Wowit2021 oh my i have not visited this counter for a long time and it is 2.5 sen now? i feel for those who are trapped and hope there is light at the end of the tunnel after consolidation
19/04/2021 4:49 PM
defragmenter Guys, so after consolidation is RM0.20 ? And the right issue is RM0.10 ?
19/04/2021 9:01 PM
Henryz79 On paper yes.......; Anything can happen......
19/04/2021 9:15 PM
freddiehero 130mil share?
19/04/2021 9:25 PM
freddiehero will try to collect when the right time..
19/04/2021 9:36 PM
EVO118 Yes, freddiehero. There will be a lot more shares after the RI. Am pretty sure some of these will be off loaded. Don't need to chase the RI, might be even cheaper than the RI.
19/04/2021 11:13 PM
AlexT12 After condo, 0.02 condo to 0.2 then drop back to 0.02 , haha
20/04/2021 7:22 AM
AlexT12 This counter sure die hard if keep now
20/04/2021 7:23 AM
freddiehero tats Wat I mean.. huhu
20/04/2021 8:33 AM

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ming Finally..
Better than none.. haha
07/04/2021 11:01 PM
lloydlim Test our patience now.
08/04/2021 10:16 AM
08/04/2021 3:40 PM
SpicyMcDeluxe lai lioa
08/04/2021 3:57 PM
Davidl Finally breakthrough 0.65
08/04/2021 4:23 PM
Booyah Arank gonna follow LBalum uptrend. Just watch.
08/04/2021 7:25 PM
Fattymin bila mau naik giler??
09/04/2021 2:04 PM
fhis technically looking to break 0.655 and then 0.685...years high...watch out.
09/04/2021 3:01 PM
confidential need clear previous 12M volume for 0.655 not so fast...
09/04/2021 3:44 PM
fhis 0.685 coming then fly
09/04/2021 4:08 PM
Booyah If you look at the Bollinger Bands for both LB and Arank, both are clearly at the beginning of an uptrend.
09/04/2021 5:25 PM
Fattymin monday fly
09/04/2021 5:33 PM



( updated number : 2 )


Issued date: 21 March 2021





1.2 For your understanding , in KLSE ,

(i) the KING of the aluminium business is Press Metal Berhad / 8869

(ii) the QUEEN of the aluminium business is PMB Technology Berhad / 7172

and the followers ,

one of them is

(iii) Alcom Group Berhad / 2674

1.3 Some of my KLSE investors who are well known in the corporate community ask direct questions:

Question Number 1


Are there more than two or three listed companies in KLSE that manufacture and supply

aluminium inter related products


Question Number 2


Is there a listed company in KLSE that manufactured aluminium inter related products with good financial quarter that is just reported in this week ,from 22 Feb 2021 onwards


Question Number 3


Please disclose and reveal the name of this company listed in KLSE?




Stock traders, short term investors are always on the lookout for ways to improve their trading methods.

There are 1,400 counters in KLSE (including all types of warrants) to choose from ;

when analysing these 1400 counters and the market in general… but what should you be using,


Thanks to the rare convergence of these
2 important catalyst factors of this particular stock,

the clock is ticking down for you.

ALCOM GROUP BERHAD / 2674 has these
2 important catalyst factors, namely

ALCOM manufacture, supply :

Aluminium interrelated products
Aluminium commodity price is USD 2,156.25 per metric ton as at 21 Feb 2021
. Aluminium commodity price USD 2,667.00 per metric ton
as per 19 March 2021
Historical high price now, comparing to April 2020 ,then was USD 1,460.00 per metric ton
Recent announcement by Alcom / 2674 on 23 Feb 2021
On the financial quarter with revenue RM 109,633,000.00
Record profit -for this financial quarter RM 10,074,000.00
Amazing Earning per financial quarter = 7.50 cents, on the assumptions same for the coming quarters = 7.50 x 4
Annualised per year 30 cents x 10 PER (price earning ratio )
Intrinsic value RM 3.00, less 50 % discount,
Final short term target price RM 1.50

Closing for 19 March 2021
. Press Metal / 8869, PMB Technology/ 7172
alreadly the prices rose up to record high for March 2021 , except Alcom / 2674
. Press Metal /8869 = RM9.82 /
RM10.42 all time high = 15 March 2021
. PMB Technology /7172 = RM 6.00/
RM6.28 all time high =15 March 2021

... Alcom/ 2674 , closing price is
RM 0.69/ 19 March 2021,
is just a mearge in price ,lowly deficient
in the stock prices of the commodity of aluminium on the rising trends , and on its demand and supply of the aluminium, will not be too surprised that
Alcom / 2674 will not hesitate from 22 March 2021 onwards
to adjust upwards in line with the strength of the stock prices of main leaders in the same industry - aluminium.

Chapter 2 Aluminium company of Malaysia Berhad /2674

If you do not own it now, you may regret and kick yourself in 2021.

We are talking about this stock, Alcom /2674 that can help you in HUGH gains

for March/ April 2021 with potential target price RM1.50


Chapter 2

Aluminium Company of Malaysia Berhad /2674



For quick understanding on this company - ALCOM /2674, please watch these two video clips highlighting on the general profiles,

different business types of aluminium with various customers - ranging from various brands of conditioner units, (York, Acson, Daikin) ,

Alcom Group Berhad received with high prestigious award - the Malaysian Prime Minister Award in 2008.

Project references :

1. Petronas Twin Towers- on the aluminium facades and claddings.

2. Storage tanks of Dialog Group Berhad based in Pengerang Deep Water Terminal, Johor (PDT), with 1,200 acres spread across

a regional downstream hub for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

3. Kuching Iconic Golden Bridge in Sarawak.

4. Sarawak Musuem - Roof Structure in Sarawak

5. MRT Stations Building Structure in Kuala Lumpur , Selangor

6. AEON Building Facades , claddings

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

09/04/2021 8:30 PM
SEE_Research SEE_Research Alcom /2674
In the aluminum industry, the big brother and the
King of aluminum business is
(i) King - Press Metal /8869
(ii) Queen - PMB Technology /7172

A lot of the same industry players, have mentioned that there is a close possibility of
" merger and acquisition" exercise,
for the Press Metal Aluminum Holdings Berhad /

Main shareholders are the Koon Brothers
(a) Tan Sri Dato Paul Koon Poh Keong
(b) Koon Poh Ming heads the
PMB Technology Berhad /7172

Are eyeing for strategic assets in regards to add value to the
Press Metal Group,
one of the likely candidates,
will it be Alcom /2674?
24/03/2021 3:11 PM
09/04/2021 10:34 PM
Eastern686 Aiya, why promote Alcon in Arank territory? Alcom profit in its latest quarter almost all came from property development segment whereas its manufacturing(Aluminum) segment reported loss, aiya.
09/04/2021 10:54 PM
lloydlim Time to take profit.
10/04/2021 11:18 AM
gubatianxia https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/gubatianxia/2021-04-10-story-h1563271954.jsp
10/04/2021 7:00 PM
Fattymin too early to take profit,hold tight
10/04/2021 9:15 PM
Qwertyuiop 3 consecutive white soldiers. chill, engine just started, not even reach mid-peak.
11/04/2021 6:57 PM
liewkamchong888 Tp 1.00 but will take time as aluminium price is on uptrend.
12/04/2021 8:45 AM
SEE_Research https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/see_research/2021-04-12-story-h1563276644-NOW_SHOWING_THE_TRILOGY_OF_FAST_FURIOUS_SHOWS_PART_9_ALCOM_GROUP_BERHAD.jsp
12/04/2021 9:07 AM
Davidl Hey guys, I profit take today, gd luck to u all.
12/04/2021 9:55 AM
Booyah lai liao
12/04/2021 11:31 AM
GorengHealthcare Buy and hold tight all Aluminum and steel counters.
12/04/2021 11:43 AM
fhis next target 0.81-0.83...can break today then 1.00 coming...
12/04/2021 12:01 PM
fhis alcom already up 0.23 today...arank can do at least 0.20 kua...
12/04/2021 12:07 PM
Invest_888 Hope next month end can reach RM1.00.
12/04/2021 12:21 PM
liewkamchong888 Bought some early morning now already got handsome profit. Jiayou arank.
Read news about this counter on Sunday by gubatianxia which really convinced me to move in.
The theme this year is Aluminium, last year was glove. Don't take profit too early.
Disclaimer : Not a call to buy or sell or hold. Just sharing my viewpoint.
12/04/2021 1:32 PM
speakup better sell now.
just like gloves (last Thurs) = one day show
just like telco (last Fri) = one day show
aluminium will also be one day show
12/04/2021 1:34 PM
Penthouse This ia about investment, not gambling, apa one day show ni..
12/04/2021 3:53 PM
Fattymin wait la, i hold dnex n lba almost 3 years, finally earn more than 100% profit
12/04/2021 4:28 PM
Booyah Wahh this arank, no power.
13/04/2021 10:06 AM
Cikam Ready guys...aluminium price is going up!!!!!
13/04/2021 11:01 AM
Skylight8 later afternoon show start.
13/04/2021 11:56 AM
Eastern686 Waaaa Arank managed to stand back @0.75, meaning more upside to come. Bravo.
13/04/2021 6:31 PM
Cikam Yaaa tomorrow pecutttttr
13/04/2021 8:43 PM
Fattymin stil at 0.75, wil fly tomorrow
13/04/2021 8:57 PM
Cikam Woiiii Alcom sudah naik 14 sen..bila mau naikkkk
14/04/2021 9:27 AM
Bizfuneng Directors selling is it a good sign?
14/04/2021 10:46 AM
Cikam They are not major shareholders
14/04/2021 11:24 AM
liewkamchong888 Qtr result is 1.8 full year will be 7'.32.
If pe is ten then fair value is '74.
If pe is 15 then fair value will be 1.05
Good thing is Aluminium price keep surging so
qtr result should be increasing too.
My take is value should be between 75 to 105 .
14/04/2021 5:57 PM
SEE_Research SEE_Research

Alcom /2674


(1) Do you have some understanding or rather done deep researches on
old high for this stock?

(1.1) This stock old high was RM 2.32 done on
29 June 2017,
From previous analysis,
From 30 May 2017,
At RM 1.35,

(1.2)With 20 trading days,
from 30 May 2017 /RM 1.35 to
29 June 2017/RM 2.32,

Share prices movements in technical chart,
can behave in their previous manner,
can Alcom /2674 follow up on her previous technical pattern,
(a) 4 trading days resting =
from 2 June 2017 to 7 June 2017
(RM 1.54 to RM 1.61)

(b) 3 trading days resting =
from 13 June 2017 to 15 June 2017
(RM 1.75 to RM 1.85)

(c) 4 trading days resting =
from 19 June 2017 to 22 June 2017
(RM 1.91 to RM 2.08)

(d) 3 trading days onwards
from 23 June 2017 to 29 June 2017
Reaching the old high RM 2.32


Can history repeat itself,
Time will tell, more important it needs to reach
RM 1.59/ R 2

For those investors who can wait, the next target,
mid term RM 1.50,

New catalyst, on the likely
" merger + acquisition" theme by the king of aluminium -
Press Metal /8869
PMB Technology Bhd /7172

PMB Technology Bhd
is the official sub contractor in building the exterior facade, claddings, wall curtains for
Marina Bay Sands Hotel +Resort,
10, Bayfront Avenue,
Singapore 018956

Alcom Bhd /2674
is the official sub contractor in building the exterior facade, claddings, curtain walls for
Petronas Twin Towers,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur

Both are reputable aluminum facade, claddings, wall curtains panels,
Manufacturers having its in house plants,

Using their in house technology in using the aluminium composite materials / ACM,
these materials are distinguished by their unique features, it's lightweight, yet high rigidity qualities, excellent flatness and more importantly long lasting - coating qualities are just the construction industry required?

For your better understanding, every week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, there were 3 units x 40 footer long conventional lorries from PMB Technology Berhad, Balakong, Selangor to Marina Bay Sands , Singapore for one whole year of 2010, meaning 156 units of 40 footer types of long lorries, just imagine the huge load of aluminium facades and claddings, wall curtains panels, were commissioned in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel + Resort, Singapore

Now, you can understand their business similarity, two of a kind, a twin?

Can it be a real winner for Alcom /2674,
when the target company on takeover company will offer the premium especially in driving up the stock prices.
15/04/2021 2:27 PM
SEE_Research https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/see_research/2021-04-15-story-h1563335445-_UPDATED_NOW_SHOWING_THE_TRILOGY_OF_FAST_FURIOUS_SHOWS_PART_7_EITA_5208.jsp
15/04/2021 2:33 PM
SEE_Research https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/see_research/2021-04-15-story-h1563335443-NOW_SHOWING_THE_TRILOGY_OF_FAST_FURIOUS_SHOWS_PART_9_ALCOM_GROUP_BERHAD.jsp
15/04/2021 2:41 PM
liewkamchong888 See_ research, is Alcom under accumulation phase ? What price is safe to enter ?
16/04/2021 9:53 AM
SEE_Research liewkamchong888 See_ research,

is Alcom under accumulation phase ?
What price is safe to enter ?

Alcom /2674

1. Yes, Alcom now
-12 April 2021 to 16 April 2021
from RM 1.00 to RM 1.16, these levels of prices are under serious accumulation to the
mid target price RM 1.50,
RM 1.62/R2--strong resistance level

For those investors who have high tolerance degree of risk,

Entry Price
A. RM 1.13/RM 1.14
(highest of buying opportunities)

Moderate risk tolerance
B. RM1. 05/RM 1.06

Low risk tolerance
C. RM0. 99/RM 0.995


B. = chance of buying opportunities are average

C. = Prices are lowest, the chance of buying opportunities are limited, perhaps no chance
17/04/2021 11:02 PM
SEE_Research SEE_Research KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 8):

CGS-CIMB Research believes that EITA Resources Bhd
deserves a better valuation as the elevator and escalator maker aims to enhance its overseas revenue.

The research house reiterated its "buy" call on the stock and raised its post-bonus issue target price to RM2.08
from RM2.06.

The target price of RM2.08
values the stock at 20 times CY22F P/E (from 10.5 times) which CGS-CIMB said is at about a 30% discount to the global elevator makers’ weighted average 12-month forward P/E of 31 times.

CGS-CIMB’s analyst Kamarul Anwar pointed out that EITA’s net cash rose from RM11.9 million at end-FY9/13 to RM41.2 million at end-FY9/20.

“We also raise our FY9/21-23F net profit forecasts by 4-10% as the company assures us that its operations are not disrupted by the partial lockdowns due to Covid-19,” he said in a note today.

“Earnings from its elevator construction segments should also accelerate as many of the projects in hand are in advanced stages,” he added.

Kamarul also shared that the elevator and escalator maker had disclosed its aspiration of raising its revenue from RM284.1 million in FY9/20 to RM1 billion per annum (p.a.) by FY25 during a conference call last month (Jan 29).

During the session, the group also noted that it is aiming for revenue to grow by over 252% in five years, bringing revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to 28.6%.

Nevertheless, Kamarul said CGS-CIMB is not adopting EITA’s internal ambition as guidance for his forecasts.

“It (EITA) envisions that a sizeable part of the hypothetical RM1 billion per annum revenue would come from mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Without more details, the impact of acquisitions is not something we can forecast,” Kamarul said.

“Besides, EITA’s plans to aggressively grow its overseas operations would require the company to compete directly with established global elevator players. East Asia has become the Mecca for global elevator and escalator manufacturers since this developing region is looking towards high-rise buildings as an economical solution to house the rapidly increasing population. One risk from the stiff competition, we foresee, is it may stifle the group’s plan to build up its overseas revenue,” he added.

He noted that the potential re-rating catalysts include earnings-accretive M&As, new infrastructure-related contract wins and rousing growth in overseas sales. Meanwhile, a total economic lockdown is a downside risk for the stock, he added.

At the time of writing, EITA’s stock was down 3.48% or four sen to RM 1.11.


1. CGS - CIMB Bank/ Research
Target Price RM 2.08

2. See _Research
Target Price RM 1.80
, =========================================
Eita /5208

1. See_research recommended to buy with serious consideration at
RM 0.88 to RM 0.92 level,
Closing 16 April 2021 /RM 1.08
(+RM 0.18) from 9 April 2021,
In 9 April 2021, very easy to buy at
RM 0.90
to RM 0.92,
unfortunately no one believe that this stock can perform well from 9 April 2021,
nevertheless, Eita still a long way to go before reaching target prices
RM 1.80 to RM 2.08

This stock is an an elevator, lift company that the components of the elevators, lifts,

The components are aluminum aloy, therefore intertwined with aluminum products.
After the aluminum theme, it will be next on aluminum aloy theme, on rotation interests.
On serious note, Eita has just started to be on slightly uptrend after a serious of sideways consolidation period of 2 months from
RM 0.82 to RM 088.

A lot of leg room for upwards thrust to reach
RM 1.80
Also can consider the
Eita WA, just new beginning at 10 February 2021, matures 2 February 2021,.
Buy consideration RM 0.42 to RM 0.43
Target Price RM 0.54 / short term
Target Price RM 0.88/ mid term
17/04/2021 11:36 PM
SEE_Research Eita WA matures 2 February 2024
17/04/2021 11:46 PM
SEE_Research To : liewkamchong888/
See_ research,

On technical strength level

1 to 10
1 denote the weakest
10 denote the strongest

(i) Alcom= 8
(ii) EITA =6.5
(iii) EITA WA =6
(iv) A rank =5.5
(v) Press Metal =9
(vi) PM B Technology=8.5
18/04/2021 5:25 AM
mf 19-Apr-2021 Additional Listing ESOS - 497,000 shares at 0.460.
20/04/2021 8:32 AM

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florenceyong down trend. HOLD
16/04/2021 2:04 PM
Keyman188 CEO of world’s largest money manager: ‘I am incredibly bullish’ on the stock market


~ BlackRock CEO Larry Fink noted that a host of factors are likely to propel markets higher in the near term, even as the S&P 500 and the Dow hover near record levels.

~ “I believe because of monetary stimulus, fiscal stimulus, the cash on the sidelines, earnings, the markets are OK. Markets are going to continue to be stronger,” he predicted.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said Thursday he’s optimistic about financial markets as the economy attempts to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am incredibly bullish on the markets,” Fink said in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” He noted that a host of factors are likely to propel markets higher in the near term, even as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average hover near record levels.

“I believe because of monetary stimulus, fiscal stimulus, the cash on the sidelines, earnings, the markets are OK. Markets are going to continue to be stronger,” said the co-founder and chairman of the world’s largest asset manager.

“A big reason why there’s so much cash sitting on the sidelines during Covid and during remote working our behaviors have changed dramatically,” Fink explained, noting the amount of money many commuters are saving by not going into work.

“Whether the money is coming from a stimulus check or is coming from savings or behavior changes for savings, I think it’s fantastic that we’re seeing more people either investing for the long term or even trading,” he added.

Fink also commented on BlackRock’s institutional client base, which includes pensions funds, saying climate change and inflation risk are bigger concerns to them than cryptocurrencies.

Fink on Covid vaccines, budget deficits

The BlackRock CEO cautioned near-term risks to the stock market do exist. Fink said the arrival of coronavirus variants that dramatically reduce the effectiveness of Covid vaccines is the biggest one.

Long term, Fink said, the government deficit — which has grown as the U.S. Congress passed trillions of dollars worth of pandemic stimulus to support the economy— poses a more of a threat.

“Deficits right now are not a big issue, and that’s what the markets are saying,” Fink contended. “They’re not a big issue because the amount of money that’s on the sideline, the amount of capital that is trying to be put to work.”

However, Fink said the strength of the economy in the years ahead could change his outlook.

“If we don’t have economic growth that is sustainable over the next 10 years — and I’m saying economic growth that is above 3% — our deficits are going to matter, and they are going to elevate interest rates at some time,” he said.

Fink’s comments came after BlackRock reported first-quarter results that beat Wall Street expectations. The company’s assets under management also increased to just over $9 trillion, up 39% from $6.47 trillion in the same quarter a year ago.

## https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/15/blackrock-ceo-larry-fink-says-hes-incredibly-bullish-on-stock-market.html
16/04/2021 2:17 PM
Keyman188 Since market so depression...Keyman188 spread more great great boost news...

16/04/2021 2:17 PM
Donator Raya Discount.. grab more...
16/04/2021 3:36 PM
gateway31 wait wave 4 Covid.. will have more discount
16/04/2021 3:52 PM
Ahmadahmad88 koyak soon.
16/04/2021 4:31 PM
Ahmadahmad88 Come join us to koyak together.
16/04/2021 4:34 PM
limkokthye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht6Ol53ECbk
genting malaysia should follow this make advertisment
16/04/2021 6:49 PM
vanbasten9 i hate
16/04/2021 9:34 PM
vanbasten9 to say i told you so
16/04/2021 9:34 PM
vanbasten9 but few days ago ive told you so already
16/04/2021 9:34 PM
Alfonso Won't koyak lah this stock, very steady and strong drop to RM2 or up to RM4 still very strong if look for long term, if look for super short term can go to play at casino also, fast money while enjoying the game.
17/04/2021 1:10 PM
Alfonso genting the best lah, waiting for roller coaster ride during their grand opening of skyworld, have been waiting for so long until neck like giraffe edi
17/04/2021 1:17 PM
Consultant Haha.. ya best best.. share also roller coaster.. mcm their new roller coaster.. enjoy the ride..
17/04/2021 5:12 PM
apple168 4th wave is coming...
17/04/2021 8:08 PM
apple168 COVID-19 vaccine is not bulletproof!
17/04/2021 8:08 PM
luntan Go refer israel COVID cases
17/04/2021 11:40 PM
gemfinder Ya, israel is a suces story
17/04/2021 11:53 PM
apple168 https://www.chinapress.com.my/20210415/◤全球大流行◢-打了中国疫苗-智利确诊数-不降反/
18/04/2021 9:04 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
18/04/2021 10:36 AM
RevenueStock 很多学校都已经一直都有人确诊positive,老师也中,学生也中。。
18/04/2021 12:31 PM
RevenueStock Now 2.92 a bit low, I wait it 3.00 then sell..
18/04/2021 12:47 PM
LeiJun Isu is can’t travel.
18/04/2021 8:04 PM
Skywalker00 I wonder how they are going to settle those staff they rehired for the theme park.?? Aiyo... my avg still high. Kan Hor liaw
18/04/2021 9:19 PM
Dangel Looks forward to grab it at price below 2.80
19/04/2021 8:29 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
19/04/2021 8:38 AM
bong premium outlet
19/04/2021 9:30 AM
OnionK1ng bitcoin dipped down, stocks most see red. opportunity is rising
19/04/2021 9:30 AM
ongth60 All depends on vaccine drive
19/04/2021 10:15 AM
RevenueStock https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2021/04/18/covid-19-over-400-students-infected-in-miri-schools-advised-to-close-for-14-days

Teacher and student get infected covid 19.. Going MCO soon
19/04/2021 10:17 AM
limkokthye https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/retail-investors-remain-net-buyers-bursa-institutional-funds-keep-selling-%E2%80%94-midf
19/04/2021 10:35 AM
Alfonso our best friend is giving discount, thanks bro gentingM
19/04/2021 10:58 AM
limkokthye tekan sampai 1.80, :)
19/04/2021 11:01 AM
gateway31 below RM2 again.. wave 4 will kill lagi
19/04/2021 12:01 PM
Consultant will drop for sure.. but 2.5 is good entry point
19/04/2021 1:32 PM
chopstick Genting is no longer investing. It's betting
19/04/2021 2:29 PM
Ahmadahmad88 Gentingfinish n gentingflies
19/04/2021 2:37 PM
Jeffreyteck No worry, management and bod remuneration remains high which suggests excellent performance despite laying of staff.
19/04/2021 2:57 PM
Bgt 9963 Good luck...!
19/04/2021 2:59 PM
investorkee Is good time go in or wait for more low price?
19/04/2021 3:27 PM
OnTime Recovery stocks not in vogue now. Stay-home stocks should regain interest.
19/04/2021 3:37 PM
limkokthye genm looks bankrupt liao
19/04/2021 3:37 PM
Fattymin wait for more low price. i wil in again when 2.5, 2.2
19/04/2021 3:37 PM
shearer202 I just worry about their cash flow n debts just like malaysia government ! Really hope world boarder can open this year ! If not their cash flow might become 0 soon !
19/04/2021 4:21 PM
limkokthye genting uk start operation soon. ntg to worry,
19/04/2021 4:36 PM
shareinvestor88 why is GM GOING UP
19/04/2021 4:55 PM
Goldberg Mr DIY's market cap is more than Genting Malaysia - Really?

GENM - RM 16 billion

MR. DIY- RM 25 billion.

Yes it's true - the Hardware shop is valued more then Genting- mind boggling.
20/04/2021 8:05 AM
Moc Nokin Covid 3rd wave coming, all school are closing.. later people get infected positive in genting, genting can continue lose money..
20/04/2021 8:16 AM
Kkkkronok Waiting at 2. 00 to go in.. Hahaaaa
20/04/2021 8:22 AM
OnTime It has started, schools will be closed en masse follow by businesses. Covid nth wave is here to stay.
20/04/2021 8:31 AM

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Invesbler What are your thoughts on what Shahril and his family will do with their 12% holding of Sapura Energy?
15/04/2021 9:25 AM
koyokui Oil price up. Time to rebound
15/04/2021 9:34 AM
JuliusCeasar Brent oil hit again USD 66.... Stock price still not moving up......

Look like Maybe BRENT oil hit PRICE USD 70 would boast again the stock price......
15/04/2021 10:45 AM
ruhaizat69 By xrp
15/04/2021 12:35 PM
Peter Laumy Ukraine situation may cause oil price up....... hope oil price goes up not because or war.
15/04/2021 12:49 PM
JoshuaMS7 Market seems crash, run!
15/04/2021 4:04 PM
JK22 turun 0.005 market crash??
15/04/2021 4:10 PM
joe2020 monthly chart still steady. it shows a support, no need to panic. anytime will fly.
15/04/2021 4:43 PM
cashflow Just need to keep it for long term. Just wait for the day it doubles. / triples. Bull run will eventually happen
15/04/2021 4:50 PM
E657638429 10B debt to be paid in 7 years. Jerun output from 2024. No div from now until 2027 to partially pay debt and then have to refinance. In summary, high debt and no div until 2027. Over supply of LNG from Qatar ... so which senile IB wants to invest???? Very big opportunity cost holding this stock.
15/04/2021 8:32 PM
drkelvin20 I still keep faith on Sapura, Big fund bought huge positions in NOv20, can check online to verify.Negotiated a new refinancing plan with banks.. Banks are most detail in judging the payee capability.

Current share price is still much lower than PreCovid. So I still have faith on it to go slowly to 20+ sen.

Just my opnion, not a buy call a sell call.

We will see the share trend soon.

Time will tell.
15/04/2021 10:37 PM
Godofgambler Will become three fold soon
16/04/2021 12:03 AM
Godofgambler 3X Kali ganda
16/04/2021 12:04 AM
bullmarket1628 ‪Wow, oil price continue to rise !‬
‪Brent closed at $66.84 +0.56 +0.84%‬

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
16/04/2021 8:16 AM
Banditos this bullmarket really enjoying oil price movement. lol.
16/04/2021 8:39 AM
pea3034 bullmarket is bull s..th
16/04/2021 9:45 AM
Peter Laumy Wait, oil price will go up in mid May, but donnu what will happen to this share price
16/04/2021 10:21 AM
cashflow All investors too focused on Crpyto. O&G not their favourite game anymore. Need to wait for big bull season for all to enter again
16/04/2021 10:24 AM
JuliusCeasar Maybe market sentiment is bad due to war country tension....
1. Russian - Ukraine
2. Saudi - Yemen
3. Usa - China

Just wild guessed.... Hehehe
16/04/2021 10:57 AM
ruhaizat69 Buy xrp
16/04/2021 11:05 AM
bullmarket1628 ‪Walaoeh, oil price continue to spike up like mad !‬
Brent now at $67.31 ‪+0.37 +0.55 percent!

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
16/04/2021 1:52 PM
UlarSawa QR still dont to release kah. why why why. Correct?
16/04/2021 1:54 PM
Sw33per This counter useless...better run...
16/04/2021 2:02 PM
UlarSawa No matter how useless you said also ada serving kfc lah. Correct?

Sw33per This counter useless...better run...
16/04/2021 2:02 PM
16/04/2021 2:08 PM
strattegist correct correct correct
16/04/2021 2:35 PM
JoshuaMS7 covid wave 4 is coming, ready to collect at 0.115 again!!
16/04/2021 3:10 PM
RISK8888 QR must be super red, otherwise the share price wont down like shit! Internal people dump first before the public get the news.
16/04/2021 3:12 PM
CANON911 time to buy price is low!! huat ah!!

Posted by bullmarket1628 > Apr 16, 2021 8:16 AM | Report Abuse

‪Wow, oil price continue to rise !‬
‪Brent closed at $66.84 +0.56 +0.84%‬

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
16/04/2021 3:49 PM
casion911 was thinking the same. but cyrpto too voilatile lah. might just remain here safer bet

Posted by cashflow > Apr 15, 2021 9:13 AM | Report Abuse

Not many play O&G these days. All gone to crypto
16/04/2021 3:52 PM
ruhaizat69 Buy etherium
16/04/2021 4:06 PM
Huatexpert Saudi Aramco Restarts Projects To Boost Oil Production Capacity

The world’s largest oil company and biggest oil exporter, Saudi Aramco, has resumed tendering and development work on major offshore oil expansion projects

17/04/2021 4:16 PM
Bolo88 good result will up soon
19/04/2021 9:09 AM
JoshuaMS7 Sure or not? How u know good result? I cut loss at 0.140 and 0.145 last few days :(
19/04/2021 9:19 AM
ruhaizat69 Buy now
19/04/2021 9:20 AM
casion911 O&G companies expected to reward shareholders

“Our other ‘Buy’ calls are Sapura Energy Bhd, which has just completed its RM10 billion debt restructuring package and repositioned the formidable engineering, procurement, construction, transportation and installation, and hook-up and commissioning services group to secure fresh global orders; and Petronas Gas Bhd which offers highly compelling dividend yields from its optimal capital structure strategy and resilient earnings base,” he added.

Huat ahh!!
19/04/2021 9:53 AM
gbt_9428 ‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
collect at 0.135
more good news more.drop
waiting can collect at 0.13 :)
19/04/2021 10:36 AM
acinanatucer Oil is recovering. Be patient. Collect and hold.
19/04/2021 10:48 AM
JoshuaMS7 i'm waiting at 0.115 to all in :)
19/04/2021 11:33 AM
JoshuaMS7 it seems breaking 0.135 soon!!
19/04/2021 2:55 PM
UlarSawa You always bullish on oil one also waiting at 11.5sen. Not easy to get lah. You want many at here cutloss kah. Correct?

JoshuaMS7 i'm waiting at 0.115 to all in :)
19/04/2021 11:33 AM
19/04/2021 2:59 PM
strattegist correct correct correct... aiyoyoooo
19/04/2021 3:16 PM
bullmarket1628 ‪Wow, oil price continue to rise !‬
Brent now at $66.89 ‪+0.12 +0.18%‬
19/04/2021 4:06 PM
hahasong MrDIY good news .

19/04/2021 4:24 PM
koyokui Buy buy oil price is rising
19/04/2021 4:30 PM
Undi_PKR PN same like BN? Only PKR govn KFC sure?
19/04/2021 4:47 PM
nuke In 2017 this stock crashed. Then came the painful RI and share consolidation exercise of 10:1.
Good company?? Nahhh...no,thank you. Not for me. Good for contra players, though.
19/04/2021 9:33 PM
Davyau18 nuke....you are damn right....but contra people also kena goreng
20/04/2021 12:01 AM
bullmarket1628 Wow, Oil price was super bullish now !
Brent closed at $67.08 ‪+0.31 +0.5%‬

Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !
20/04/2021 7:13 AM
JoshuaMS7 oil price stand above 60 usd for 2 month times, should generate a lot cash for sapura! the share price is still low due to covid case in malaysia, else at least 0.160 ad!
20/04/2021 8:28 AM
JuliusCeasar Hope Coming QR is positive.....
20/04/2021 8:30 AM

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hantamking dont greedy ^^ small capital lose liao also feel no pain
19/04/2021 4:10 PM
hantamking treat it as small investment loh
19/04/2021 4:13 PM
ExMenaraLH Collaboration or buying Tealive?
19/04/2021 4:17 PM
Trader258 Interestingly... who is/are buying in with such volume to stop the counter's bleed..??
19/04/2021 4:23 PM
OngLai88 Non stop bleeding for days. Hope not many traders here are seriously injured.
19/04/2021 4:39 PM
dompeilee @ 11.5c now, still RIDICULOUSLY OVERVALUED @ 755 mil...rev only 60 mil @ FAKE P/E is almost 50!
19/04/2021 4:43 PM
AlfI3 big controvercial from different opinion. Confused indeed
19/04/2021 4:48 PM
laosio ..
19/04/2021 4:49 PM
investor2021trading Focus Dynamics PE ratio is now at 46.30! will it go lower?
19/04/2021 5:25 PM
dompeilee Short answer : Yes! Long answer...will go to 0, then -ve, then suspended & buried 4ever! mwahaha!
19/04/2021 5:31 PM
dompeilee Like Sumatec, which also had a HUGE oversupply issued shr no. of 5.5 BILLION.
19/04/2021 5:32 PM
bjgdila123 co tak boleh harap
19/04/2021 5:35 PM
dompeilee Many players dun understand what is 'cheap'. They think 12c is automatically cheap...nvr check what is the issued shares outstanding...like that, better just hand over yr money 2 the sharks...it's easier & has the same result...
19/04/2021 5:40 PM
dompeilee In 2009, Focus only had 102 mil shares outstanding(vs 6300 mil shrs now) & the price dropped to as low as 6.5c, meaning the whole co. was worth only $6.63 mil in mkt cap. Today, the mkt cap is $787 mil! Is that cheap? No goldmine, no high tech venture, no Apple as customer.... lol
19/04/2021 5:47 PM
scenery The co got profit last qr mah..
19/04/2021 5:49 PM
hantamking Why dompeilee so aggressive
19/04/2021 6:00 PM
hantamking Mostly low PE stock price hard to move hahaha
No demand
19/04/2021 6:25 PM
WhatUtitsJustNow Kari lembu... 4 sen
19/04/2021 7:00 PM
investor2021trading don't u think The Edge should invite executive director Benson Tay Beng Seng to say something about d drastic price dropped!
19/04/2021 7:04 PM
investor2021trading ED Benson Tay Beng Seng should hv anticipated d crisis n held responsible!
19/04/2021 7:09 PM
dompeilee All trying to follow their idol Jho Low
19/04/2021 7:28 PM
hantamking Now 12-13sen plus how to go enews hahaa
Go see dataprp raise how much first ^^
19/04/2021 8:09 PM
Raiz368 Touch 10 cent can accumulate for long term investment
19/04/2021 8:31 PM
hantamking Check their revenue on 2020 is earn
buy for longterm investment
19/04/2021 8:56 PM
investor2021trading d current traded price n PE ratio is oredi very gud for a stock that achieved positive QR for d past 4 quarters of 2020! only i find d Focus-WD n Focus-PA exercise price not fair as it's based on inflated price b4 d crisis. Also, d numbers of shares in circulation r too huge n needed an urgent shares consolidation!
19/04/2021 9:05 PM
651158 today drown to 0.125 i think tomorrow can drown to 0.100
19/04/2021 9:26 PM
651158 everyday day drown and the back side how buy the share , anyone know ?
19/04/2021 9:29 PM
651158 if everyday drown like that ask you buy you one to buy
19/04/2021 9:34 PM
wsken86 High up at condo at 0.49, hold till balls also almost burst so decide to CL today
19/04/2021 9:42 PM
Good123 Mlabs jauh lebih berbaloi :)

Nilai aset bersih per syer ~ 14sen bagi mlabs, focus ~ 2.8sen

Harga pasaran mlabs 4sen vs focus ~13sen
19/04/2021 9:50 PM
Man62 If suddenly operator pish up all the lovely comments will come back.
19/04/2021 10:16 PM
Man62 Company good, director good, long term prospects all the goof comments will.cone back. All it needs is to go up 2 cents.
19/04/2021 10:17 PM
apolloang I already warned about this company long ago,another one is EURO
19/04/2021 10:27 PM
shareprofit shit bricks everyone, pls wake up ya.
19/04/2021 10:28 PM
mf rip
19/04/2021 10:28 PM
shareprofit ALL ur money has entered into othr ppl bank account dy, directors are thankful to your contributions
19/04/2021 10:29 PM
apolloang now only warn is too late bilis sudah kena kopi o kaw kaw
19/04/2021 10:32 PM
Raiz368 Based on TA, this stock still under strong sell signal and find the new support
19/04/2021 10:47 PM
future extremely oversold la
19/04/2021 11:23 PM
AlfI3 The pull or push support are all frm d operators, no way for us to analyse. The fate of this ctr is largely depends on these fellows
20/04/2021 6:12 AM
KLLee_0110 Keep falling is good to make company share not value. As market not much money left as many investor start buying good penny stock like Minda & Ucrest. Wait until the company share many investor afraid going in with not much money left
20/04/2021 6:37 AM
Good123 ] Tangan Ghaib Di Sebalik Saham Penny Stock di Bursa Malaysia.

Angin tiada ribut pun tiada, tiba-tiba harga saham melonjak naik 2,000%. Ada tangan-tangan ghaib yang buat untung beribu kali ganda.

Beberapa minggu yang lalu, beberapa pejabat di Persiaran Tropicana diserbu pihak berkuasa bagi mencari kumpulan-kumpulan yang terlibat dalam isu manipulasi penny stocks di Bursa Malaysia.

Kumpulan-kumpulan ini dipercayai mengawal hampir 60 syarikat di Bursa Malaysia, dengan memanipulasi harga saham dan ‘siphon out funds’ daripada syarikat tersebut melalui cash calls dan juga ‘acquisition of assets’ dan ‘asset-shuffling exercises’.

Selain daripada itu, dipercayai terdapat seorang ‘ringleader’ yang berumur lewat 40-an, tidak terlibat dengan mana-mana syarikat di atas tetapi sangat bijak menyembunyikan identitinya dengan menggunakan proksi sambil mengarahkan jeneral-jeneralnya untuk mengawal saham-saham yang terlibat.

Portal The Edge telah berjaya mengenalpasti hampir 40 daripada 60 syarikat yang dikawal oleh beberapa individu yang sama sepertimana yang dilaporkan dalam keratan akhbar di bawah.

Antara main player yang dipercayai terlibat adalah Sanston Financial Group, sebuah syarikat yang berkepakaran dalam securities broking firm yang dikawalselia oleh Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Serbuan tersebut dipercayai dilakukan oleh piha Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) dan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah (SPRM). Aktiviti kumpulan tersebut sudah lama diperhatikan oleh Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia (SC) namun difahamkan bahawa SC tidak terlibat dalam serbuan ini.

Menurut satu sumber yang lain, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) juga sedang memerhati ringleader ini berserta konco-konconya dan mungkin sedang menunggu masa yang sesuai untuk mendedahkan kegiatan money laundering yang mereka lakukan.

11 daripada 40 syarikat yang terbabit berpusat dalam satu bangunan yang sama iaitu Menara Lien Hoe. Ini termasuklah: AT, Focus Dynamics, M3tech, XOX, Fintec dan lain-lain.

Pada September tahun lepas ,The Edge telah mengeluarkan laporan khas bertajuk ‘Hidden Hands Behind Penny Stock Surge’. Menurut satu sumber, kumpulan tersebut telah mengawal 31 syarikat pada ketika itu, sekarang mereka mengawal hampir 60 buah syarikat.

Syarikat utama dalam kumpulan syarikat-syarikat yang terlibat adalah Focus Dynamics yang merupakan sebuah syarikat makanan dan minuman. Syarikat ini pernah mencapai kenaikan harga saham sebanyak 550%, iaitu daripada 13.0 sen ke 84.5 sen tanpa sebarang sebab yang munasabah.

Antara syarikat yang dimiliki oleh Focus pula adalah Brahims dan baru-baru ini, sebahagian saham LKL telah dibeli mereka.

Fintec Global yang merupakan antara muka depan kumpulan ini mempunyai pegangan dalam Vsolar, Focus, AT, Seacera, Kmark dan Saudee.

Kenaikan harga saham yang tidak munasabah ini telah membuatkan pihak berkuasa menyiasat syarikat-syarikat ini. Mungkin ramai yang sedar harga saham bagi PDZ telah naik hampir 2,000%, Vsolar naik sehingga 900% dan banyak lagi peningkatan harga saham yang tidak munasabah.

Menurut sumber dalaman, aset syarikat-syarikat dalam kumpulan yang terlibat akan dipindah-pindahkan sesama mereka dan pada masa yang sama pemindahan dana turut dilakukan.

Sebagai contoh, Fintec telah menjual pegangan mereka dalam syarikat DGB Asia pada tahun lepas dan pada Januari tahun ini, XOX pula muncul sebagai antara pemegang saham DGB Asia. Hampir semua syarikat dalam kumpulan tersebut telah membuat cash calls menggunakan placement yang sepatutnya digunakan untuk membeli aset baru dan menerbitkan saham baru.

Mereka dipercayai mengambil kesempatan di atas undang-undang Bursa Malaysia yang telah menaikkan limit Percentage Point kepada 20% daripada issued share capital.

Pada awal Februari tahun ni, CEO Bursa Malaysia, Datuk Muhammad Umar Swift apabila ditanya mengenai kegiatan sindiket ini, beliau mengatakan bahawa mereka mempunyai pasukan yang hebat dan dilengkapi peralatan yang canggih dan sedang berterusan mempelajari dan mengawasi trading behaviour di pasaran. Beliau juga mengatakan bahawa mereka tahu dan sentiasa memantau sindiket-sindiket ini.

Sumber kapital.my | TheEdge
20/04/2021 7:26 AM
dompeilee Minda : 1,312,000,000 shares v Focus: 6,298,000,000 shares.

Based on supply/demand, which share is more likely to not fall??? Now that all the sindiket gang all kana margin call from Credit Suisse etc, the number of shares 2 DUMP to meet margin calls is likely >5 billion since they hold most of the tickets. How many ikan bilis buying 50,000-100,000 shrs can support the price? Now u understand why it can fall from 60c to 11.5c so fast?

So is the co. worth 6.298 BILLION x 0.125 = 787 MILLION? Earnings over the past 4 qtrs = 0.005, turnover is only 66.3 million. Net asset is less than 0.03. Main biz is food biz. How well can food biz do now that Covid is coming back strong?
20/04/2021 7:44 AM
dompeilee What long-term investment? Whoever is talking about long-term investment just itcy to GAMBLE....might as well throw yr $$$ into the longkang...
20/04/2021 7:48 AM
TillyLovers hihi, will the counter hit back to 15 cents before Hari Raya? I would like to buy at 12 cents of RM1200. Hope to get advice here. Thanks
20/04/2021 7:57 AM
faraday9933m as far as i know ,the EDGE does not report the raid on the MENARA LIEN HOE .
20/04/2021 8:06 AM
dompeilee Comparatively Lambo, which has slightly under 5 billion tickets, has a HIGHER NTA( 3.34c v 2.81c) BUT trades @ 2c, which is a fair value, but does not mean it will go up... Even Sanichi which only has 0.2 billion tickets, with a NTA of 86c BUT is asking for money, is a safer bet...

Though I'm touching none of these because of the high risk.
20/04/2021 8:19 AM
Eastern686 Dompeilee already explained clearly not to trade Focus, but some "shareholders" still want lure ppl in. WTF
20/04/2021 8:19 AM
dompeilee Let them gamble & donate $$$ to the sindiket lah...it's a free will world! These desperate aunties/uncles so happy 2 make 0.5c buying & selling 100 lots, it helps them cope with their pathetic lives.
20/04/2021 8:23 AM
hantamking Fuuhh Dompeilee so aggresive, u buy at high price ?
20/04/2021 8:30 AM

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JuliusCeasar Oil price spike again and moving north.... Hope touch USD 65 today....
12/04/2021 9:33 AM
Macgyver11 JJchan another 2 contract win will surely ends Velesto in Full Circle , back to 30cents
12/04/2021 8:42 AM

Yup exactly...still got one more indication to look for before the price hike up.

Institutional investors
12/04/2021 10:24 AM
bullmarket1628 Walaoeh, oil price continue to spike up like mad !‬
‪Brent now at $63.67 ‪ +0.72 +1.14%‬
12/04/2021 7:12 PM
Macgyver11 Sapura, knm and perdana sdh goyang hari ini...velesto still strong.
13/04/2021 5:26 PM
bullmarket1628 Walaoeh, oil price continue to spike up to sky high !
Brent now at $64.04 ‪+0.76 +1.20%‬

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
13/04/2021 10:07 PM
limitupmeh last buy 0.180 big fund masuk
13/04/2021 11:28 PM
bullmarket1628 ‪Wow, oil price continue to rise !‬
Brent now at $64.12 ‪+0.45 +0.71%‬
14/04/2021 11:42 AM
bullmarket1628 Walaoeh, oil price continue it's bull run !
Brent now at $64.72 +$1.05 +1.65%

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
14/04/2021 5:17 PM
Flybythenite Shell contracts Velesto rig for Malaysia campaign
Save to read list Published by Nicholas Woodroof, Deputy Editor
Oilfield Technology, Friday, 09 April 2021 15:00

Velesto Energy Berhad (VEB) has announced that Velesto Drilling Sdn Bhd (VED), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Velesto Malaysian Ventures Sdn Bhd, which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VEB, has received a Letter of Award from Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd. (SSB/SSPC) for a contract for the provision of jack-up drilling rig services.
The contract is for VEB’s jack-up rig NAGA 4 to drill seven firm wells, with an estimated contract value of US$17.68 million. The expected commencement date is between 15 August 2021 to 15 October 2021.

NAGA 4 is an independent-leg cantilever jack-up drilling rig that has a drilling depth capability of 30 000 ft and has a rated operating water depth of 400 ft.
14/04/2021 10:05 PM
Flybythenite Oil price climbing up now!
65.00 +1.33 +2.09%
14/04/2021 10:11 PM
Allantanks Brent 66.
14/04/2021 11:12 PM
bullmarket1628 Oh My goodness, oil price was super damn hot man !
Brent closed at $66.22 +‪ 2.55 +‬ 4.0%
‪Like that today all O&G counters including Velesto going to limit up already liao lah !‬

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
15/04/2021 7:31 AM
Macgyver11 Wow! Brent now usd66+ guys...
15/04/2021 8:27 AM
Macgyver11 If like that one more contract coming soon..
15/04/2021 8:27 AM
JoshuaMS7 buy buy buy!!
15/04/2021 8:45 AM
SinGor for time being velesto is much better than Sap ( until Qr. results Out ) Testing 20sens soon
15/04/2021 8:49 AM
Jonathan Keung Last Qtr result was bad hopefully we can see it turn around this time
15/04/2021 8:54 AM
JuliusCeasar Brent oil hit again USD 66.... Stock price still not moving up......

Look like Maybe BRENT oil hit PRICE USD 70 would boast again the stock price......
15/04/2021 10:44 AM
JoshuaMS7 Yes. Should break 70 usd this few days! Yahoo!
15/04/2021 11:14 AM
Macgyver11 JuliusCeasar Brent oil hit again USD 66.... Stock price still not moving up......

Wait for big fund buyers to join in.. if brent can break us 70 and stabilise strong over there then it will give more confident to the institutional buyers (Epf, khazanah and so on). The scenario will be totally different after that..trust me. Patience
15/04/2021 4:53 PM
Macgyver11 Look back velesto record in 2019 once EPF and PNB start to acquired batch by batch....oh man! Its pushed the price drastically. It's full of excitement sailing with them.
15/04/2021 5:00 PM
JuliusCeasar Totally Agreed with you Macgyver11.
15/04/2021 5:14 PM
limitupmeh tomorrow oil rebound
15/04/2021 7:58 PM
bullmarket1628 ‪Wow, oil price continue to rise !‬
‪Brent closed at $66.84 +0.56 +0.84%‬

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
16/04/2021 8:17 AM
Macgyver11 Wow! Guys brent now usd67+
16/04/2021 1:01 PM
Macgyver11 https://www.bharian.com.my/bisnes/pasaran/2021/04/807122/harga-minyak-mentah-di-paras-tertinggi-dalam-sebulan
16/04/2021 1:11 PM
bullmarket1628 Walaoeh, oil price continue to spike up like mad !‬
Brent now at $67.31 ‪+0.37 +0.55 percent !

‪Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !‬
16/04/2021 1:54 PM
JoshuaMS7 Should be back to 0.165 before go forward! Cut loss first!!
16/04/2021 2:54 PM
JoshuaMS7 covid wave 4 is coming, ready to collect at low as possible again!!
16/04/2021 3:10 PM
Macgyver11 Why worried..we collect as below as 0.12c/0.13c..kikiki!
16/04/2021 5:21 PM
JJchan https://www.bursamalaysia.com/misc/missftp/sblnt/NetShortPosition20210415.pdf

RSS boys have all disappeared. RSS boys are All Bankers themselves so when they give
good review (bimb lately) it is obvious RSS positions are Gone. ( IB are mostly crooks )
16/04/2021 6:38 PM
Macgyver11 https://www.astroawani.com/berita-malaysia/sempadan-negara-perlu-dibuka-segera-sop-ketat-bantu-pulih-sektor-pelancongan-293588
16/04/2021 9:21 PM
Macgyver11 World in the midst of planning, opening the border with the strict sop. That's good news so far..
16/04/2021 9:25 PM
Macgyver11 The biggest mistake that our govn do is to allowed pasar Ramadan open. Very hard to control human being especially in the crowded area....this will increase the c19 cases.
16/04/2021 10:11 PM
lancefire Next week sell on rally guys.
17/04/2021 3:12 AM
Plantermen The huge spike in New cases is a good reason for the PN government is not to reconvene Parliament sittings on 1st August
17/04/2021 9:04 AM
Expertise same tactic by PN gov,no parliament and elecetion until 20222
17/04/2021 10:12 AM
Flybythenite Herd immunity je... immune naturally like past past pandemics. Then OnG will skyrocket!
19/04/2021 10:10 AM
Flybythenite Just keep. Wait for next new contract! ;)
19/04/2021 10:12 AM
Mabel RSS already lose all their panties in Gloves last week..

Let's hope V will break 20 soon

Meow Meow Meow
19/04/2021 12:08 PM
bullmarket1628 ‪Wow, oil price continue to rise !‬
Brent now at $66.89 ‪+0.12 +0.18%‬
19/04/2021 4:08 PM
Jjkcl Fake buy queue appear and disappear often
19/04/2021 4:14 PM
Macgyver11 Let see which one break the 0.20 first...knm or velesto
19/04/2021 5:12 PM
Flybythenite Just now my neighbour told me he sold OnG becos yesterday read about EV! I asked ehhh, bila? Tomorrow ke? Next year, Next next year ke all cars and planes will be fuelled by electricity! And we all throw away all our old cars? Laugh die me!
19/04/2021 7:03 PM
Macgyver11 Hahaha imagine and see how plane going to run using electricity...lol.
19/04/2021 7:22 PM
Expertise EV only rich people can afford
19/04/2021 7:35 PM
Flybythenite Can la, if whole world can afford supercars like Owl, or BMW, Audi ....
Survey suggests only 10% EV in 5 years. Too optimistic also I think... cos there’s huge semiconductor shortage right now. Some car makers even tutup kedai cos shortage of parts. Foundries capacity ady fully booked for next couple of years.
19/04/2021 7:57 PM
bullmarket1628 Wow, Oil price was super bullish now !
Brent closed at $67.08 ‪+0.31 +0.5%‬

Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !
20/04/2021 7:16 AM
obakh222 Today can go 0.21?
20/04/2021 7:43 AM
JuliusCeasar May be Need brent oil price hit again USD 70 and stable hover USD 70 and above.... Then stock price would go up again....
20/04/2021 8:29 AM

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crocrider https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2021/04/02/signing-of-mou-between-malaysia-china-signal-both-countries-readiness-for-p/1963300

*The discussion also centered around the future expansion of the Malaysian Palm Oil trade with China, said Hishammuddin, adding that Malaysia is pleased with Beijing’s commitment to open up the Red Palm Oil (RPO) segment of the Chinese market with the new Group Standard for RPO.

“I understand Malaysia is the only nation that produces RPO, so it is my sincere hope that Malaysian exporters will grasp this golden opportunity to export RPO to China,” he said.*
04/04/2021 12:30 AM
Davidl Time to accumulate!
05/04/2021 12:51 PM
awxm2021 tmr will buy more if turn red.
05/04/2021 6:46 PM
brianklc On reverse gear again, damn!
09/04/2021 2:37 PM
Kishin Sham Mahtani this counter makes no sense, dropped from 1.2 high to 57 cents over 2 years but Net Asset Per share same....so what is the sentiment as now paying dividend again.....
10/04/2021 10:42 AM
Beltland This is a GLC syariah counter whereby private goreng syndicate cannot pick up to goreng ,unfortunately Tabung Haji n Lembaga Angkatan Tentera fund is dried up,so , no power to push up !!!!!
10/04/2021 7:01 PM
calvintaneng KUALA LUMPUR (April 5): Scientex Bhd is acquiring three pieces of freehold agriculture land in Penang for RM246.67 million.

The group said in a bourse filing that its wholly-owned subsidiaries Scientex Quatari Sdn Bhd and Scientex (Skudai) Sdn Bhd had entered into two sale and purchase agreements in relation to the proposed acquisition.

The first agreement is to acquire a piece of freehold agricultural land at Seberang Perai Utara, measuring approximately 82.84 hectares for RM147.13 million.

The second agreement is to acquire two pieces of freehold agricultural land at Seberang Perai Utara with an aggregate area of approximately 560,492 square meters for RM99.55 million.

The proposed acquisitions will be funded by internally-generated funds and bank borrowings, it said.

Scientex also said the proposed acquisitions represented a strategic investment opportunity to increase and boost the existing landbank of the group.

It said the positive response received by Scientex for its maiden development located at Tasek Gelugor, Penang indicated there was still strong and robust demand for affordable homes in Penang and Scientex intends to leverage on this demand to further expand its affordable homes brandname to other parts of Penang.

The Land is Located in Tasek Gelugor

82.84 hectares for Rm147.13 Millions

Let's calculate cost acre

To convert hectare to acre multiply by 2.471

So 82.84 x 2.471 = 204.687 acres

Now divide Rm147,130,000 by 204.687

= Rm718,804




10/04/2021 9:23 PM

Properties owned by Bplant

Malakoff Estate, Tasek Glugor,
Pulau Pinang
562.3 hectares Oil palm estate Freehold 64.2 Millions

Here we see Bplant also got 562.3 Hectares of Palm oil estates in TASEK GELUGOR LOCATED IN SEBERANG PRAI NORTH

How much per acre

562.3 x 2.471 = 1389.4433 acres

To get the cost divides Rm64,200,000 by 1389.4433

= Rm46,205 per acre

So how much is current price Scientex paid for Tasek Gelugor lands

Answer: Rm718,804

How many Times (X) More

718,804 / 46,205 = 15.34 X more if Revalued now

To be continued
10/04/2021 9:36 PM
calvintaneng What is the Total Current Value of Tasek Gelugor lands

1389.4433 acres x Rm718,804


To be continued
10/04/2021 9:40 PM
calvintaneng What is the Cash Value?

Divides Rm998,737,401 by Rm27,455,000 and multiply by 1.23

= 44.74 sen per share CASH

Since BPlant is 57 sen

How many %?

44.74 / 57




To be continued...
10/04/2021 9:45 PM

Taiping Rubber Plantation Estate,
Trong, Perak
1,347.8 hectares Oil palm estate &
palm oil mill
Freehold 74.4 Millions


How much per acre?

1,347.8 x 2.471 = 3,330.41 Acres

To get per acre divide price by land

= Rm22,339 per acre

Now what is the Current Market Price of lands in Trong Taiping?

See Spritzer

To be continue....
10/04/2021 9:52 PM
calvintaneng KUALA LUMPUR (March 25): Spritzer Bhd is acquiring an agriculture land near its existing mineral water plant in Air Kuning, Taiping for RM76. 11 million, to set up a new plant. The group said the 1,228-acre land, planted with oil palm trees, belongs to Trong Oil Palm Estates Sdn Bhd.25 Mar 2021 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/spritzer-buys-agriculture-land-taiping-set-new-mineral-water-plant#:~:text=KUALA%20LUMPUR%20(March%2025)%3A,Oil%20Palm%20Estates%20Sdn%20Bhd.

Here we see Spritzer paid Rm76.11 Millions for 1,228 Acres of land in Trong, Taiping (same place Bplant own lands)

How much?

Divide price by land cost


Rm61,798 per acre

How much Bplant?

Rm22,339 per acre

So how many times more if current value?

61798/ 22339

= 2.76 Times (X) more
10/04/2021 9:58 PM
calvintaneng How much if cash value?

Rm205.7 Millions divides by Rm27,455,000 x 1.23

9.21 SEN


= 53.92 SEN

Since Bplant is 57 sen that is 94% CASH ALREADY


Taiping Rubber Plantation Estate,
Trong, Perak
1,347.8 hectares Oil palm estate &
palm oil mill


"1,347.8 Hectares Plantation Estate Trong, Perak







Calvin Tan Research
10/04/2021 10:06 PM
vincent555 我是从事油棕业上游工作的,FFB的产量在1,2月是非常的少,但在3 月份有回升,4月份的产量开始快速增长,掂我们所知现在每个提炼厂都很忙碌,如果FFB 的高产量能持续到5月份, 再配合现在的CPO 价格,那plantation 4,5,6 月份的quarter report 应该会很漂亮。
11/04/2021 7:52 PM
Leesk yes undervalue as it account the plantation land base on costs
11/04/2021 10:21 PM





12/04/2021 6:00 PM

12/04/2021 10:17 PM
Plantermen Cpo breach $4,270 per tonne record but plantation counter { prices} still lethargic & struggling to gain momentum
13/04/2021 9:37 AM
lovreblue Bplant price up slow bcoz of shares flow too less, everyday total transaction not more than 1m. Both buy n sell also very less investor, so price hard move forward.
13/04/2021 11:37 AM
brianklc Haiyaa... reverse gear again!
13/04/2021 4:04 PM
awxm2021 today top up a bit.
bplant gogogo
13/04/2021 4:59 PM
awxm2021 Calvin sifu, thanks for your good comment.
13/04/2021 5:08 PM
Plantermen Calvintaneng : agreed BPlant is a deeply undervalue gem and overlook by most investor. Need a big buyer to unlock their value { a dawn raid }takeover on Bplant
13/04/2021 8:54 PM
Tang Khangseng Revenue for Q1'21 is estimated ~RM185-190mil (derived from Q1'21 FFB volume drop ~27%, CPO prices increase ~17%, both are estimate numbers), Net profit Q1'21 ~RM22mil (profit margin conservatively keep at 12% due to high CPO prices) --> EPS: RM0.01

Pro: Long history company and rich land bank as highlighted by someone although I'm not sure if the valuation method is correct, continuously high CPO prices >RM4000 (many suspect it might not sustainable though)

Con: High past prime >20 years planted area ~40%/total (from AR2019) --> low efficiency planter, high total borrowing ~RM1.25bil (debt repayment ~RM60mil for 2020), complicated organization structures link to many unprofitable companies such as BHIC (some please give me your input) --> mother will sell you cheaply in case she need money :-)

Let's wait for the AR2021 and super slow Q1'21 AR, cheers~
14/04/2021 7:33 AM
Davidl https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/indias-monthly-palm-oil-imports-malaysia-rise-50
15/04/2021 1:04 AM
Yippy68 Mr Calvin, you have done such a good analysis, and everyone long ago know Bplant is extremely undervalued, we are only interested to know how many million Bplant share you are holding?

after this, .kindly stay aside for a while.as each time you appeared here, Bplant share will drop .I just don't understand why. no offend intended, thank you.
16/04/2021 2:10 AM
brianklc Hate to say tht but what yippy68 says got its merits...
16/04/2021 3:16 PM
brianklc Sifu Calvin, perhaps u go PA Resources stir up a bit...
16/04/2021 3:18 PM
Sslee https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/edge-weekly-boustead-properties-unveils-new-gem-semenyih?type=malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR (April 18): Boustead Properties Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of conglomerate Boustead Holdings Bhd launched the first phase of its new township, Mutiara Hills in Semenyih, Selangor on April 10.

Mutiara Hills was previously a palm oil plantation named Balau Estate, which was owned by Boustead Plantations Bhd. Due to be completed in 2027, the 1,200-acre mixed-use township will offer residential and commercial units, as well as a business hub.

The freehold Mutiara Hills is divided into three sectors, the first of which has a gross development value (GDV) of RM895 million and will comprise five phases. The first sector’s first phase is called Balau Homes and will comprise 230 two-storey terraced houses.
18/04/2021 11:33 AM
Yippy68 @Sslee, Balau estate belong to Bplant, Is BPlant selling the land to Boustead Properties Bhd?
selling at what price? you have any Idea? please share
19/04/2021 10:46 AM
Kishin Sham Mahtani why is this counter dropping so much can never understand
19/04/2021 12:00 PM
Sslee Did not see any annoucement from Bplant on disposal of Balau Estate so have no idea.
19/04/2021 12:39 PM
Plantermen If not mistaken. Balau & Connemara Estate are all located in and around mukim Broga Semenyih District. Nottingham university { subsidiary of Boustead Group} also at the vicinity
19/04/2021 12:47 PM
Parksonguy Or bplant transfer land under value market to boustead property. And boustead property under muhidim.
19/04/2021 1:15 PM
Parksonguy Election coming and muhyiddin need money so transfer money out of bplant
19/04/2021 1:16 PM
brianklc key word, PREVIOUSLY
19/04/2021 3:10 PM
brianklc was owned by
19/04/2021 3:11 PM
Parksonguy The land can suddenly unowned and into umno account.
19/04/2021 6:11 PM
Parksonguy Previously buy at 1ringgit per hectare then suddenly can sell at 1ringgit per lot.
19/04/2021 6:13 PM
Plantermen news announcement Boustead holdings { not BPlant } selling a parcel of land along jalan Cochrane to Sunway group for a cash consideration of 233.4million
19/04/2021 6:47 PM
Parksonguy https://www.bernama.com/v2/en/business/news.php?id=1953752 . Europe ban palm oil they changed name to algae. Future europe will ban algae oil.
20/04/2021 7:36 AM
Parksonguy Hopefully they changed name if really use algae is an another money into umno pocket project again.
20/04/2021 7:39 AM
Parksonguy Now malaysia so high tech. Flying car and algae oil. Damn funny.
20/04/2021 7:41 AM
Parksonguy Even japan and germany no have mass produced algae oil technology we malaysia have. See lah next quarter report sure imparement losess money into next gen company. Never hear the company before.
20/04/2021 7:45 AM
Parksonguy https://www.bernama.com/v2/en/business/news.php?id=1953752 . Veteran should take gun at the General Manager head. Algae oil. Knn. First in the world.
20/04/2021 7:52 AM
Parksonguy New CEO on board is to help save boustead or help muhydin take money out. Smarter then najib lo. Najib 1mdb. This bplant GM algae oil. Knn.
20/04/2021 7:55 AM
Parksonguy Now we know why yesterday bplant share suddenly drop 10%. Algae oil. Knn.
20/04/2021 8:05 AM
Parksonguy Next Gen Oil Company. Why dont just name it Cash oil company better. Need veteren help take gun to AGM meeting.
20/04/2021 8:09 AM
Parksonguy When saw algae oil news. WTF.
20/04/2021 8:27 AM
Parksonguy Another umno cash out project. Haiz.
20/04/2021 8:28 AM

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