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KC Loh
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Posted by KC Loh > Aug 2, 2012 11:37 AM | Report Abuse


Namoyaki Takarajima
1530 posts

Posted by Namoyaki Takarajima > Aug 2, 2012 11:42 AM | Report Abuse

YES! YES! YES! Thanks for this latest update KC.

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Aug 2, 2012 11:51 AM | Report Abuse

My friend inside i3investor said this is preliminary. More to come. They said a bit difficult if want to add the posting/chat forum to it. A lot of resources required. But they will attempt. Was schedule to release this app last quarter of the year. But in our conversation, I said I am sure there could be many premium payers if there are 80% to their website, chat included :)

Please not I am not in anyway able to influence those guys in anyway. Just picked up a few buddies only!

Namoyaki Takarajima
1530 posts

Posted by Namoyaki Takarajima > Aug 2, 2012 11:55 AM | Report Abuse

Good to hear this good news. BTW KC, can you please tell yr inside friend to change KNM descriptions to KNM itself instead of KONAMI. The descriptions for KNM is still refer to KONAMI. Misleading info, URGENT.

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Aug 2, 2012 11:59 AM | Report Abuse

There are a few mistakes besides KNM description. Its a bot thing (whatever it means) in the system trying to match closely to what it thinks is the stock code. I will relay nonetheless. But don't think can do anything. Some in USA mentioned the errors before

Frank Soweto
3438 posts

Posted by Frank Soweto > Aug 2, 2012 11:59 AM | Report Abuse

that is why those fellas there think they're buying KONAMI! wait till they find out actually they're holding KNM!

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Aug 2, 2012 12:16 PM | Report Abuse

Shows they are not reading properly. Its cruel to say this, but serve them right!

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Posted by sheridansulik > Aug 2, 2012 10:28 PM | Report Abuse

i cant open malaysia's trading market ...

System Admin
21 posts

Posted by System Admin > Aug 3, 2012 9:40 AM | Report Abuse

Dear users, thanks for your feedback and support!

Namoyaki - we've corrected the description for KNM. Thanks for pointing it out.

sheridansulik - can you please try to uninstall the app from your mobile, and then reinstall it. Our technical team will monitor the server logs for issues.

We are continuously improving and introducing new features to our portal and mobile apps to make it better for all independent investors out there. If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to send it to feedback@i3investor.com

Happy trading!

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Posted by passerby > Aug 3, 2012 9:43 AM | Report Abuse

System Admin : Engage some moderators to this forum, got some annoying posts spamming around

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Posted by Gajah > Aug 3, 2012 9:51 AM | Report Abuse

passerby - I agree with you. Non related topics and foul language should not be here

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Aug 3, 2012 11:01 AM | Report Abuse

Thank you system admin for your fast response. Actually I noted a few too. Will compile and get back to you on that if I can recall them.

System Admin
21 posts

Posted by System Admin > Aug 3, 2012 11:07 AM | Report Abuse

Dear passerby and gajah, thanks for your suggestion.

At i3investor.com, we strive to keep the portal as free and open to all as possible, whilst keeping a strict stance on violation of Terms and Conditions for inappropriate posts to our forums and blogs. When a post is reviewed and found to be inappropriate, we will certainly act on it.

Thanks for your feedback on this matter.

kl foong
427 posts

Posted by kl foong > Aug 3, 2012 11:14 AM | Report Abuse

System Admin, your prompt response to passerby/gajah's comment is much appreciated. TQ.

Vince Beh
56 posts

Posted by Vince Beh > Aug 3, 2012 11:26 AM | Report Abuse

Apps for ios users?

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Posted by juicy > Aug 3, 2012 11:27 AM | Report Abuse

By the way when is the iphone/ipad app available ?

Ed Cheong
1 post

Posted by Ed Cheong > Aug 3, 2012 12:42 PM | Report Abuse

I3 is by far the best investment site and app in the world. I can't think of another. Can you?

But I have two questions.

Why isn't there one for the hong kong market .?

Why none for ios iPhone? I would pay for it.

1 post

Posted by enylim > Aug 3, 2012 1:01 PM | Report Abuse

Ed - yes tx for recommending this.

374 posts

Posted by CP TEH > Aug 3, 2012 1:03 PM | Report Abuse

Hi System Admin

Thanks for the apps.

Yes, please look into many nuisance posts, some using multiple nicks, foul languages, insults, bickerings, advetisements etc etc ... which making such a good platform/forum like many others ... noisy and full with craps.

I do hope there is a control in such for better learning and sharing. News, inputs, ideas and constructive pointers.

I have 'left' this forum for about a month now, it is a pity that it is becoming just one of those noisy-empty forums.

Keep up the good works and do some Berish-ing, please.




p/s : BTW, i3-platform still one of the best around. :)

5 posts

Posted by star8 > Aug 3, 2012 1:13 PM | Report Abuse

pls continue to stay away if you feel it is noisy-empty forums, others don't share your input/opinion...nobody misses you anyway...

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Posted by passerby > Aug 3, 2012 3:47 PM | Report Abuse

System Administrator : This user t10nointerest is doing his advertising at your site for free ? Don't you think you should charge him to do so like you charge other online advertisers?

System Admin
21 posts

Posted by System Admin > Aug 3, 2012 7:24 PM | Report Abuse

Dear users, thanks for your compliments and feedback on the i3investor.com portal.

We do constantly monitor the forum and blog posts to keep them out of spammers and abuse. However, we also like to keep it open and free to all to express their opinion as long as it is not violating the Terms and Conditions of use of this portal.

We do have plans to develop mobile app for iOS platform, so stay tune!

We have also considered expanding this portal into other markets in the world. This largely depends on recommendations from our research team and market demands.

We are glad that many of you like this portal. We've received some great comments online and many more from emails. Thanks for your great support!

39 posts

Posted by jesry > Aug 6, 2012 3:17 PM | Report Abuse

not so good to me, coz don't have potfolio.

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Aug 6, 2012 3:19 PM | Report Abuse

dear Admin, MWE also seems to be mixed up with a USA counter! thanks.

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Aug 10, 2012 9:14 AM | Report Abuse

Dear admin, genting Malaysia's company description is out as well.

System Admin
21 posts

Posted by System Admin > Aug 10, 2012 11:11 AM | Report Abuse

KC Loh - thanks as always! The description for MWE and GENM have been updated.

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Aug 10, 2012 11:14 AM | Report Abuse

thanks. Glad to know we got an efficient admin covering our backs :)

mucho gracis

Mat Cendana
2251 posts

Posted by Mat Cendana > Aug 31, 2012 9:10 PM | Report Abuse

I didn't know about this mobile app. It would be very useful to have access to i3investor even when I'm away from the laptop. Looks like this is a valid reason to replace my Blackberry with any of the Android phones. Or maybe getting an Android tablet while sticking with the BB.

4783 posts

Posted by tonylim > Aug 31, 2012 10:35 PM | Report Abuse

donwloaded, a great platform, wow, dont have to strain my eyes on the Samsung G. note

4783 posts

Posted by tonylim > Sep 1, 2012 10:02 AM | Report Abuse

no forum too

KC Loh
12755 posts

Posted by KC Loh > Sep 1, 2012 10:10 AM | Report Abuse

I don't mind paying if its has forum features. Maybe something the admin could work on and the payments justified for the hard works he and his team has put in!

200 posts

Posted by sam2828 > Sep 3, 2012 9:36 PM | Report Abuse

if the app can be updated to Save our watchlist, then it'll be even better to help us stay in track

25 posts

Posted by gangnam > Sep 5, 2012 2:57 PM | Report Abuse

how does one up load this forum to an andriod fon? anyone can help? samsung S3?

Hori Hori
84 posts

Posted by Hori Hori > Sep 5, 2012 5:21 PM | Report Abuse

hi admin, can you please develop for other platform too?

2879 posts

Posted by passerby > Sep 5, 2012 5:22 PM | Report Abuse

hi admin - Samsung already got banned in US. Time to switch to iOS & never turn back :)

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Posted by lech001 > Nov 9, 2012 4:27 PM | Report Abuse

hi admin, how about nokia phone ? any app for nokia phone

145 posts

Posted by amywo > Nov 9, 2012 4:36 PM | Report Abuse

android is for nokia phone, other than apple phone.

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Posted by Kiki > Nov 28, 2012 10:53 PM | Report Abuse

can i download to my ipohone

53 posts

Posted by chocoanut > Nov 28, 2012 10:58 PM | Report Abuse

Yea, i couldnt find it inside IOS. is not for IOS yet?

17 posts

Posted by blink2109 > Dec 16, 2012 10:54 AM | Report Abuse

get an android phone..if it comes out for iOS, it's not gonna be free i suppose.

150 posts

Posted by lonelyreload > Dec 18, 2012 3:56 PM |

Post removed. Why?

Wendy Yap
19 posts

Posted by Wendy Yap > Jan 12, 2013 10:44 PM | Report Abuse

Please work out something for iPhone user. Thanks!

12 posts

Posted by sham01 > Apr 9, 2013 3:24 PM | Report Abuse

how abt blackberry

58 posts

Posted by sharemania > Apr 10, 2013 12:17 AM | Report Abuse

Hi appreciate if i3 can work up for apple user. Thanks !

12 posts

Posted by sham01 > May 29, 2013 9:00 PM | Report Abuse

any app for blackberry users

2 posts

Posted by al_bmb > Jun 5, 2013 3:57 PM | Report Abuse

Please provide app for IOS

Leong Wei Yin
8 posts

Posted by Leong Wei Yin > Jun 13, 2013 8:17 AM | Report Abuse


2 posts

Posted by benyee > Jun 14, 2013 3:31 PM | Report Abuse

good to used.

Gan Choon Hau
1 post

Posted by Gan Choon Hau > Jun 18, 2013 1:09 AM | Report Abuse

Any chance to get it for windows user?

Morsidi Ali
1 post

Posted by Morsidi Ali > Jul 6, 2013 12:28 PM | Report Abuse

When is IOS version ready?

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