Public Watchlist: RHB Top Malaysia Small Cap Companies 2020

Despite the elevated risk environment resulting from Covid-19, RHB Investment Bank Bhd has begun to see value in the small-cap market from a longer-term perspective.

In the virtual launch of RHB Small Cap Jewel 2020 Edition, RHB’s head of regional equity research Alexander Chia said given large-cap companies having staged solid rebounds off their March lows, small- and mid-cap stocks offer better value at this stage of the market.

The launch of RHB Top 20 Malaysia Small Cap Companies Jewels 2020 is well-timed as there is strong demand for alpha rich small-mid caps stocks that are resilient and can survive the ongoing turmoil.

For this year, the biggest representation, nine companies or 45% of RHB’s 20 top picks, come from the technology, and industrial products and services sectors. The median price-earnings valuation for RHB’s small-cap picks is 12.6 times, while the median return of equity for the companies stood at 11.7%.

Among the top picks, 13 companies, or 65% of the 20, have market caps of less than RM500 million. Mi Technovation Bhd, at RM1.7 billion, has the largest capitalisation, while Advancecon Holdings Bhd, at RM122 million, has the smallest.

The screening process took into consideration the companies’ spread and size, managements’ credibility, industry fundamentals, earnings growth potential, industry track record and its level of corporate governance.


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Stock Name Ref Date Ref Price Price Diff Last Range Open Change Volume Note
ADVCON 14-May-2020 0.29 0.405
AME 14-May-2020 1.60 2.19
D&O 14-May-2020 0.69 4.32
DUFU 14-May-2020 4.55 4.11
EITA 14-May-2020 1.11 0.945
ELKDESA 14-May-2020 1.34 1.36
GBGAQRS 14-May-2020 0.895 0.635
HIBISCS 14-May-2020 0.505 0.65
JOHOTIN 14-May-2020 1.42 1.60
KOTRA 14-May-2020 2.16 2.50
KPOWER 14-May-2020 1.98 1.91
MI 14-May-2020 2.34 3.63
OMESTI 14-May-2020 0.595 0.48
RGTECH 14-May-2020 0.325 0.36
REDTONE 14-May-2020 0.445 0.455
SWKPLNT 14-May-2020 1.45 2.55
SCGM 14-May-2020 1.65 2.19
SLVEST 14-May-2020 0.93 1.48
TALIWRK 14-May-2020 0.84 0.845
TGUAN 14-May-2020 3.37 2.45

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KAQ4468 waaaaaa...all strike
23/06/2020 5:27 PM
Mat Cendana This selection of stocks by RHB have done very well.
30/07/2020 7:10 PM
rururunnn wow very good picks from rhb
20 picks with 17 in green territory (Dufu in red due to bonus issue)
03/08/2020 11:16 AM
ARCBEETLE This is definite commendable.. rhb has serious talent here
20/10/2020 11:59 AM
Bearfong RHB got the bestest results...
08/11/2020 10:59 PM

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