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6.00 5.48     -0.52 (8.67%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
23/02/2021 6.24 6.80 +0.56 (8.97%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
19/02/2021 6.26 6.80 +0.54 (8.63%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
03/02/2021 5.85 5.35 -0.50 (8.55%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
14/01/2021 5.23 5.35 +0.12 (2.29%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/11/2020 9.09 10.70 +1.61 (17.71%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
21/10/2020 8.11 8.80 +0.69 (8.51%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
12/10/2020 6.85 8.80 +1.95 (28.47%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
23/02/2021  PUBLIC BANK PublicInvest Research Headlines - 23 Feb 2021
19/02/2021  PUBLIC BANK Greatech Technology Berhad - Perfect Close For The Year
03/02/2021  PUBLIC BANK PublicInvest Research Headlines - 3 Feb 2021
14/01/2021  PUBLIC BANK Greatech Technology Berhad - New Land Acquisition
30/11/2020  PUBLIC BANK Greatech Technology Berhad - Commendable Results
21/10/2020  PUBLIC BANK Greatech Technology Berhad - Bonus For All
12/10/2020  PUBLIC BANK Greatech Technology Berhad - Greater Things To Come

Bonus Issue, Share Split or Share Consolidation announcement
Announce Date Ex Date Subject Amount/Ratio
22/12/2020 07/01/2021 Bonus Issue 1.0000 : 1.0000

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mf Nasdaq 13,533.05 -341.415 2.46%
23/02/2021 8:19 AM
GooShen USA market crashed
Throes chase high, please don’t hide, share the feeling later
23/02/2021 8:28 AM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
23/02/2021 8:49 AM
kitchenaunty Just top up Greatec... thx Mabel
23/02/2021 1:16 PM
TheTruthHurt Great. Extended IDSS till end August. Lock and loaded!
23/02/2021 2:29 PM
I3invest0r https://www.malaymail.com/news/money/2021/02/23/nasdaq-sp-500-end-lower-as-us-yields-rise-disney-lifts-dow/1952006
23/02/2021 7:22 PM
GooShen Big drop happening now in USA market
Tomorrow will be a real hit
23/02/2021 10:58 PM
Mabel US is always yoyo..

It depends if you are long term or short term players..

If it drops it's also an opportunity

24/02/2021 7:26 AM
IMwhatIM Big drop? Let it be. Let it be. Happy day for buyer. Sad day if you have to sell.
24/02/2021 8:46 AM
RRWin89 US always yoyo i agree. but last night powell say no interest cut, soooo...hehe.
24/02/2021 8:48 AM
PureBULL ... Mkt becomes ROUGH. I guess is due to news flow yesterday i.e.
WHO said this crisis would end early 2021.
New theme plays will appear next.

This piece is causing some funds to act fast on rebalancing their portfolios.
This QR will all be out by this Friday i.e. special:
The end day of the week n
also end of the month chart = Mr Mkt should take of it by this Friday.
24/02/2021 10:32 AM
denniszzbl momentum getting slow.
24/02/2021 10:58 AM
BostonMaxwell Dont touch tech sector yet... US banker started to take up their money from tech stock and but back bond... Definitely will retrace more
24/02/2021 2:52 PM
OnTime took a little dip.
24/02/2021 4:22 PM
choysun Amazing discounted ticket. Yum!
25/02/2021 8:41 AM
fregend Keep mid term, prospects looking good, boss also top up
25/02/2021 9:36 AM
denniszzbl this should keep at mid to long term, EV and solar division performing well and demanding.
25/02/2021 11:03 AM
richcares tech stocks rebound
25/02/2021 11:12 AM
Pahlawanlimitup Yes, keeping mid to long term
25/02/2021 11:24 AM
bongky Definitely holding this stock long term. Going to top up more whenever possible.
25/02/2021 2:50 PM
IMwhatIM Who is this person Koay Lin Lin in Greatec? A director or departmental head?
25/02/2021 3:12 PM
IMwhatIM Now RM6.32. High of RM6.34
25/02/2021 3:12 PM
newbie2y IMwhatIM, according to the website, Ms Koay is the CFO of greatec..acquired over 100k shares on 24th..
25/02/2021 5:11 PM
GooShen Nasdaq futures drop so bad now
What’s the point?
One day show
25/02/2021 5:33 PM
handsome_newbie kikikikik poor dog, miss the boat and crying here... poor dog.

very happy when see he comes out entertain us. kikikikiki
25/02/2021 6:20 PM
IMwhatIM Tks newbie2y. I noticed a few times when a dept head or director acquires shares in the company, the share price will soon go up quite significantly. When Koay's acquisition was announced, the share price was RM6.00. That was just 2 days ago.
25/02/2021 9:29 PM
IMwhatIM Koay can contra it off and walk away with thr cool RM30k profit!!
25/02/2021 9:31 PM
IMwhatIM It could just be coincidence?
25/02/2021 9:32 PM
newbie2y also saw mr khor bought from open market over 200k shares at over RM6..
i like the mgmt using their own pocket money to buy back, that shows that they are confident enough..
25/02/2021 9:54 PM
Xcalibre Chao First... Tech coming down
26/02/2021 9:11 AM
Xcalibre Greatec price will need some correction...
26/02/2021 9:11 AM
Xcalibre Stock futures are flat after Nasdaq suffers worst one-day loss since October
26/02/2021 9:12 AM
Xcalibre Price Correction coming....
26/02/2021 9:38 AM
Xcalibre https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/25/why-stock-investors-are-starting-to-really-worry-about-rising-bond-yields.html

Why stock investors are starting to really worry about rising bond yields
26/02/2021 9:49 AM
IMwhatIM I very much doubt Greatec price will drop much even if there is a sector correction. I just have this strong feeling that Greatec's growth over next 2-3 years will be very impressive. The revenue growth may be 100-200% over the next 36 months. I have reasons to believe that the company is moving in that direction.
26/02/2021 1:34 PM
Abdulazizba Current PE quite high , PE at 80+ .
26/02/2021 4:03 PM
IMwhatIM If you are a trader you may sell it and buy back, hopefully, at a lower price.

As a long term investor i have a different view. I bought into this counter early 2020 with part of my semi-retirement fund. I sell bit by bit every month to pay for my household expenses.

I prefer to manage my money this way than to open s savings acct where the interest rate is pathetic.

If Greatec continues to grow and the share price continues to go up then this fund can pay for my living expenses over a much longer period.
26/02/2021 4:48 PM
kancil850 Nasdaq seemed to.be green at start today.
26/02/2021 11:59 PM
Bgt 9963 Good morning...!
28/02/2021 10:04 AM
PureBULL ... The essay topic of this cycle is
TECH n EV.CAR material stocks.
The pts r
ATE or Robotics : GREATEC, PENTA

The 1st half began on Jan 12th 2021 i.e. i.C
After the recent QR PAT, the 2nd half could begin this week i.e. iii.C > i.C I hope .,.
01/03/2021 2:39 AM
Jeju88 Good morning PUREBULL, Can you kindly elaborate further your above explanation. Some short form I can't fully understand. Tq.
01/03/2021 9:25 AM
denniszzbl nice momentum :) drop more can top-up
01/03/2021 10:52 AM
840728045079 不好意识,可以问一下什么意思是negative momentum 我新人不会可以请教一下老板们
01/03/2021 2:06 PM
rocky_88 today rm 7 perhaps
02/03/2021 8:27 AM
denniszzbl maybe just a mere technical rebound?
02/03/2021 9:54 AM
Beast3 Topup more..
02/03/2021 11:56 AM
denniszzbl selling pressure high nice :)
02/03/2021 12:21 PM
rahulsk1947 hope greatec doesn't crash like the gloves
02/03/2021 5:06 PM
TM34535 If crash collect more laa hehe
02/03/2021 7:31 PM
denniszzbl UWC QR good, trend will follow
02/03/2021 9:10 PM

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