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15.08 19.26     +4.18 (27.72%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
28/11/2019 15.36 17.71 +2.35 (15.30%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
28/11/2019 15.36 19.80 +4.44 (28.91%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News
23/09/2019 16.50 19.80 +3.30 (20.00%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News
23/08/2019 17.50 17.71 +0.21 (1.20%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News
23/08/2019 17.50 21.80 +4.30 (24.57%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News
14/08/2019 17.42 17.71 +0.29 (1.66%) HOLD JF APEX Price Target News
14/08/2019 17.48 21.80 +4.32 (24.71%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
28/11/2019  JF APEX Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Bhd - Value Re-emerges
28/11/2019  AffinHwang Ajinomoto - Decent Showing in 6MFY20
23/09/2019  AffinHwang Ajinomoto - Inexpensive play on Halal export growth
23/08/2019  JF APEX Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Bhd - Boosted by Industrial Segment
23/08/2019  AffinHwang Ajinomoto - A Bright Start to the Year
14/08/2019  JF APEX Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Bhd - Establishment of New Plant
14/08/2019  AffinHwang Ajinomoto - New Plant Construction Starting in 2HFY20

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RainT the link u share is AJINOMOTO japan

here is AJI msia, subsi of AJI japan
15/10/2019 12:28 PM
apple168 Aji japan up, aji malaysia should follow...
15/10/2019 2:51 PM
apple168 Small fish panic selling, big sharks happily collecting
15/10/2019 2:51 PM
apple168 Aji is easily goreng up and down
15/10/2019 3:17 PM
RainT what theory is that


AJI MSIA also should follow

laugh die me lo
15/10/2019 3:24 PM
RainT AJI MSIA shareholders is make of government funds, local mutual funds, foreign funds and local retailers

its totally different from AJ JAPAN shareholders

so how AJI JAPAN up, AJI MSIA also should follow

lauch die me

this few days continue drop is not due to AJI fundamental ?

fundamental still very good
15/10/2019 3:26 PM
davors wait below 15.3~
15/10/2019 3:57 PM
apple168 Come to mama!
15/10/2019 3:57 PM
apple168 Those who sold will regret...
15/10/2019 3:58 PM
apple168 Who is the CEO of Ajinomoto Malaysia? It is Naoko Yamamoto, Japanese!
15/10/2019 4:10 PM
apple168 Fu*k off Rain by giving wrong info...
15/10/2019 4:10 PM
apple168 https://www.ajinomoto.com.my/ajinomoto-malaysia-berhad/chairman-and-board-of-directors/naoko-yamamoto
15/10/2019 4:12 PM
RainT idiot bastard apple168

still not understand what is the correct information

CEO is Japanese then share price will follow go up ??

such a stupid and naive thinking
15/10/2019 4:18 PM
apple168 We are happily collecting
15/10/2019 4:19 PM
apple168 Aji is trading at her year low... who selling at such price is brainless...
15/10/2019 4:20 PM
RainT foreign fund selling

can go down to 15??
15/10/2019 4:24 PM
apple168 We are collecting! Brainless Rain...
15/10/2019 4:31 PM
apple168 Collected 15.70-15.90! Let’s see...
15/10/2019 4:35 PM
apple168 https://www.ajinomoto.com.my/ajinomoto-malaysia-berhad/our-history-and-milestone
15/10/2019 4:43 PM
apple168 Ajinomoto, is the 1st Japanese company established and listed in Malaysia, been through all economic crisis from 1960 till now, seeing not only growing stronger over times, but also exploring oversea market!
15/10/2019 4:55 PM
apple168 Tun Mahathir looks east policy will definitely benefits Ajinomoto company in the long run!
15/10/2019 4:56 PM
apple168 Serve you right for those who threw Ajinomoto share!
16/10/2019 10:35 AM
apple168 Be greedy when others are fearful; Be fearful when others are greedy!
16/10/2019 3:34 PM
ciaksai Take profit soon.

Posted by apple168 > Oct 15, 2019 4:31 PM | Report Abuse
We are collecting! Brainless Rain...
17/10/2019 3:52 AM
Guilefighter rm17 collected.. rm15 collecting... soon rm13 to be collect..
17/10/2019 2:37 PM
Guilefighter need wait so long ah... but our friend here happy collecting wo
21/10/2019 5:11 PM
RainT haiz

touch low again
21/10/2019 9:27 PM
RainT come come AJI

I am waiting drop to until PE below 15 then buy in again
21/10/2019 9:28 PM
Dakewlest Buy before 2024? Maybe 2023?
24/10/2019 11:42 AM
zakaria444 For the nine months of financial year 2019 (9MFY19), Ajinomoto registered a net profit of RM4.8 million which grew 7.7% y-o-y, while revenue improved 2.2% y-o-y to RM382.2 million. The encouraging results were due to steady revenue and earnings in the consumer segment.
31/10/2019 12:07 PM
apple168 Only loser will throw aji share at such year low price...
01/11/2019 3:13 PM
RainT like the way AJI do marketing of its product to target cosumer

02/11/2019 12:00 PM
Guilefighter buy since rm17 , now only rm15 , but still claim himself as winner, good job and excellent
04/11/2019 12:42 PM
YAPSS YAPSS Quick Summary of Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad:
06/11/2019 8:45 PM
enigmatic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Buy AJI, you'll almost guaranteed of consistently growing profit for next 5 years with dividends.

Buy ARBB, you'll almost guaranteed of inconsistent profit with zero dividend.
12/11/2019 11:25 AM
jeannie what a dissapointment...tot it will keep flying, look now is dying.
21/11/2019 2:13 PM
RainT sometimes good company share price need come down

so we have chance to grab some
21/11/2019 6:08 PM
RainT @sliverhawk

Like the way u grade AJI

But for AJI to get grade A for price & dividend need wait long time

be prepare to hold longer
21/11/2019 6:10 PM
RainT 1 year low price now

to buy more soon
25/11/2019 4:48 PM
Fabien "The Efficient Capital Allocater" AJI is looking tasty.

i crave for more
25/11/2019 5:32 PM
apple168 Quietly collecting
26/11/2019 4:21 PM
RainT No shock no surprise is good also

AJI is for long term , I trust on the Japanese management , now PE 15, if dive more, buy more la
28/11/2019 12:03 AM
Guilefighter Quietly selling
28/11/2019 11:09 AM
RainT please drop more ....
28/11/2019 4:08 PM
RainT Kesian AJI

result ok but share price drop
28/11/2019 11:32 PM
apple168 Ajinomoto Top 30 shareholders (2019 Annual Report)
1. Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
2. Cartaban Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd.
3. Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan)
4. Cartaban Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd
5. Chinchoo Investment Sdn. Berhad
6. Maybank Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd.
7. Maybank Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd
8. Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad
9. HSBC Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd
10. Amanahraya Trustees Berhad
11. Tee Teh Sdn. Berhad
12. Amanahraya Trustees Berhad
13. Public Strategic Smallcap Fund
14. Seah Mok Khoon
15. Yong Siew Lee
16. Citigroup Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd
17. Public Smallcap Fund
18. Amanahraya Trustees Berhad
19. See Hoy Chan Agencies Sendirian Berhad
20. Wong Lok Jee @ Ong Lok Jee
21. Maybank Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd
22. Yee Fook Leong
23. Amanahraya Trustees Berhad
24. Maybank Securities Nominees (Asing) Sdn. Bhd
25. Key Development Sdn. Berhad
26. Seah Heng Lye
27. Oh Siew Heong
28. Eu Lee Chuan Enterprise Sdn. Berhad
29. Tay Lee Joo
30. HSBC Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn. Bhd
29/11/2019 4:30 PM
RainT 1 year low RM15.20
03/12/2019 11:05 AM
pierre69 lower today, RM15.14 - can grab a few now
05/12/2019 4:14 PM
RainT wait PE drop to 12 times

will load more
06/12/2019 6:16 PM
RainT i try to think what can make AJI profit big drop in coming quarters ......

AJI biz quite simple and have very less accounting adjustment

sales also seem stable

consumers everyday also need eat, everyday alos need eat AJI
07/12/2019 2:47 PM

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