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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
09/09/2020 0.515 0.58 +0.065 (12.62%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
21/08/2020 0.58 0.74 +0.16 (27.59%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
21/08/2020 0.58 0.58 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
21/08/2020 0.58 0.57 -0.01 (1.72%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News
28/05/2020 0.62 0.74 +0.12 (19.35%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
28/05/2020 0.62 0.58 -0.04 (6.45%) SELL AmInvest Price Target News
28/05/2020 0.62 0.67 +0.05 (8.06%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
09/09/2020  AmInvest MSM Malaysia - CEO on Leave of Absence
21/08/2020  MIDF MSM - on Track for Profitability
21/08/2020  AmInvest MSM Malaysia - Sales Volume Down 10.6% QoQ Dragged By MCO
21/08/2020  AffinHwang MSM Malaysia- 2Q20: Losses Narrowed
28/05/2020  MIDF MSM - Leveraging on Its Johor Plant
28/05/2020  AmInvest MSM Malaysia- Still in the red in1QFY20
28/05/2020  AffinHwang MSM - 1Q20: Better ASPs Seen

  2 people like this.
Jeffreyteck Believe no issues or most likely will drag years as in....
Ex-Transmile boss appeals against conviction... only old people can recall this long outstanding case, that is efficiency and effectiveness. Lol.
09/09/2020 5:52 PM
MSMsugar STOK LEBIH 50 million
09/09/2020 7:15 PM
Mcmc Whats d story? Why is the head of plant and finance not questioned or asked to go holiday?
10/09/2020 7:14 PM
Winson Nera Any update from this vacuum management and audit company? Espcially that CEO
16/09/2020 10:56 AM
gemfinder Typical malay control company.. all suck money
16/09/2020 11:01 AM
nicedurians already clarified. no missing inventory
17/09/2020 7:08 PM
Warisan If weak BOD cannot change? Let Warisan Plus rule.
18/09/2020 12:04 PM
ThousandWishes gemfinder It's no longer true with the emergence of Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd & all other companies managed by Ir Muhd Karim Abdullah. These are genuine globally competitive companies. You may be right if he is a newly Sarawak born convert.
18/09/2020 4:22 PM
stockinvestigator Not only change in top management is required, the review of all head of departments is needed. esp the dept in charge of buying raw sugar and marketing white sugars
21/09/2020 6:11 PM
Selina888 During Robert Kwok's time, it was well managed. But now, we can see how the company performed as reflected by the share price.
21/09/2020 6:24 PM
MSMsugar bodoh purchaser lock 13.50 today price 12.80
21/09/2020 8:00 PM
stockinvestigator google "MSM trading general manager" and it leads us to https://my.linkedin.com/in/mohd-ismaniza-ismail-10b81428
22/09/2020 12:07 PM
weirdone totally unbelievable, monopoly of important ingredient also can loss money.
well... maybe not really losing money, just that the revenue not return to the company and "misplaced"
02/10/2020 11:49 AM
Jasonlcs No further updates?
05/10/2020 11:21 AM
BigPortfolio Let chinese run the company sure make huge profit.
05/10/2020 11:29 AM
MSMsugar Let chinese run the company sure make huge profit.
05/10/2020 8:17 PM
DepecheM A new beginning is good... change from top to bottom will boost investors' confidence...will see how how they fare next QR before considering taking positron.
05/10/2020 8:59 PM
firehawk Heard he wrote-off 36.6m inventories .... so, where these inventories now? can recover back next Q?
05/10/2020 10:25 PM
5354_ CEO sacked and need 1? Can Chinese apply?
06/10/2020 4:59 AM
5354_ Robert Kuok why not asked to buy back MSM or he won't?
06/10/2020 5:01 AM
5354_ Useless CEO sacked save cost is for sure.
06/10/2020 9:02 AM
5354_ Can write back loss under interim CEO?
06/10/2020 9:04 AM
BigPortfolio USELESS PIG RUN THE BUSINESS SURE DIE.. SEE POS... also same...BSTEAD.... pig cant run business... they only eat money.
06/10/2020 12:40 PM
stockinvestigator Now that CEO sacked, it is convenient to blame poor Q3 results (to be announced next month) on the previous management
07/10/2020 10:29 AM
5354_ MSM not in Prai near Permatang Pauh Anwar hometown? Why cannot up even Anwar soon PM 9?
09/10/2020 11:34 AM
5354_ ASB promoters said hotel biz will boom soon not more sugar need for buffet, etc?
09/10/2020 11:36 AM
5354_ MSM Prai far from Permatang Pauh Anwar hometown? Why no gain unlike ASB?
09/10/2020 11:40 AM
stockinvestigator Q3 results going to report loss again.. how to gain?
09/10/2020 1:28 PM
Penang_lang Anwar if PM 9 can give Rakyat free 10 kg MSM sugar in 2021 Budget to lessen burden from Covid-19.
10/10/2020 4:04 AM
Penang_lang Give each household 10 kg MSM sugar if Anwar PM 9.
10/10/2020 4:07 AM
Penang_lang Ask MSM issue 10 1 kg MSM sugar for each household all paid by govn if Anwar PM 9? Can redeem the voucher in all supermarket?
10/10/2020 4:15 AM
Penang_lang No Msm why Kpc here?
10/10/2020 4:16 AM
Penang_lang Haters that's why PM must change. If Muhyiddin good why MSM not good ?
10/10/2020 4:20 AM
Penang_lang Haters ASB goreng you not aware? Got QR profit?
10/10/2020 4:23 AM
Penang_lang Airasia loss bigger why 60 sen can?
10/10/2020 4:31 AM
Hidup_PN I3 no more people? Where they gone?
16/10/2020 9:30 AM
NESARAJAH1 Suffering in silence
16/10/2020 11:21 AM
NESARAJAH1 Losses too much. Hope is still there now
16/10/2020 11:22 AM
NESARAJAH1 Whats the nrws
20/10/2020 4:35 PM
NESARAJAH1 What a reprieve. Was losing so much. Pray for good news
20/10/2020 4:47 PM
rivter friend say this two day got good news out ~ dun know right or not
20/10/2020 5:16 PM
rivter c today closing price maybe got news~
20/10/2020 5:16 PM
Jerry20 Msm goreng..
20/10/2020 7:01 PM
jwyap back to normal price. rm0.6 above
20/10/2020 7:17 PM
MSMsugar got buyer ???
20/10/2020 7:49 PM
nicedurians wilmar coming in
21/10/2020 7:28 PM
mfbs Rubbish stock
22/10/2020 2:58 PM
NESARAJAH1 Short term excitement
23/10/2020 7:22 PM
maxstore769 still downtrend
29/10/2020 11:10 PM
mfbs Better Syed Mokhtar take over this rubbish company
30/10/2020 10:49 AM

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