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1.57 2.75     +1.18 (75.16%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
11/09/2019 1.55 2.75 +1.20 (77.42%) BUY HLG Price Target News
29/08/2019 1.56 2.75 +1.19 (76.28%) BUY HLG Price Target News
04/07/2019 1.69 2.75 +1.06 (62.72%) BUY HLG Price Target News
17/06/2019 1.58 2.75 +1.17 (74.05%) BUY HLG Price Target News
06/06/2019 1.62 2.75 +1.13 (69.75%) BUY HLG Price Target News
30/05/2019 1.61 2.75 +1.14 (70.81%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
11/09/2019  HLG Property - Some may not have bottomed
29/08/2019  HLG MB World - In the Right Direction
04/07/2019  HLG Property - 2H19 Outlook: Still a Challenge
17/06/2019  HLG MB World - New land acquisition in JB
06/06/2019  HLG MB World - A Good Start to the Year
30/05/2019  HLG MB World - A Good Start to the Year

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bukithot 201509 qtr:
Profit before Tax (“PBT”) increased substantially to RM 6.56 million compared to a Loss Before Tax (“LBT”) of RM
1.05 million during the periods under review. The significant increase of PBT was substantially contributed by a one
off gain of RM 8.55 million arising from the disposal of the following wholly owned subsidiaries as detailed in a circular to shareholders dated 22 May 2015
29/12/2015 8:27 PM
pc007 Potential counter for 2016. TP 1.2 coming soon! I m collecting now.
15/01/2016 9:51 PM
SimonShuet Interesting
16/01/2016 9:31 PM
secret1q why the TP is 1.2? MGO only offer u RM0.8 means the value only worth RM0.8. and the company is take off one off gain of disposal subsidiary is actually make losses last Qtr. Shall worth less than RM0.8. my guess.
19/01/2016 11:24 AM
Contrarian101 possible injection post MGO perhaps?
19/01/2016 4:49 PM
fyh30 secret1q ... haha... u must be very short sighted... cheers
22/01/2016 4:11 PM
secret1q what injection possible to happen? look like the whole company will been taken by another party.
04/02/2016 5:46 AM
Contrarian101 TP 1.2 coming soon?
16/02/2016 5:09 PM
SimonShuet Good volume and move
16/02/2016 5:36 PM
ViWizard it shoud have a tp of rm1.5 hahahaha
17/02/2016 11:39 AM
Contrarian101 new shareholders are owners of MB Group with projects in hotel, mixed development in Johor
18/02/2016 11:33 AM
ViWizard wow.. i like johor
18/02/2016 11:58 AM
SimonShuet 23cents diff.
18/02/2016 12:38 PM
ViWizard wow 1.03 already
18/02/2016 3:36 PM
secret1q We further note that MB Max Sdn Bhd was acquired by EKP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of
EKIB, in September 2015. Under the terms of the acquisition as detailed out in the circular to
shareholders dated 22 May 2015, the vendor, namely MB Land Sdn Bhd, has provided a profit
guarantee to EKP. MB Land Sdn Bhd has warranted to EKP that the audited profit after tax of
MB Max Sdn Bhd for FYE 31 December 2015 and FYE 31 December 2016 shall not be less
than RM15.00 million and RM16.00 million respectively and the aggregate audited profit after
tax for the three (3) financial years to FYE 31 December 2017 shall not be less than RM51.00
million. This profit guarantee is expected to generate a stable revenue and earnings stream to
the EKIB Group over the three (3) financial years to FYE 31 December 2017.
19/02/2016 7:50 AM
ViWizard 1.15 !
19/02/2016 9:50 AM
SimonShuet 38c diff
20/02/2016 8:58 AM
SimonShuet Superb!
20/02/2016 8:58 AM
Dana Subrata TP below 1.10
22/02/2016 11:57 AM
pang72 tp 2.2
26/02/2016 3:21 PM
dkpm89 RTO by mb builders
13/07/2016 11:28 AM
secret1q http://www.mbworld.com.my/#highlights

new company website
20/10/2016 9:53 AM
makubex718 any news on this company? price shoot up
27/01/2017 10:50 AM
Delete Delete http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Corporate-Infomation.aspx?securityCode=7189
27/02/2017 6:39 PM
Toothless gogogo
08/05/2017 12:11 PM
Toothless 3.5sen dividend, prepare to fly~~
29/09/2017 9:44 AM
Toothless http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5556749
29/09/2017 9:44 AM
Lohjunwei here so quite!
Hi bubu
Are you holding this company share?
01/10/2017 7:46 PM
Toothless Yes~~~ My biggest portion of all of stocks
05/10/2017 5:15 PM
Lohjunwei i am one of the shareholders too.
Any good info about this company?
18/10/2017 9:44 PM
katak0320 wow y u all know this stock ,but i am oso holding this stock haha ~
not bad company .but many share holding in hand on boss
22/11/2017 7:12 PM
Lohjunwei price keep going up
someone keep collecting high
coming result must be vry good?
23/11/2017 8:24 AM
katak0320 result big surprise i think dun hv
but earning every year more than last year sure
price up depand on their boss ,so this stock need time to wait
26/11/2017 11:35 AM
Lohjunwei historical high revenue!!
27/11/2017 7:22 PM
Bruce88 Today up 12sen, HLB giving a TP=$2.75 (28% upside)
09/01/2018 10:55 PM
draffluent Quite a good share worth holding
04/06/2018 1:01 PM
secret1q sleeping gaint
24/07/2018 9:16 AM
secret1q most of the share in the hand on the big boss. the boss control the price.
24/07/2018 9:16 AM
Lee Ah Chai This is a cornered counter but out of sudden volume increasing & price dropping! Margin account forced to reduce exposure?
30/07/2018 3:01 PM
Lohjunwei result is good!
20/08/2018 7:42 PM
Jasper Coo Looks good to buy,profit incoming.....
21/08/2018 12:06 PM
Lim Tek Wai Nice ! Start taking profit, thanks.
21/08/2018 12:25 PM
Cozyipy Wil keep up again ?break 2.3
23/08/2018 10:55 AM
Lim Tek Wai Time to collect profit, hehehe thanksss
23/08/2018 11:11 AM
Cozyipy Wow, quite cheap now, time to buy in, yes...
27/08/2018 10:58 AM
andr if not for low vol counter...
28/08/2018 4:16 PM
secret1q good time to keep collect cheap. patient will bring u wealth
28/09/2018 2:39 PM
katak0320 dont hv dividend this year?
17/10/2018 7:46 PM
commonsense 3Q18 result was higher compared to last years (eventhough revenue was lower) due to the completion of the 161 double storey shop office of Taman Sri Penawar project which bring in more margins.

4Q18 result should be lower compared to 4Q17 but mainly because the last year's result was the highest driven by the completion of the Pinnacle Tower. That being said MBworld should still be able to record a PAT of around RM10mil.

Investors need to be ready to see a negative growth PAT in 4Q18.
01/12/2018 9:37 PM
Bearybull Sleep mode.??
20/03/2019 11:28 AM

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