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Market Cap: 382 Million
NOSH: 6,372 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):444,087,123
4 Weeks Range:0.055 - 0.165
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.055 - 2.68
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.14
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.08
Stamp duty exempted for year 2021

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Dec-2020 [#4]  |  31-Mar-2021
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Mar-2021  |  30-Jun-2021
T4Q P/E | EY: 22.86  |  4.37%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.027  |  2.22
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 24.59%  |  9.70%


Date Subject
05-May-2021 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 5 May 2021
05-May-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 5 May 2021
27-Apr-2021 富斯科交投热 股价却低迷
23-Mar-2021 Technical Buy - FOCUS (0116)
23-Mar-2021 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 23 Mar 2021
22-Jan-2021 PublicInvest Research Daily - 22 Jan 2021
05-Jan-2021 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 5 Jan 2021
05-Jan-2021 Mplus Market Pulse - 5 Jan 2021
23-Nov-2020 Trading Stocks - Focus Dynamics
12-Nov-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 12 Nov 2020
12-Nov-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 12 Nov 2020
11-Nov-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 11 Nov 2020
11-Nov-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 11 Nov 2020
02-Nov-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 2 Nov 2020
12-Oct-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 12 Oct 2020
12-Oct-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 12 Oct 2020
07-Oct-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 7 Oct 2020
02-Sep-2020 富科斯挑战RM2.54/敏源
20-Aug-2020 [转贴] [Video:浅谈FOCUS DYNAMICS GROUP BHD, FOCUS, 0116] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
19-Aug-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 19 Aug 2020

Business Background

Focus Dynamics Group Bhd is an investment holding company. The business activity of the group is operated through three segments namely Food and beverage, Manufacturing and Engineering services of which it derives the majority of revenue from Food and beverage segment which is engaged in operation and management of food and beverage outlets. In addition, the firm also manufactures speed drives and instruments for control of industrial machines and processes and provides engineering services for energy efficiency systems. Geographically all the activities are functioned from the regions of Malaysia.
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  8 people like this.
apolloang fintec and asiabio no kena margin call yet? later both cannot pay bank....hehe
15/05/2021 2:36 PM
scenery Most of the money go to the Management already lah, if they didnt borrow shares from the co. n sell, since price drop due to archego collapse, n then buy back to return to enrich themselves, they are stupeed lah..

All kena con until naked still think the shark will vomit out their gain for ikan bilis to escape.. haha
15/05/2021 2:41 PM
Ppmaster My friend like to buy property, i think he should have more than 100 property, i jus like to invest in share market, not interested in property, i lazy on trouble thing like collect rental.
15/05/2021 4:08 PM
BILLC The best con counter of the year goes to ,,,,,,,,Focus
15/05/2021 4:37 PM
RCZ2020 Don't be surprised Monday shoot up
15/05/2021 4:49 PM
DreamHunter ha ha ha
15/05/2021 5:06 PM
DreamHunter yah kah
15/05/2021 5:07 PM
DreamHunter sure boh
15/05/2021 5:07 PM
DreamHunter how you know leh
15/05/2021 5:07 PM
dompeilee Sure..."shoot" up 1 to 2 tick just to lure new bilis in...then DUMPPPPPP lol
15/05/2021 5:48 PM
stockraider Do not waste time with kon man stock, just move on lah!
15/05/2021 6:16 PM
Ppmaster Monday this counter possibilyty raise to 0.07-0.075 is 10%, drop to 0.05-0.055 is 90% , uncharge is 50%. Anyone want to fight for 10% possibility, go ahead and good luck.
15/05/2021 6:45 PM
Raiz368 I hope to drop 5 cent, that is bottom price for this stock...
15/05/2021 7:50 PM
investor2021trading if dropped 5c sure kena UMA n suspended!
15/05/2021 7:54 PM
investor2021trading idk, once they get enough cheap Focus shares to avoid margin call they will then pushed up d price to mark up its value!
15/05/2021 8:49 PM
hw223 yes, but only when all margin calls exhausted, price trend will then change.
15/05/2021 8:51 PM



15/05/2021 8:58 PM





15/05/2021 8:59 PM











15/05/2021 9:00 PM
OpporturnityHunter 马来西亚2021年度最佳狂跌股冠军是FXXXX。亚军是是DXX, 季军是MXXXX, 殿军是 BXXXXX. 恭喜所有的得奖公司。 请各位老板们上台领奖。
15/05/2021 9:59 PM
OpporturnityHunter 正所谓, 台上三分钟, 台下十年功。 感谢所有得奖公司的老板, 这么多年来默默耕耘, 劳苦付出, 付出常人所不能,才把公司带入最佳狂跌股的前四。谢谢。 希望来年百尺竿斗,更进一步。
15/05/2021 10:03 PM
OpporturnityHunter 其他没有能够得奖的公司, 不要气馁,再接再厉。希望来年看到你们。
15/05/2021 10:04 PM
ooi8888 老兄,你没选出优秀奖和安慰奖得主?
15/05/2021 10:19 PM
651158 台下二十年,台上一分钟才对
15/05/2021 10:54 PM
wee2000 dropped 1 & half month already.
15/05/2021 10:57 PM
651158 like our using ten year money to buy the share , just one day come make our money to be lost to be zero
15/05/2021 10:57 PM
RCZ2020 OpportunityHunter please translate in English. I don't know mandarin. Tq
15/05/2021 11:47 PM
Ppmaster You all have to learn more, your all now just a baby in share market. You all will be the food of shark.
15/05/2021 11:57 PM
DJ0ker89 knn shud up Ppmaster
16/05/2021 2:57 AM
Rocket2moon https://www.facebook.com/103165771496030/posts/253660109779928/
16/05/2021 9:45 AM
hw223 MF001, what I mean by margin calls, are bankers force sell the shares of big bosses n sharks, not force selling ikan bilis lah !
16/05/2021 10:22 AM
Ppmaster I dun believe in teory, i jus see the results, this the only way to judge you are pass or fail. No need to talk more, make it simple.
16/05/2021 10:49 AM
Raiz368 Tomorrow mkt will strong rebound with 80% stock will up....
16/05/2021 12:51 PM
Ppmaster Raiz368, why you not go buy others counter? Why you like to make yourself suffer. Funny mind set.
16/05/2021 1:55 PM
Citadel9999 diam 7 la, every day million million, how much Ur portfolio?? dare to post it on i3???
16/05/2021 2:07 PM
Raiz368 Ppmaster...I want to support this stok and diversified my investment from low risk to high risk.
16/05/2021 4:09 PM
Raiz368 I think the price already near to the bottom..
16/05/2021 4:10 PM
DobitaLim Road to PN17 soon, trap more and more IKAN BILIS wakahkahkah
16/05/2021 4:22 PM
RCZ2020 No way PN17. Focus will rebound. Mark my word
16/05/2021 5:35 PM
Ppmaster Dobitalim, this coumter so far wont be pn17 but high chances to do the share consolidate, if not wont press the price to this level or lower.
16/05/2021 6:14 PM
investor2021trading i don't see any financial problems, court cases or huge losses on its Focus business other than d recent scammed involving some major shareholders which r personal in nature! it's d scammers problems facing criminal charges or imprisonment, assets freeze, heavily disposing their shares at "lelong" price to salvage their money, to avoid margin calls, to meet their debts thru' banks borrowings with shares as collaterals!
16/05/2021 7:15 PM
Ppmaster Raiz368, low risk you dun want, you want high risk? Haha, is up to you, your money you decide.
16/05/2021 7:36 PM
Ppmaster Sometimes i will take high risk too , like play US market and Hongkong market index , jus see how is the return.
16/05/2021 7:39 PM
partimeshark queue at 0.010
16/05/2021 10:10 PM
stingray_ea Focus Vs other Penny stock

16/05/2021 10:36 PM
Ppmaster Same say will rebound, some say will continue drop. Haha. This is the interesting of share market. After few day not so busy, tomorow will busy again but i like it.
17/05/2021 12:40 AM
Ppmaster I can expect my this year profit will much drop compare to last year. Nvm jus a figure only, i enjoy the process.
17/05/2021 12:42 AM
651158 早起的鸟儿有虫吃
17/05/2021 8:28 AM
stingray_ea As at today total focus-pa convention is 10%. Or > $100 M in focus pocket

Hold 30% of LKL share. 0.355. Or. $80M
17/05/2021 8:54 AM
stingray_ea 12-May-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 50,000 0.55
10-May-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 550,000 0.55
6-May-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,005,000 0.55
3-May-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,826,190 0.55
30-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,157,500 0.55
28-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,116,000 0.55
27-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 9,598,500 0.55
26-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 10,918,600 0.55
23-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 24,527,600 0.55
22-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 16,165,660 0.55
19-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 5,478,730 0.55
16-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 12,409,000 0.55
15-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 130,000 0.55
13-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,436,800 0.55
9-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,360,000 0.55
7-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,204,000 0.55
2-Apr-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 8,457,300 0.55
30-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,305,200 0.55
25-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,835,000 0.55
22-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 9,413,100 0.55
17-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,425,000 0.55
11-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,529,000 0.55
9-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,193,000 0.55
8-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 310,000 0.55
4-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,950,000 0.55
1-Mar-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,536,100 0.55
25-Feb-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 8,056,000 0.55
22-Feb-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 200,000 0.55
17-Feb-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,497,000 0.55
15-Feb-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,228,000 0.55
9-Feb-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 11,169,300 0.55
5-Feb-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,289,000 0.55
2-Feb-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 6,392,500 0.55
27-Jan-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,055,000 0.55
22-Jan-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,320,200 0.55
20-Jan-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 7,860,200 0.55
15-Jan-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 5,197,000 0.55
12-Jan-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 4,916,500 0.55
8-Jan-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,290,000 0.55
5-Jan-21 Conversion of Preference Shares 9,857,190 0.55
30-Dec-20 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,610,500 0.55
28-Dec-20 Conversion of Preference Shares 902,000 0.55
23-Dec-20 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,044,665 0.55
21-Dec-20 Conversion of Preference Shares 2,878,300 0.55
17-Dec-20 Conversion of Preference Shares 1,123,000 0.55
15-Dec-20 Conversion of Preference Shares 3,488,630 0.55

239,262,265 X 0.55 ===> RM 131 594 245.8
17/05/2021 9:05 AM

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