KLSE: OSK-WC (5053WC)       OSK HOLDINGS BHD MAIN : Property
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0.005   0.00 (0.00%)  0.00 - 0.00  0


Listing Date:Aug 04, 2015
Maturity Date:Jul 22, 2020
Issue Size:237,732,751
Exercise Price:MYR 1.80
Ratio: 1 : 1
Underlying Stock:OSK
Avg Volume (4 weeks):0
52 Weeks Range:0.005 - 0.04

Additional Info

Announcement: [Aug 03, 2015] Profile for Securities of PLC
[Aug 03, 2015] Profile for Securities of PLC
Description:Warrants issued pursuant to the Bonus Issue of Warrants
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comment1986 good day
04/08/2015 8:50 AM
cutedragon hoho~~ max gap up guys~ hold on~~ ^^
04/08/2015 9:04 AM
Lucas Chan wah last price only 0.005?? wtf
04/08/2015 9:18 AM
Lucas Chan its mean bonus warrant only worth 0.005???
04/08/2015 9:19 AM
Mario Gu how much this warrant worth ??
04/08/2015 12:10 PM
sephiroth limit for today 30.5 sen, c the buy q bor 51.5million shares, 2molo i think boleh break 38 to 40
04/08/2015 3:09 PM
sbg3106 why I am not allowed to sell above 0.305?
04/08/2015 4:29 PM
sephiroth price limit for today is 0.305 set by bursa
04/08/2015 4:36 PM
sbg3106 no wonder
04/08/2015 4:37 PM
speakup how come reference price is 0.5sen? I thought reference price should be 24sen.
04/08/2015 5:01 PM
sephiroth now 0.40, do u think mother share will be worth 2.20 (exercise price 1.80 + warrant price 0.40) in year 2020, easily worth 0.80-1.00 aka mother share 2.80-3.00
05/08/2015 9:28 AM
hoseh why not everyone go sapu and sell back at higher price later?
05/08/2015 9:31 AM
speakup osk-wc premium 22%. sell osk-wc, swap to osk?
05/08/2015 10:15 AM
sephiroth osk mother share will catch up, premium of 20-30% is common for a 5 yr warrant
05/08/2015 10:16 AM
speakup so either wc drop or mother up?
05/08/2015 10:37 AM
hoseh why cannot both up?
when mother up, son follow.
when son up, mother follow.

the same rule is applied for reverse direction.
05/08/2015 10:39 AM
Foresight123 Exercise price how much?
05/08/2015 1:26 PM
kt888 88 Rm1.80
05/08/2015 1:46 PM
ImCK premium so high also strong == wtf
05/08/2015 2:34 PM
Bilis Bilis greatinvestor Osk. Platform downnnn...............shit!
05/08/2015 09:17

Cheang Weizheng Damnit OSK188...
05/08/2015 09:35

"Tan Sri wants it this way......"

If your sole account with OSK brokerhouse, and IF YOU OWN OSK-WC (just listed this morning) and if you want to sell because it's being goreng to this very attractive price of 0.40+ ---you cant!!! because your shares is kept in OSKnominees, even if your other brokerhouse cannot sell for you!!

At the peak price (say 0.44) now, only he himself can sell,because he planned this in advance,you cant if your shares' CDS account is with OSK.

When OSK-WC finish its peak-price selling (and distribution), dropping to a much lower price, the platform will suddenly and mysteriously up and going again.....dont be surprise.

So you will scream : " but this is very dirty tactic ! this is non-level playing field in its stinking height..."

Exercise for OSK-WC owner or intending buyers:

Conversion price 1.80
Current warrant price 0.44
Total to convert into Mother 0.44 +1.80 = 2.24
Mother price now =1.84

You know what you should do!!!!

oh btw
ikanbilisbilis where is ikan bilisbilis? ego sudah deflated
05/08/2015 11:48

You are a "faked virgin" ,newly set up by your master the "old prostitute"
go back to him to check up your faked hymen --whether it is still intact!!

Cant find your own hymen...there it is here :
05/08/2015 13:21
05/08/2015 2:36 PM
as1915000 premium so high, still got a lot buyerssssssssssssssss. what a ?????????????
05/08/2015 2:39 PM
Bilis Bilis still got a lot buyerssssssssssssssss.

price manipulation to lure the greedy small investors---owner doing distribution
05/08/2015 3:06 PM
sbg3106 now drop till muntah balik morning opening price
05/08/2015 4:32 PM
jasonor OSK 188 platform down, but OSK-WC up.. lol...
05/08/2015 4:40 PM
kentrade888 tomorrow drop
05/08/2015 4:42 PM
paperplane2 crazy! OLH PLaying! AVOIDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
05/08/2015 4:51 PM
stockraider Have confidence....raider value Rm 0.60 to Rm 0.80...don sell too cheap mah....!!

OSK mother Rm 1820
Dividend Rm 150
OSK-C/4 Rm 100
Theoretical Osk b4 ad Rm 2070

Normal value of OSK Rm 2250 to Rm 2300 b4 exercise loh...!!
05/08/2015 4:59 PM
Lucas Chan This is a trap!!! Please be caful OLH a big cheater!!! Who the one holding a lot of osk - wc which is 0.005 , and now he trying to push up the price to attract u guys push up with him, it make him getting more rich, cause he the one who got a lot osk - wc! !once the price up to his target, then u all will know!!
06/08/2015 12:02 AM
TengkuFaisal u guys think can so easy make money from OLH ka. like the c2peed OTB...

bring all to horland. PJD.

use brain la. OLH is stockbroker la, some more a tansri one.

don't play play.
06/08/2015 12:04 AM
jfanalytic Guys, it is a 5 year warrant. I think it is rather fair with premium of 30 to 40 cents.
06/08/2015 7:29 AM
paperplane2 Everything related olh must be discounted mah! Not premium!
06/08/2015 7:31 AM
kongming1 if wa price is 0.005 then I would hantam all the money inside, why? cause leverage, its so easy to double up my capitol with one bid up compare to mother share.
06/08/2015 9:15 AM
Ewenyow Better buy the mother share now?
10/08/2015 3:48 PM
cutedragon kongming1, who don know the person who born u out is a women...... why not just say that "if mother share price is 0.005 then I would hantam all the money inside?" i would loan everything and sell all my house to buy as well bro... not to double up... buy to make it few 100x up lol... XD
11/08/2015 8:53 AM
kongming1 cutedragon: my comment is to those ppl who said that wa is worth only 0.005 in the first day cause mother share price under 1.8.
They dint count the time value, probably my wording is too poor, make ppl misunderstood. its ok.
11/08/2015 12:05 PM
17/03/2016 10:45 PM
boon1515 join the ship at 0.32
24/03/2016 11:09 PM
bumberbee OLH almost everyday eat in OSK-WC
27/07/2016 7:39 PM
nicnic left 25cents.....zzz
28/10/2016 4:05 PM
nicnic all banking industry shares also UP....OSK is in the list ...hihiiii
15/03/2017 2:12 PM
Beerbeer88 If you choose a biz partner, try to avoid someone like OLH. Even the meat and bone will be eaten. Just take PJDEV as a case study.
15/03/2017 2:15 PM
sctan same as osk, after selling stockbroking biz to rhb, never reward shareholders, only gv free warrant to please shareholders , to support the privitization of osk property
15/03/2017 2:18 PM
funitec At least the Old Coot gives dividend and some warrants. Of course OLH is a shark.. we eat the little bits thrown out to us. Until he is ingood mood .....Hopefully ..or realises life is short..and rewards those who supported his shares.
21/04/2017 5:04 PM

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