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11-Sep-2019 12-Sep-2019 Private Placement 54,836,800 0.390 608,132,861 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jul-2014 10-Jul-2014 Private Placement 40,500,000 1.330 553,296,061 Additional Listing Detail
11-Feb-2010 12-Feb-2010 Rights Issue 169,627,220 1.100 512,796,061 Additional Listing Detail
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Follower lama2 satu kali goreng niak banyak lekas semua kejar tiba2 volume tadak pelahan2 turun dia tunggu beli murah tak salah 1 tahun naik sekali...
02/12/2016 10:20 AM
Follower this pelikan and lonbisc not worth buying.
02/12/2016 4:39 PM
Arvin6 Can buy in this pelikan dy . It will going up soon . Drop so many day dy . At least will go up few cent .
06/12/2016 9:54 AM
tomanhead i'm back in...hope in time for my X-mas bonus !
15/12/2016 12:21 AM
Arvin6 Woo .. start engine dy . 80cent block . Clear . Up trend now
19/12/2016 12:01 PM
tomanhead santa claus is coming !!!
20/12/2016 11:46 AM
Arvin6 Once touch 85 can sell all and go happy holiday dy ..
20/12/2016 11:57 AM
tomanhead now 0.86 how....can go to the moon already.Touch 0.9can go to mars.....hahaha
20/12/2016 12:58 PM
tomanhead hahaha....on the way to MARS
20/12/2016 4:54 PM
tomanhead now,so geram geram want to sell and go to the bank.But gut feeling say wait for 1 ringgit
21/12/2016 10:59 AM
Kadon I will wait for 1.3. Shooting to the moon.
21/12/2016 5:31 PM
Kadon Just read kenanga analysis.It's show as "BUY" counter.
22/12/2016 9:27 AM
tomanhead RM 1 COMING SOON
05/01/2017 4:24 PM
kiasu_trader Most of the short term trader sold this share, its time for us to buy !!! Insider that next QR result like rocket
25/01/2017 9:25 AM
kiasu_trader As Ive told you ! 0.880 and now 0.930
07/02/2017 12:35 PM
cstrader Easily cross 1.20 soon
07/02/2017 5:54 PM
cstrader Can collect for capital gains. SOON
09/02/2017 2:31 PM
Ong Josephine should cross 1.00 today
16/02/2017 9:24 AM
16/02/2017 3:16 PM
cstrader Next week should go above 1.10
16/02/2017 8:17 PM
tomanhead today can cross or not???
17/02/2017 12:24 PM
cstrader Today cannot. UMA if too fast. Next week guaranteed.
17/02/2017 5:38 PM
tomanhead sold already...0.990.
17/02/2017 10:39 PM
cstrader Next week TP 1.20
18/02/2017 8:36 PM
Ong Josephine preparing to vroooommmmm
21/02/2017 10:31 AM
cstrader Yes agreed. Next TP 1.40
22/02/2017 8:19 PM
cstrader Run. Game over. Likely back to 78 cts
23/02/2017 6:47 PM
tomanhead maybe QR no good....price been down few days alredy
27/02/2017 8:40 PM
tomanhead every 4th Q,revenue drop...and loss,what kind of research kenanga do?their projection a load of bullshit.Tomolo falling knife?
28/02/2017 10:14 PM
cstrader New wave again
08/03/2017 9:03 PM
Blazer123 seems not good
10/03/2017 12:06 PM
moneykj Sure no good boh?
17/03/2017 12:20 AM
moneykj Not far away
17/03/2017 8:13 AM
tomanhead now is as good as anytime to get in....
13/04/2017 4:14 PM
happycool 80cts good price
19/04/2017 12:41 PM
tomanhead ahem...wat is the story today ?
04/05/2017 10:15 AM
tomanhead Going thru the roof today ???
05/05/2017 12:23 PM
cstrader Story is TP 1.20 - old story
05/05/2017 10:43 PM
cstrader Believe time to run again. Big trap. Same old style.
08/05/2017 9:03 PM
DickyMe R.U.N
09/05/2017 4:50 PM
smartbeng not so good for PELIKAN ... research reports frm THE EDGE 1st July 2017
01/07/2017 10:09 PM
tomanhead Wow....super low price,tomorrow gotta buy a few pieces for bonus
11/03/2018 11:00 AM
tomanhead Siowwww......yowwww....lah..... Fly Pelikan flyyy....
13/04/2018 12:51 PM
stillloss no update??
any comment?
10/12/2018 4:46 PM
commonsense Hi stillloss,

The below expectation result in 3Q18 was due to a combination of both lower revenue (RM321mil vs RM374mil in 3Q17) and compression in profit margin where PBT margin for the quarter fell to 1.9% vs 4.6% a year ago. This was below some investors’ expectation given the group decision to disposed of the print consumable business in Europe and China back in 2Q17. With this investor was hoping that the company could start delivering consistent profit and growth. But after a year since the disposal, the growth has yet to be deliver.

Revenue was lower in the recent quarter due to lower contribution from German and other European countries. However, in terms of profit, these 2 segments actually deliver growth from an EBIT of RM11mil in 3Q17 to RM14.3mil for the quarter.

For Americas (Mexico, Colombia and Argentina) and Rest of the world (Japan China SEA and Middle East), both divisions recorded falling revenue, from a combined of RM69mil in 3Q17 to RM58 mil in the recent quarter. What is worst is that EBIT had fallen from RM13.1mil to only RM0.3mil wiping out any gains from the European market. The lower result was mainly due to the recession faces by Argentina where some outlet was forced to closed down in order to protect the group from the steep currency valuation faced by the Argentina peso.

4Q is expected to be a slow quarter for the group given that it’s a school holiday period in Europe. Europe should still record good performance for next year. Profit growth will mainly be driven by the forex exchange rate. The change of government for Mexico and Argentina will add into the political uncertainties of the countries. Outlook for the division in terms of profit might be affected for the near term.

That being said, Mr Loo has been adding his exposure in the company almost every day albeit at very low volume. Still that just show that he believes the company is currently undervalue. He has been adding his position little by little since April this year when the share price was at 70 sens. His position prior to the start of acquisition was 96.5mil. His current position now is at 96.2 mil. Why? Because he actually sold some 1.5mi shares in May at around 65 sens. But still from his last selling action he has acquired almost 1mil shares (price between 65sens to 30 sens).

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio outside of Pelikan (due to earnings uncertainty), I would recommend you to look at MBMR.

MBMR is a direct proxy to Perodua via its 22.6% interest in the company. Valuation is cheap at only 5.5x PE (based on target FY18 PATAMI of RM145mil. 9m PATAMI is already RM106mil). PB is low at only 0.5x BV. 4Q18 results is expected to be higher than 3Q18 and last year's 4Q17.

For FY19 growth will be driven by the still high demand of new Myvi and the launch of the new SUV in 1Q19.

Please go through the analyst reports (https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/pt/5983.jsp) and do your own analysis before making any decisions.

Good luck.
19/12/2018 12:53 PM
21/02/2019 9:48 PM
tomanhead tomorrow JUMP !!!
29/08/2019 9:57 PM
fraddieshare no jump?? QR look good
30/08/2019 9:52 AM
bjgdila123 0.25 baru bely
03/09/2019 3:30 PM
Holyman The taking of Pelikan 123... new shld new board.
13/09/2019 3:28 PM


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