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Change in Audit Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
15-Oct-2020 15-Oct-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR YEW ONN CHONG View Detail
15-Oct-2020 15-Oct-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR HONG CHIA SEONG View Detail
30-Sep-2020 30-Sep-2020 RESIGNATION Member MR MAK HON LEONG View Detail
28-Sep-2020 28-Sep-2020 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MR WONG WEE KEAN View Detail
01-Sep-2020 29-Aug-2020 RESIGNATION Member MISS GOH SHAW KOON @ GOH MEI LING View Detail
28-Aug-2020 28-Aug-2020 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee MR WONG WEE KEAN View Detail
21-Jan-2020 21-Jan-2020 APPOINTMENT Member MISS GOH SHAW KOON @ GOH MEI LING View Detail
21-Jan-2020 21-Jan-2020 RESIGNATION Member MR YEW ONN CHONG View Detail
04-Jun-2018 04-Jun-2018 APPOINTMENT Chairman of Audit Committee MR TAN SHIAH HUEI View Detail
24-Apr-2018 24-Apr-2018 APPOINTMENT Member MR MAK HON LEONG View Detail
26-Mar-2018 26-Mar-2018 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee PROF DATO' DR DOMINIC LAU HOE CHAI View Detail
26-Mar-2018 26-Mar-2018 RESIGNATION Chairman of Audit Committee MR PAULINUS MOJIUN View Detail
20-Oct-2016 20-Oct-2016 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee DATUK JOHN MALUDA @ WANJI View Detail
20-Oct-2016 20-Oct-2016 APPOINTMENT Non-Executive Director MR YEW ONN CHONG View Detail
16-Aug-2016 16-Aug-2016 APPOINTMENT Member PROF DATO' DR DOMINIC LAU HOE CHAI View Detail
20-Jun-2016 20-Jun-2016 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee DATO ZHANG LI View Detail
06-May-2016 06-May-2016 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MR WONG WEE KEAN View Detail
06-May-2016 06-May-2016 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee DATO ZHANG LI View Detail
16-Jul-2013 16-Jul-2013 APPOINTMENT Chairman of Audit Committee PAULINUS MOJIUN View Detail
16-Jul-2013 16-Jul-2013 RESIGNATION Chairman of Audit Committee LEONG HOCK CHEONG View Detail
06-Mar-2013 06-Mar-2013 APPOINTMENT Chairman of Audit Committee LEONG HOCK CHEONG View Detail
06-Mar-2013 06-Mar-2013 RESIGNATION Chairman of Audit Committee LEE KHIM SIN View Detail
04-Feb-2008 04-Feb-2008 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee DATUK JOHN MALUDA @ WANJI View Detail
11-Jan-2008 11-Jan-2008 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee DATUK RICHARD BAINON @ RAYNER View Detail
13-Dec-2007 13-Dec-2007 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee CHANG AH NGAU View Detail
27-Aug-2007 27-Aug-2007 RESIGNATION Member of Audit Committee MOHD ZAHARI BIN DATO' HAJI MAULUD View Detail
23-Aug-2007 23-Aug-2007 APPOINTMENT Member of Audit Committee WONG WEE KEAN View Detail
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DragonPhoenix not a single quarter making money...hopeless
01/05/2021 11:06 AM
udangmatabiru vroommmmmmmm
07/05/2021 1:08 PM
mr hh terbang2...
10/05/2021 8:52 AM
Tingwai90 terbang to longkang....trap n trap
10/05/2021 9:39 AM
ojai2009 Add more 200/195
10/05/2021 9:40 AM
mr hh add add
10/05/2021 2:30 PM
Tingwai90 add more trap more....
11/05/2021 4:21 PM
Speed99 so worried
16/05/2021 4:58 PM
ChongLeeWoon https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2479467.html

EGM until police also come... First in Bursa Malaysia!!! Really WTF man
20/05/2021 10:49 PM
Speedmaster This board of directors, sorry, this board of JOKERS need to be voted OUT ASAP!!

Going against court order by calling police to come disband the meeting, wow.
21/05/2021 8:37 PM
Speedmaster NWP entered into 8 MOUs in 8 months.... but what are the real business results that come from all the signing and picture-taking??

22/05/2021 9:28 AM
bojed If it can hold above 0.25, then that would be a very good sign.
24/05/2021 1:18 PM
Speedmaster Beware of TRAP....

24/05/2021 11:25 PM
Speedmaster 34.8 million SIS at 15.9sen
25.9 million PP at 15.9sen

Total = 60 million shares in the hands of "directors and employees" at cost of 16sen

Buying at 20sen now seems nothing but a TRAP!!!

Of course longer term if company shows solid business growth and performance then is a different story. For the current financial status and almost ZERO business of the company, anything above 16sen is a MAJOR RISK considering track record of directors who are so PANDAI in SIGNING MOU non stop but company also bleed non stop.

25/05/2021 11:35 PM
Speedmaster PP and SIS is common corporate exercise.

Just saying the board of director is uncommonly GENG only hehe, King of MOU don't play play!!
26/05/2021 1:04 PM
DreamHunter ha ha ha
26/05/2021 2:30 PM
DreamHunter yah kah
26/05/2021 2:30 PM
DreamHunter sure boh
26/05/2021 2:30 PM
Speedmaster Current board holding the EGM now on 11June after calling police during last EGM,
let's do it again to vote FOR all the reso to remove the current board of *****

29/05/2021 9:44 PM
mr hh Topup2
01/06/2021 9:30 AM
dayknight bull hiding behind the timber
01/06/2021 10:54 AM
hohvest OTHERS | https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/3370469
01/06/2021 9:32 PM
hohvest two side fight,you sue me ,i sue u,haha drama
01/06/2021 9:33 PM
Speedmaster Directors all selling now cos no longer need to hold shares for EGM voting, let retailers hug the shares at 18-19 sen then slowly wait to buy back at 15-16 sen level when retailer IMPATIENT and PANIC. Buy this as a long term investment lor.... wait for next goreng haha
02/06/2021 10:58 PM
Asyraf96 Buy nowwww will goreng
03/06/2021 9:41 AM
Speedmaster Since when Chu announce he bought 20/20.5, no point for him to buy now since EGM called off. Non stop sell to retailers who believe will goreng.
03/06/2021 4:37 PM
Asyraf96 Somethingis brewing
03/06/2021 6:45 PM
arthur8756 Masuk 0.18, hopefully will goreng soon
04/06/2021 6:43 PM
Slumberjer Market okay sure goreng one
04/06/2021 9:11 PM
Speedmaster Directors' costs at .159 sen, wait retailer buy from them at 18 to 20sen earn easy money so nice

05/06/2021 8:16 PM
Fattymin lai laio
08/06/2021 9:02 AM
willc48 owner sendiri goreng. save the jungle
08/06/2021 9:31 AM
Speedmaster Scrambling to make volume appear like got big buyer... own musical chair change account nia... retailer join then terus buang ticket...

Volume big for last one week is very evident of switching to avoid pick up shares.
08/06/2021 9:38 AM
bulldog Accumulation in progress

Huat chaiii
08/06/2021 2:35 PM
bulldog Bulldog accumulate at 17.5

Huat chaiii
08/06/2021 2:41 PM
bulldog Sold out 18 5

Huat chaiii
08/06/2021 2:43 PM
Fattymin lucky i sold at 0.20, enough for kfc
08/06/2021 3:48 PM
Jacky_87 Gogo Ewint. Uptrending stock. Tomorrow cont uptrend momentum
08/06/2021 4:34 PM
mystery Gogo Encorp. today close at highest price, tmr fly to the sky
08/06/2021 9:49 PM
arthur8756 Fcking stock..ppl enter 0.18 steady wait goreng...up to 0.205 only sharp drop to 0.175 scare die me cutloss, then he rebounce to 0.19...where got confidence play if like this
09/06/2021 12:40 AM
Speedmaster Already warned since last week that the current board/shareholders wanna exit their shares because no longer need the shares to vote for EGM, plus have cheap PP and SIS at 0.159 sen.
09/06/2021 1:35 PM
Asyraf96 If break 0.20 sure will fly to heaven
10/06/2021 10:04 AM
Speedmaster Tuesday volume 132m,

Today T+2
Friday T+3

Today can see so call "operator" churning up a few bids to slowly exit to retailers, tomorrow will see whether they can exit in time unless they have more than T+3 facility but doubt so on such counter...

Retailers/traders be warned.
10/06/2021 11:09 AM
justicewins “大马中介之神经“故事
猪Ass 国际地产 创办人 - 那笃屎里 技不能


先说历史,故事嘛,必须要有背景的,小编的朋友目前还就职于大马曾经数一数二的房产中介公司创办人 - 技不能,那笃屎里 技不能 也算是个行内的风云人物。多年前小编也有幸在另一位相当成功“领袖”的邀约,听过技不能的演讲,当时还真的被感染到,要说“月入过万”的鼻祖是他真的不为过,那笃屎里 技不能 的吹功真的不是盖的,差点就签下卖身契替他卖命,当他的经纪,迫不及待地期待月入过万。

但老天有眼,就在小编冲动之际,隔天在面子书就看见了这位满口宏愿,舍己为人的那笃屎里 技不能 在自己的面书贴里跟人口舌,内容实在是不堪入目,看了简直是 WTF!还自问是同一个人吗,不是假账号?是的!原来那笃屎里 技不能 技不能还喜欢不时发帖做面书键盘侠,诋毁其他公司,谈政治。其实网路上各有各立场是平凡不过的是,让小编止步的是身为那笃屎里 技不能 ,居然还多次人身攻击网民,人身攻击eh,搬出妈妈祖先的哪一种 。。。

为了求证,也不要因为先入为主误了大好前途,小编就摇起了电话给那位让小编出席会场的领袖。因为多年朋友的关系,这位领袖也透漏了内幕,长话短说的就是,这朋友也承认小编所假设的都只是表面那笃屎里 技不能 的崩塌人设,如有机会直接接触处事,多半会怀疑人生!面书上也曾经有过不少他的负面,据小编朋友的可靠消息是,不可说所有都是事实,但也不会空穴来风,是必有因。那小编当然好奇这位领袖朋友如何还可以继续留在自己那么不认同的公司?他的回答竟是,不久后也很快也好像其他已经离开的朋友,自立门户,或宁愿重新开始!邀小编去会场是希望跟他,不是猪Ass ><

回归正题,其实之后就望而却步,但反而好奇这么奇葩的一个人物如何可以成功。最近创办人之间有分歧导致没发工资!小编另外一位很要好朋友就是在公司内部就职,不是经纪。突然来电诉苦说他公司竟在这非常时期拖粮,原因不是疫情,而是股东纠纷!公司的两位主要创办人那笃屎里 技不能和MM。话说纠纷的源头是多年的累计,前者不满后者在猪Ass没付出却平分天下,要硬抢猪Ass,甚至争夺上市公司,就如港剧剧情!真是人神共愤!

小编朋友也不确认他知道的是事实全部,但可确认的是,全公司员工都知道自以为政治手段了得的那笃屎里 技不能 为了抢夺猪Ass,巴结有名无实的小股东持牌人大卫,找些无中生有的理由要把MM踢出去。MM 自保冻结了他们三人的户口,那笃屎里 技不能 却要利用这机会不让所有员工出粮,说是 MM 冻结了所有户口!可是其实多数员工都收到MM的通知,也知道银行的安排,除了他们三人的户口,一切运作如常!

原本在月头该出粮,但没有收到一条毛的员工自然就在开始在公司群里发问,天经地义!丧心病狂那笃屎里 技不能 那位小三上位有名无实的老板娘竟然回答是律师交代不可动户口!你他X的,员工的粮,关律师何事?你玩政治手段把几十名员工牺牲?没钱交租,供屋,供车,吃饭,养家你律师负责?要么就支粮继续玩政治!不然就好好付员工应得的酬劳!本来说一天后搞定,一天后说法庭改期多几天,那如果法庭改十年,员工等十年?!恶心!其他员工再提问就被怀疑是内鬼!断人米饭才是罪大恶极!

同一时间,到处发新闻说自己的上市公司有什么未来,明明进了公司那么多年还说刚开始!之前小编领袖朋友还不是被割韭菜了!但他说认赌服输没办法,担心的就不知道那笃屎里 技不能 会不会也乘机冻结所有经纪的佣金!这故事就是希望某些人可以借鉴,玩政治归玩政治,不要牺牲掉其他的人!

记得这只是故事,听说那笃屎里 技不能 也很会告人,所以还是得声明,本故事纯属虚构,如有雷同实属巧合!如有故事分享的也要小心哦,最好是用匿名账号经免官非!

原文 https://justiceneverdie.wordpress.com/2021/06/10/gass/
10/06/2021 2:37 PM
Citadel9999 haha siapa Tu
10/06/2021 2:46 PM
Citadel9999 nel s k ee???
10/06/2021 2:48 PM
Speedmaster Don't be conned by announcement of Kee buying shares in open market as a sign of "positive things to come".

Kee had no choice but to support the open market price when the other directors were selling because they know they got alot of shares yet to picked up during the 120m volume day as they failed to churn up the price and retailers didn't rush in as expected.

If price continue to fall the selling pressure will incur them heavy losses upon pick-up day/force-sell when they fail to pick up.

Company is in serious mess by trying to do a related-party transaction involving GS Realty with many MISSING audited financial holes.

11/06/2021 9:32 AM
Speedmaster 如果你知道公司即将陷入巨大的危机,你会继续守着吗?还是赶紧走人?

当有心人士不断的告诉你“买入讯号已出现!!", 什么三角形triangle pattern啦,黄金比例啦,banker chips啦,什么乱七八糟的indicator都般出来讲的时候..... 聪明的你,应该知道什么事了吧.

多年来如果有意愿,有能力把公司弄起来,不用到今天King of MOU如此凄凉的地步吧。


12/06/2021 9:39 PM
gogogolee 0.220 sold,enough for kfc..haha
14/06/2021 10:06 AM
gogogolee otw to 0.150
15/06/2021 3:19 PM

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