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Change in Risk Committee

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Ann. Date Date Type Designation Name View
21-Dec-2020 01-Jan-2021 APPOINTMENT Member of Risk Committee PARK HYUN CHUL View Detail
21-Dec-2020 31-Dec-2020 RESIGNATION Member of Risk Committee LEE DONG WOO View Detail
12-Mar-2019 12-Mar-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Risk Committee ANG AH LECK View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 RESIGNATION Chairman of Remuneration Committee ABDUL RAHMAN BIN MAMAT View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 RESIGNATION Member of Remuneration Committee CHO SEONGTAEG View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Remuneration Committee KIM SO YUN View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Remuneration Committee ANG AH LECK View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 REDESIGNATION Risk Committee RAFIAH BINTI SALIM View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 APPOINTMENT Chairman of Risk Committee SITI SA'DIAH BINTI SHEIKH BAKIR View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Risk Committee ABDUL RAHMAN BIN MAMAT View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Risk Committee LEE DONG WOO View Detail
31-Jan-2019 01-Feb-2019 APPOINTMENT Member of Risk Committee RAFIAH BINTI SALIM View Detail
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wallstreetrookie What kind of ugly graph is this
16/12/2020 12:23 PM
titan3322 Today 8K profit dropped from the sky my que at 2.70 and 2.71 all kena suddenly in a short span they are buyer at 2.80 sya kasi dia lah mine is last in first out ade syndicate main lah bro
16/12/2020 12:51 PM
wallstreetrookie Wdym today lowest price only 2.77
16/12/2020 2:39 PM
titan3322 No lowest today is 2.70 if you que at 2.71 all will get please check again
16/12/2020 3:04 PM
soros228 huat ah
16/12/2020 4:49 PM
wehcant Buy now, tomorrow happy.
16/12/2020 4:51 PM
wallstreetrookie Double top formation. Walao super bullish trend
17/12/2020 8:13 AM
wallstreetrookie Now resisting the temptation to take profit. Need to hold longer
17/12/2020 8:14 AM
Tkeng 3 today? Let's see
17/12/2020 9:37 AM
Nepo not profit taking..no much time left...it has hovering at this price range.RM 2.70-Rm2.90 for quite some time ..waiting to break through..decision is? that is why luck is important..

but me is die die holding..

Yesterday downward press to RM 2.70 was quite impressive..perhaps it was the last press by operators to eliminate the strong holders..
17/12/2020 11:19 AM
GuanYinMa Run lo. This counter die soon
17/12/2020 1:24 PM
Nepo If RUNNNN later on it goes up, you regret..
If NOT RUNNNN later on it drop, you regret..

Now is at cross-road junction ..need to cross RM3 hurdle..

Tik tok tik tok ....
17/12/2020 2:05 PM
soros228 Run lo buy glove is the best.
17/12/2020 2:11 PM
titan3322 Haha gloves will do worse next year but the next qtr will still be good remember HLT was 2.70 when lctitan was 1.85 just a few months back now what happen ?
17/12/2020 3:46 PM
invest icon this guy must be stuck at Sunset glove stock can’t sell come to Sunrise stock LCTitan looking for help? Here are all LCTitan smart investors, don’t waste time here.
17/12/2020 9:54 PM
flyborn Next year bye bye gloves
17/12/2020 10:10 PM
onionchong Next tp RM3.50
17/12/2020 11:13 PM
Seeyounoup tomorrow cross 3
17/12/2020 11:58 PM
Tkeng Out 2.97.
18/12/2020 10:28 AM
Nepo Do you notice or not.. index down nearly 30 points..but LCt stand firmly at RM 2.92 with 0.01 rise.. It doesn't need me to explain how resilient it is..
18/12/2020 3:21 PM
invest icon LCTitan as strong as Sunway. Buy more LCTitan
18/12/2020 8:49 PM
Kon Lim Chai President Lee Dong Woo resigned. Anyone knows the reason?
21/12/2020 5:50 PM
facts123 https://pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?year=2020&no=1222342
probably as part of the group wide management reshuffle
21/12/2020 8:43 PM
Nepo omg..heavy storm ahead..mayday mayday..
22/12/2020 9:54 AM
Tkeng Year end profit taking. After Xmas can buy lor. lol.
22/12/2020 7:12 PM
Tkeng Will boom soon ... Sure pengsan. lol.
30/12/2020 10:21 PM
Titan Trading Channel LCTITAN [31/12/2020]

Was previously in a correction/retracement phase and today, there is an Inverted hammer candlestick formed. This is a very good sign for the end of its healthy retracement.

There should be some significant movements in this counter in the coming week. Hang on tight for now.

Fundamentally, the company is doing excellent as well. Not some goreng counter. Many people, including me are expecting great results in their upcoming QR that might serve as a catalyst in its share price.

Support: RM 2.75, RM 2.70 areas
Resistance: RM 2.80, RM 2.88, RM 3, RM 3.35 areas
31/12/2020 11:45 PM
Titan Trading Channel Post removed. Why?
31/12/2020 11:49 PM
titan3322 Top up cepat by Jan 15 kurang2 RM3
04/01/2021 10:12 AM
Tkeng Sudah kenyang makan.. lol.
04/01/2021 3:11 PM
mrmeow Why Jan 15 RM3? what is the reason behind this trend ah? Resin price?
05/01/2021 5:58 PM
Tkeng Scroll back and see leh... Now ask why. Aiyooh!
@mrmeow Why Jan 15 RM3? what is the reason behind this trend ah? Resin price?
05/01/2021 5:58 PM
05/01/2021 7:42 PM
Eric963708 y keep on drop?
07/01/2021 9:22 AM
titan3322 tommyleong it depends very much on the asp of its products when naptha was 550 it made very decent profit too hope the whole year earnings will at least 18 sen per share so that shareholders will get at least 9 sen a share dividend
11/01/2021 11:16 AM
facts123 titan3322
18sen EPS for FY2020 is quite unrealistic.
I would estimate Q4 to report around 9 - 10sen EPS. which would be 9sen/share for FY2020.

I think FY2021 can increase to above 33sen EPS
11/01/2021 11:55 AM
facts123 although i do hope to be pleasantly surprised
11/01/2021 11:56 AM
titan3322 dia diam2 mari ka or jack up before the dump like the 2 previous occasions when qtr results is released ?
14/01/2021 10:02 AM
Tkeng titan3322... See if can break 3 before qr4. 3.20 good enough... Decide to run then. lol.
14/01/2021 10:18 AM
titan3322 Tkeng For me RM 3.00 also very kenyang d haha
14/01/2021 3:39 PM
Tkeng 2 times tested 2.97. I think this time will break and cross 3 easily There's still a lot of bounce left. Let's see.
14/01/2021 4:24 PM
onionchong Sure will break rm3. Only matter of time
14/01/2021 4:38 PM
Seeyounoup buy buy buy tomorrow. sure up
14/01/2021 9:50 PM
onionchong PP & PE price keep climbing as global economy recovers from covid19.
14/01/2021 9:58 PM
Tkeng Will be good if close above 2.90... ;-)
15/01/2021 10:58 AM
TripleH JFTECH, 1 for 3 bonus and 2 warrants! hop up before too late!
15/01/2021 5:12 PM
wallstreetrookie QR soon?
18/01/2021 11:02 AM
KInvest8000 Strong showing lately. Should be good QR coming soon. Based on current good market for polymers, Q4 profit can be expected to double that of reported Q3 results. Let's hope well for LCT this round.
20/01/2021 4:47 PM
Tkeng Consolidation done. Now to cross 3. Let's see.
20/01/2021 7:06 PM
noobfuck What happen today?
21/01/2021 10:04 AM
justin79 lets wait.
21/01/2021 2:27 PM

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