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freddiehero wil tis boss do consolidat?
26/09/2019 7:06 PM
cytew Can start accumulate PUC now
26/09/2019 11:01 PM
Sales Becareful is goreng stock...buy at very low price.
27/09/2019 9:24 PM
Wil789 Target 0.18
28/09/2019 6:30 AM
cytew When I first bought its LA at 4 sen during January 2017, Puc was at 8 sen...,I bought it yesterday at 6.5 sen
28/09/2019 6:38 AM
cytew it is time to relook at it ,as acquisition of remaining 67% of Picture works is on track now . For those who had lost money in it previously , chance for you to take revenge is available now..哈哈哈!
29/09/2019 9:00 AM
moniekj Orion 2nd round just started. Come come. 1st round 0.05 to 0.23. 2nd round 0.075 to ?
Cimb TP 0.33. Fintech giant in the making.
29/09/2019 10:17 AM
Faith In My insider told me that it is going right issue. Becareful guys .
01/10/2019 9:37 AM
cytew If puc issues right of lcps with free warrant is good for shareholders in general.... actually we ask for it...
01/10/2019 6:30 PM
336699 cytew If puc issues right of lcps with free warrant is good for shareholders in general.... actually we ask for it...

What's Icps ?
02/10/2019 3:20 PM
cytew Icps = irredeemable convertible preference share
02/10/2019 3:31 PM
Amukutty Judith Xin hi.Is it cofirmed puc has rights issue.thanks.
03/10/2019 5:10 PM
cytew #同人不同命

(1) #Revenue (0200)
Total profits for last 4 quarters were Rm8.697 million with market capitalisation of about RM 352 million (232 million shares)

(2) #PUC (0007)
Total profits for last 4 quarters were RM 8.177 million with market capitalisation of about RM 134 million (2230 million shares)

Both companies are in same IT industry ,and their total profits for last 4 Quarters were quite close to each other , but landed at different fates (同人不同命)...and now PUC is trading at grossly undervalued region


As you may notice it ,efficient market "bit traders" have been " undermining" many penny stock share prices performance, besides PUC ,#ISTONE (0209) #MESTRON (0207) are another 2 major casualties.

Therefore, effective solution is to do SHARE CONSOLIDATION and giving free warrants upon doing it , that will in turn bring back happiness to shareholders accordingly.
06/10/2019 9:06 AM
Faith In Yes. Confirmed. You can see their share price to new low again. Mr Tew, I respect you for many reasons as you have a lot of winning share except PUC and some other pennies. You should know PUC CCC boss is a con man. After PP, he will do RI. He will make all ikan bilis die and he 坐享其成。
06/10/2019 1:21 PM
cytew PUC CCC boss is an decent Innocent man , we are helping him to reverse the situation (扭转乾坤), you can witness the progress over time , to do RI of Icps with free warrant instead of further pp was my suggestion to him..
06/10/2019 5:13 PM
cytew Judith xin, PUC was my best winning stock in 2017 , I bought my PUC La at 4 sen during January 2017 before the interest payment.date , after receiving the 4% interest my cost was reduced to 3.8sen, and I converted them with additionnal 5 sen cash into PUC mother share during December 2017, and sold them off as PUC mother share at 32 sen..each
Since then I got no position until last Friday I bought PUC again at 6.5 sen
06/10/2019 5:38 PM
sonyx123 CCC is a conman la...
06/10/2019 9:51 PM
Faith In CCC is a real con man. How many retailers loss money in his stocks ? Picture work also owed by him ... He keep mentioned how pw is benefit to PUC. But think it carefully. He is the founder of pw, if it is so profitable why he want it to become 100 % subsidiary by PUC which shareholding is so dilute
06/10/2019 10:14 PM
Faith In If you want to loss money then buy in this stock. Mr Tew,you have been calling public to buy this stocks since 20c... Lossing more than 70%
06/10/2019 10:16 PM
cytew My first called was at 19.5 sen March 2018, and it drifted down to 16.5 and rebounded to 28..If those who bought ,and still lose money , then forget about share investing ...
07/10/2019 12:49 AM
cytew 马来西亚股市里的傻散户们,是最幸福和可爱的一群,输了钱不必对自己的失误负责,只需要大骂公司老板是“老千”就得了!
07/10/2019 12:50 AM
cytew If pictureworks is not fully injected into PUC, then you can forget about PUC,it is not prospective at all....
07/10/2019 12:54 AM
ming Everyday talk how good is the fundamental.. end up said no share on hands..please la..

Pick a wrong share doenst matter.. but the way u deny really look ugly..
07/10/2019 3:00 AM
cytew I am not denying, I had picked it at right timing with right choice ,ie Puc La instead of PUC on first round .I hope this round I am correct too
07/10/2019 6:07 AM
zizoudoremi the management doesnt seems to be trustworthy. I dont think they care their shareholder.
Shareholder that i am referring to are those who chose to invest into the company and not those ‘ttader’.
07/10/2019 9:21 AM
zizoudoremi If you are a trader, you can trade on any stocks without taking into account of the management trustworthiness.
For investor, it will be important and wether they can generate value for their shareholders.
07/10/2019 9:36 AM
Faith In Soon 5.5c ... 6c dispose all.
07/10/2019 11:11 AM
Happy Trader CCC is a conman lah. Whole world know it ! You heard him more than go holland faster
08/10/2019 3:01 PM
cytew Is already in Holland, now we are on the way back from Holland .... 非战之罪...哈哈哈 i
08/10/2019 6:07 PM
freddiehero all the best!
08/10/2019 6:59 PM
zizoudoremi It is hard to trust the management when they keep on doing PP (to god know who ) and at a lower and lower price which raise lesser money. If they PP to some funds who can hold to stabilize the price, probably understandable and raise more money out of it.. or maybe no funds trust them as well..
Seeing your shareholding being diluted that way will be hard especially for ikan bilis shareholders. Losing money is one thing, the manner the money being lost is another thing. Again from investor point of view
08/10/2019 9:44 PM
Pegasus88 CCC disposed his shares again while doing a private placement - ridiculous.
Stock price is hitting 12-month low, could be 36-month low.
Some signs to sell this stock because the price will go lower.
12/10/2019 5:18 AM
cytew Why RHM has been continuously reducing its share holding in PUC through off market ? Who were the buyers actually ?, who actually own RHM ? And also why PUC has been continuously doing private placement since last year until now , who could figure out what had actually happened behind the scene ? Currently PUC has hit its 3 years new low at 5.5 sen yesterday , it is an opportunity or a trap ? Over last 2 years , PUC financial results were getting better, but it's share price has been drifting down gradually, what actually had gone wrong ? too many shares available in the market ? Is share consolidation is an effective solution to put the eroding share prices a CHECK ?
12/10/2019 10:15 AM
kenie 11-Oct-2019 Insider MR CHEONG CHIA CHOU (a substantial shareholder) disposed 60,000,000 shares
15/10/2019 10:39 AM
336699 Nothing new...CCC has been disposing since many months back
15/10/2019 2:11 PM
Daily8 PP again at 6 cents. 22.3mil shares of value at 1.358mil

HK economic is drifting due to riot. Are this money used for corporate expenses ir settling debts?

PP is another money milking channel for companies that are running low of cash. Nothing new.
15/10/2019 11:03 PM
Daily8 Cheong CC share holdings been reduced from year 2017 (37.892%) to current ( 16.547%)

both RHM and Media also the same reduction
15/10/2019 11:08 PM
freddiehero weldone ccc.. hope u rili.bring us rich together!
15/10/2019 11:21 PM
yongch 哎呦喂。。太早在0.06不小心买了几张,等着0.03再加码这头驴子吧!tp0.03!
16/10/2019 1:49 PM
freddiehero weldone yongch.. same here.
16/10/2019 2:06 PM
Daily8 Haha, adding on 3 cents May be...lol
16/10/2019 6:02 PM
Daily8 5.5 cents is walloped today and to buy again today after 12pm is impossible. Lol
16/10/2019 6:05 PM
freddiehero yala if more low just collect haha..
16/10/2019 6:06 PM
dosn Waiting @ 3.5 cent
17/10/2019 9:31 AM
sonyx123 con man.... going out to the market so many times private placement... and then he himself keep selling to cash himself out... seriously red flag
17/10/2019 11:03 AM
336699 Budget 2020 is favorable to PUC but only see red red red
17/10/2019 7:22 PM
Youghin accumulating n surge before you realise
17/10/2019 9:48 PM
robotic incredible volume... now
18/10/2019 2:41 PM
Alimalay same with netx maybe. 1.5c to 2.5c
18/10/2019 4:13 PM
yong333 Same style same conman
20/10/2019 9:51 AM