KLSE: MNC (0103)       M N C WIRELESS BHD ACE : Telco&Media
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0.045   0.00 (0.00%)  0.04 - 0.045  480,200
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richman fridays volume is the indicator.Monitor if you want to make $$$$
28/12/2020 2:26 PM
kun1971kun Waiting.... QR
28/12/2020 4:08 PM
ZzzTrader When is it?
28/12/2020 4:55 PM
richman today friend
29/12/2020 3:07 PM
faizal lain syarikat issue satu kali shares dapat 20mil pun sudah bina kilang .tiap tiap tahun pun ada revenue 100 mil profit pun ada 10~20 mil ,ini lancauu MNC issue shares tak habis habisan issue shares tiga tahun raised fund pun lebih 50 mil bikin filem apa lancauu XXX pun tak nampak macam money games syarikat...
30/12/2020 5:06 PM
Stockwatcher18 RM0.05 always being bought flush up then down again....notice it for few days aldy... can you just up up up
04/01/2021 2:52 PM
bonsl can u follow 7173 ?
05/01/2021 1:23 PM
richman off market deal 80.3 million at 0.05cts
06/01/2021 4:31 PM
richman this is waiting to break out.....
06/01/2021 4:34 PM
newcomer1388 are u sure richman.... i waited so 7 long
08/01/2021 9:24 PM
lbhock123 Are you still there?
19/01/2021 10:34 PM
lbhock123 Termination of ESOS !
20/01/2021 7:30 AM
samzaham soon
22/01/2021 7:01 AM
22/01/2021 10:11 AM
Linspire88 sooner
15/02/2021 6:58 PM
samzaham or later
15/02/2021 11:00 PM
Biliskecil Steady buy 4 sen sell 5 sen..
20/02/2021 8:46 PM
ZzzTrader Cmne ni guys...nak lari pun xleh ni..hahaha. uptrend ke tak uptrend ni..hehe
02/03/2021 4:16 PM
moneytr33 i tot it will reach 0.10 the last wave... rupa2 pancit
03/03/2021 11:47 AM
ZzzTrader Now depend on qtr only
03/03/2021 1:34 PM
tklim Announcement of PRIVATE PLACEMENT

10/03/2021 3:25 PM
abcdead is it good news bro
10/03/2021 5:06 PM
lbhock123 Run !
11/03/2021 8:39 AM

Target1: 0.06
Target2: 0.07
Target3: 0.1
Target4: 0.12
11/03/2021 8:50 AM
Gtrade This MNC is another conman company similar to AT . For example AT doing right issue again again. You would think AT is focus on building on their glove business. But this conman company recently throw away $30m to buy Trive, a useless company.

And MNC going into life style business similar to LAZARDA? And the printing of 575m shares issue? Dont be fooled by these proposal. The motive is to get money from shareholder to pay director fat salary. Want to challenge LAZARDA, go makan tahi lembu better. First 5 years of Lazarda kind of business will burnt and burnt money like hxxx , dont be fooled by conman promising bright future.
11/03/2021 5:42 PM
joni slow and steady 6 - 7 sen are good targets
17/03/2021 11:32 AM
gooddaytoinvest Volumn spike. What’s going on? Goreng mode on?
17/03/2021 11:27 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
17/03/2021 11:29 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
17/03/2021 11:29 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
17/03/2021 11:29 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
17/03/2021 11:29 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
17/03/2021 11:30 PM
DreamEmperor Post removed. Why?
17/03/2021 11:30 PM
HrryPttr Seems like got party here. Tomorrow will monitor and hoot!
18/03/2021 1:45 AM
doggie18 today it will not moving same same yesterday and day before
19/03/2021 8:51 AM
Edddddd Lol, why the mmc news in mnc page?
22/03/2021 11:48 AM
Arab by designed to make people read on this counter.. some people jump buying some.. another con business..
22/03/2021 2:29 PM
madguy @Edddddd yeah lo .... really nia ma ... hahahah
22/03/2021 11:30 PM
madguy @Arab this one con man counter lol
22/03/2021 11:31 PM
doggie18 sell
23/03/2021 11:06 AM
beyond2288 Tklim,have new counter recomend to buy in?
09/04/2021 4:35 PM
AAAwell Mnc got insider news ...10c near term
21/04/2021 12:20 PM
freddiehero let's make it all wireless..
22/04/2021 12:41 AM
joni wireless fly high
22/04/2021 12:11 PM
freddiehero lampu wireless
22/04/2021 12:28 PM
freddiehero electric wireless
22/04/2021 12:28 PM
freddiehero peti sejuk wireless
22/04/2021 12:28 PM
freddiehero alarm wireless
22/04/2021 12:29 PM
freddiehero camera wireless
22/04/2021 12:29 PM
AngryBird investor brainless
30/04/2021 8:10 PM