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0.065   -0.005 (7.14%)  0.065 - 0.07  12,199,000
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PenghuluGia 7.5cents... rezeki
24/11/2020 12:08 PM
Perfectly Cut cut cut
24/11/2020 12:08 PM
lauys96 if jatuh 0070. habis kaw2. better run
24/11/2020 12:15 PM
nklye sunat ka...! hihihi...
24/11/2020 12:15 PM
Potato88 Panic seller starting to sell 0.07. Tq panic sellers
24/11/2020 12:23 PM
Perfectly Sifu say must earn how to cut lose... Dun burn hand... Hahaha... Sifu ady say must cut
24/11/2020 12:27 PM
khatulistiwa1234 0.055 is confirm landed , my six sense tell .
24/11/2020 1:35 PM
5c0160 khatu, u are wrong better say 0.035.
24/11/2020 5:05 PM
BeeBearBear ah, the bastards have gathered to bark
24/11/2020 5:50 PM
nklye over all market dropped becos the pengkhianats create uncertainty
24/11/2020 6:16 PM
char1234 it will be down trend....chance to buy low
24/11/2020 10:47 PM
Perfectly How low can buy 0.05 i cut lose wait buy agian
25/11/2020 12:24 AM
BeeBearBear congratulations to all sohai who panic sold yesterday *clap clap clap*
25/11/2020 9:38 AM
TheRighteous As long as they earn is not sohai la..there is another type of sohai which is who want the price sink to 0.055 again.
25/11/2020 10:38 AM
Frank880 when qr ?
Dah wait so many day
25/11/2020 11:10 AM
lauys96 oh habis jatuh to 0065.
25/11/2020 3:10 PM
Perfectly Omg now who is sohai.. Hahaha
25/11/2020 3:12 PM
moneycome123456 QR not yet announce , why drop?
25/11/2020 3:13 PM
moneycome123456 habis la...
25/11/2020 3:14 PM
Megan88 Come on baby.. 0.055 waiting for you my darling XDL
25/11/2020 3:38 PM
Perfectly Haha maybe is bcoz good qr only drop... Haha... Tq sifu
25/11/2020 3:50 PM
5c0160 0.035 tp.
25/11/2020 6:46 PM
Perfectly 0.045 la hahaha
26/11/2020 12:22 AM
azman376144 Haha kita lanyak sampai 0.02.. biar ding wake up ckit..
26/11/2020 7:02 AM
SiLiaw 0.01 looks possible
26/11/2020 9:28 AM
Perfectly Collect some at 65
26/11/2020 9:55 AM
Potato88 Bought at 0.065. I don't care whether it will still drop to what price and only will sell if drop to 0.005. Dear panic sellers, pls continue panic and sell to 0.005 and let me lose kaw kaw
26/11/2020 10:09 AM
bulltrap101 Wah this counter really fun. Each time move 0.005 can earn 5k xDDD
26/11/2020 10:16 AM
PenghuluGia Collected some more at 6.5 rezeki.
26/11/2020 10:37 AM
Megan88 Oh my baby.. im right here waiting for you my love.. 0.05
26/11/2020 11:11 AM
Min Fan Alex Wong Anytime will go 0.1
26/11/2020 1:54 PM
Potato88 Queqing to buy some more at 0.065, I don't care whether it will drop further
26/11/2020 2:55 PM
Perfectly Other counter all hoot this sleep
26/11/2020 4:13 PM
Potato88 So many panic sellers how can go up
26/11/2020 4:36 PM
hoowk77 Have trust in this company.. investments need a bit of time. Gambling go casino
26/11/2020 10:17 PM
hoowk77 anyone have solid info pls share. Likely QR by tmrw
26/11/2020 10:18 PM
hoowk77 Shopping time
26/11/2020 10:19 PM
azman376144 Budget approved. RM300M to buy PPE approved. Let’s go XDL..
27/11/2020 2:30 AM
bananachacha whr is 0.1?its a long wait.....
27/11/2020 10:28 AM
nklye Waah... PPE spproved, then cam buy la...
few more days shot up... :0)
27/11/2020 1:23 PM
fl888 Qtr result out today or Monday latest....with PPE approval...can break 10 cts...
27/11/2020 1:37 PM
Topper88 But is the PPE manufacturing true? I think that is the concern of most people
27/11/2020 5:36 PM
Perfectly Haha dream is true
27/11/2020 5:50 PM
Perfectly Qtr out any special... Haha..
27/11/2020 6:32 PM
Perfectly Where the xkl?
27/11/2020 6:43 PM
moneycome123456 Good or bad?
27/11/2020 6:49 PM
KOREANby Apa itu bye laws...
27/11/2020 7:13 PM
azman376144 Nothing special but still profitable and QoQ better..
27/11/2020 7:36 PM
Topper88 Bye-law is the guide to the internal management of the company
27/11/2020 8:40 PM
BeeBearBear eh, how come khatulistiwa1234 bastard is missing ? that's strange

anyway let's see what happens on Monday !!
27/11/2020 10:04 PM