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Kkang To collect at 55c
05/12/2017 4:34 PM
fkser StockAlliace u play many stock
18/12/2017 9:31 PM
mf Post removed. Why?
26/01/2018 7:17 PM
Energy 80 qtr not great
29/01/2018 1:12 AM
Kamaruzaman Mahmood Buyer come slowly
10/03/2018 11:30 AM
Sebastian Power will be in 30-40cents soon
19/04/2018 11:36 PM
Joel Chan mo problem
20/04/2018 12:05 PM
Jessie Ng xing
20/04/2018 3:48 PM
Energy 80 nta so high but no interest in this stock from the market
18/12/2018 11:13 PM
LouiseS According to 2018 report, invested capex 3.4million on new machineries, including advanced fiber laser cutting machine and CNC press brake machine
The 2018 report noted increased revenue contributed by the metal stamping division, due to higher sales from TV back chassis and agricultural components customers.
The PCB assembly division is currently making losses due to foreign exchange losses and provision of impairment losses in invested subsidiary

13/01/2019 11:54 AM
Energy 80 finally sum light, hope they keep it up for few qtrs in a row for market to play catch up to their nta value, or owners will continue to depress it and take it private eventually, and it will be another sad story of assets taken private cheaply through holdings of major owners and their clout over the shares future.
29/01/2019 12:47 AM
Winmore88 this counter going to fly to sky. Tp rm1 is not a dream
07/02/2019 10:24 AM
kyosan buy n hold
24/06/2019 4:24 PM
ChongLikGuo Fly fly fly
19/07/2019 9:17 AM
Mil888 25th judgment day. Limit down or limit up.
22/07/2019 11:19 PM
FishFace 35c before end of month hoho
10/10/2019 9:54 PM
davidkkw79 https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3016380 Tomorrow could be gap down....
15/01/2020 5:47 PM
Bloomberg Mis the boat 0.8 to 0.205
18/04/2020 10:21 PM
jwyap 0.205 to rm0.3 soon
18/04/2020 11:02 PM
jwyap good job
08/09/2020 8:25 PM
jwyap flying now
27/10/2020 4:20 PM
Moneyfind44 Not sure..but the stock movement today very weird......i think this stock will start rise go to 50 cents co..
12/11/2020 12:40 AM
Informationprovider BSLCORP (7221) - Could it be a GEM?

Last done: 0.335

Fair Value by Morning Star 0.42

Company Background

BSL Corp Bhd is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. Its segments constitute Investment holding, Stamping and manufacturing of precision metal parts and fabrication of tools and dies; Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and assembly of all types of electronics and electrical components, devices and systems; Fabrication and forging of base metal components, and Others. The company's products include Fan, Television, Door Hinge, Automotive, Air Conditioning Unit, Mechanism Assembly, Audio, Silk Screen and Plastic Moulding.

Reasons to look at BSLCORP

1. BSLCORP does PCB Assembly (https://www.bslcorp.com.my/service/pcb-assembly/)

Their in-house facilities for PCB Assembly covers Auto-Insertion machines (AV, RH, JV and SMT) and Manual Insertion lines. We have close to 20 units AV, RH and JV type of machines, 8 SMT lines and 8 manual insertion lines. Our operation is fully air-conditioned and with anti-static flooring.

What does it mean to them?

As we know now most of the people are working from home and the sales for electronic devices such as computer has shot up therefore the need of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has to meet the demand of the rise of the sales in computers.


2. BSLCORP has warehouse and Logistics business (https://www.bslcorp.com.my/service/warehousing-logistics/)

What does it mean to them?

We are now in the middle of a Pandemic and the rise of online shops has gone up since more people are starting to go online to purchase their stuffs.

As this will increase the need of logistic and warehouse as the sellers has to keep their things in the warehouse which means Logistic & warehousing could see a rise in demand.

Many logistic players like GDEX, POS, NATWIDE and others their share price has shot up quite heavily in the past 2 weeks whereas BSLCORP is still lagging behind this sector which means BSLCORP has high chance of moving up.


3. BSLCORP has Solar Business (https://bsleco.com/)

What does it mean to them?

With the recent US Presidential Election, Joe Bidden has won and it means that renewable energy players could see a boost as renewable energy is part of his presidential agenda.

Covid-19 now has seen the usage of green energy increased which means in the long run solar players like BSLCORP could see a demand in their products



4. BSLCORP has steel units under them (https://www.bslcorp.com.my/service/roll-forming/)

What does it mean to them?

WIth the recent news from Budget 2021 some of the mega projects like MRT3, HSR and Pan Borneo Highway were given the green light to carry on with the project. Steel players could benefit from this mega projects because the demand for steel could increase.


Fundamental Analysis

BSLCORP posted a strong Q4FY20 which had a revenue of RM 43.151 million and net profit of RM 2.433 million. This was an increased of 315% YOY and 206% QOQ in terms of profit.

They have a high NTA of RM 1.11

BSLCORP’s Cash flow from operation nearly doubled from RM 5.713 million to RM 10.341 million. This indicates that BSLCORP has a strong business coming from their operations which means it could translate to better earnings in the future.

Technical Analysis

Support 1: 0.31 Support 2: 0.28

Resistance 1: 0.34 Resistance: 0.37

Stochastic: Buy signal

RSI: Buy SIgnal

Bollinger Band: Buy signal

MACD Buy SIgnal



BSLCORP with the given information above it looks like BSLCORP is a GEM because it has so many benefits from the current situation.

BSLCORP also has low share float meaning to say it has an easier chance to move up.

BSLCorp has a high NTA of RM 1.11

BSLCORP fundamentals improved quite strongly and with ther cash flow from operations it is showing that it has a strong CFO.

Finally price is still below it’s fair value of RM 0.42

Disclaimer: Author is sharing his/her opinion. Kindly consult your financial advisor for more information.
12/11/2020 8:37 AM
mythconbuster Post removed. Why?
22/11/2020 11:03 PM
dannislow They also involve in solar?
03/12/2020 2:41 PM
thesteward Bsl is a gem possibility . So high nta over rm1.10 . Semiconductor servicing . And printed circuit board . Right industry !!! Anything below 50 sen is good. Let’s hope it can fly to at least 80 sen .
Believe this co future is good .
On top of that their renewable energy segment has started to contribute . I believe this segment will be contributing more and more n in line w coming recovery of economy this gem could possibly be a double bagger. Fingers crossed .
06/12/2020 12:49 PM
thesteward Gogo bsl rm1 pls
09/12/2020 12:03 PM
thesteward Looking nice . Gap closed. Fingers crossed
05/01/2021 12:26 PM
thesteward Nice
05/01/2021 9:51 PM
jwyap coming loh, 45ct now. gogogog upupupu
06/01/2021 9:52 AM
06/01/2021 8:14 PM
pang72 Lagi limit up
07/01/2021 4:16 PM
pang72 Bursa tipu kah..
07/01/2021 4:16 PM
pang72 All bursa Stock limit up..

Can not queue buy again tmr
07/01/2021 4:18 PM
jwyap limit up soon haha
07/01/2021 4:24 PM
joyvest What the hell is going on?
07/01/2021 8:43 PM
jwyap Solar energy
07/01/2021 11:43 PM
fredablim One hour trading halt after being quiered by exchange. Looks like good news.
08/01/2021 9:42 AM
pang72 Joywest n east,
Do you buy bsl by bsckdoor??

You wanna to join me for limit up kah??
09/01/2021 9:48 AM
eheng88 Run Run Run
12/01/2021 8:23 PM
jwyap t plus 3 today. tomorrow is the another push
13/01/2021 9:57 PM
investorbat Boss not selling a single share,break new high,charts very beautiful
14/01/2021 10:15 AM
rocky77 割韭菜了
14/01/2021 10:33 AM
shlyw Will soon surpass 1.
14/01/2021 11:52 AM
mcotrader next cymao 2.0
15/01/2021 10:50 AM
loongken Today can limit up.
15/01/2021 1:05 PM
Superb99 when it wants to break new high
15/01/2021 3:35 PM
Superb99 klse gg again
15/01/2021 3:44 PM
yiqqre Collect now and there will be performances next week.
15/01/2021 4:36 PM
investorbat BSL is one of the smallest market cap company in KLSE,$70mil only,last Q turned around n made money NTA stood at $1.10.Maybe this is the reason third party looking to buy from major shareholder.Good closing above 0.70 for second day
15/01/2021 7:02 PM